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24 May 2000 description

U.S. seeks to curb illegitimate trade in Africa
The State Department on May 23 issued a fact sheet outlining U.S. involvement in initiatives that seek "to curb the powerful and far-reaching impact of the illegitimate diamond trade on African conflicts, particularly in Sierra Leone, Congo, and Angola."

Following is the text of the fact sheet:

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Office of the Spokesman
May 23, 2000

12 May 2000 description

"Peacekeepers cannot succeed when there is no peace to keep," the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, warned May 11, while adding that "Sierra Leone, like Bosnia before it, is an example of what happens when the parties to a peace settlement violate that settlement, wreaking havoc on everyone - peacekeepers and civilians alike."

08 May 2000 description

The government of Rwanda has shown a "most constructive attitude" towards implementing the Lusaka Cease-Fire Agreement, the U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, told reporters May 7 after emerging from talks in Kigali, Rwanda, with President Paul Kagame.

28 Mar 2000 description

(Internally displaced persons should be protected as refugees) (3650)

24 Mar 2000 description

The United States "condemns" the reported military offensives launched in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DROC) by the RCD-Goma rebel group and Rwandan forces, and in the Katanga province by Congolese government troops, and calls on these parties to "halt these operations immediately."

17 Feb 2000 description

AIDS in Africa, Clinton/Moi meeting, Zimbabwe, Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, exports/imports, Sudan, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Mandela, Burundi
Senior Administration Officials briefed at the White House on the Africa Summit.

Following is the White House transcript:

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17 Feb 2000 description

Says Africa must get "fair share" of U.S. foreign policy funds

15 Feb 2000 description

State Dept. IV grantees to attend National Summit on Africa
By Jim Fisher-Thompson

09 Feb 2000 description

Primary responsibility rests with host government, Cunningham says

04 Feb 2000 description

Envoy says 2000 must be the "year of Africa"

28 Jan 2000 description

Former president of Botswana comments on "Africa Month"
By Jim Fisher-Thompson

21 Jan 2000 description

Annan says U.N. should provide peacekeepers
By Judy Aita

06 Jan 2000 description

U.S. Vice Pres. Gore will kick off deliberations at AIDS session
By Judy Aita

06 Jan 2000 description

January 6 statement by State Department Spokesman Rubin
State Department Spokesman James Rubin on January 6 said the United States welcomes the recent (December 29) signing of a peace accord between the Republic of Congo government and a major rebel group, the Resistance Self-Defense Forces (FADR), as "a positive step toward the restoration of peace and national reconciliation" in the central

05 Nov 1999 description

State Department Spokesman James Rubin on November 5 expressed the U.S. government's concern over "allegations of military actions, including bombings and attacks on civilians by forces on both sides deployed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

22 Oct 1999 description

(October 22 statement by Deputy Spokesman James Foley) (260)
The United States applauds and supports the "successful outcome of the first meeting of the Joint Military Commission," which convened October 11-12 in Kampala in an effort to bring about peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, State Department Deputy Spokesman James Foley announced October 22 in Washington.

Following is the State Department text of Foley's statement:

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U.S. Department of State

04 Oct 1999 description

October 4 Statement by State Dept. spokesman
Commenting on reports of new fighting in the Eastern Kasai province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, State Department Spokesman James Rubin on October 4 called on all parties concerned "to reaffirm their commitment to the Lusaka Accord, and to take the steps necessary to restore the cease-fire and move forward to implement provisions of the
Lusaka Accord."

Following is the text of Rubin's statement:

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U.S. Department of State
Office of the Spokesman
For Immediate Release