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04 Feb 2016 description

The first week of operations in January 2016 started out well for Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where we are undertaking survey and clearance operations of areas contaminated with unexploded ordnance (UXO).

In Kabalo territory, NPA operations resulted in the cancellation of two suspected hazardous areas (SHAs) through non-technical survey, in addition to the identification of two artisanal aircraft bombs with an explosive weight of 305kg in Nkende village.

27 Nov 2015 description

Next week, Mozambique, formerly one of the world’s most heavily mined countries, will formally declare it has completed mine clearance on its territory, the 29th country to do so since the 1990s. This leaves 60 countries and territories still contaminated according to Clearing the Mines, a review of mine action programmes around the world published today by Norwegian People’s Aid. The report’s authors have calculated that by 2020 another 20 countries should have completed mine clearance and the urgent humanitarian threat removed from the other 40.

23 Jul 2015 description

Congolese lives are saved as the Government of Japan and Norwegian People's Aid successfully clears 450 explosive items in Kapanga Territory.

23 Jun 2014 description

Residents of Kavumbu village in DR Congo swarmed to the mine-free land the morning after Norwegian People’s Aid had handed it back.

The villagers were eager to start farming the area, which had been closed for nearly six year. Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) cleared 1109 square meters of land and destroyed two anti-personnel landmines, three anti-tank mines and one rocket.

07 Feb 2003 description

Prepared by Norwegian People's Aid

22 Jan 2002 description

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has granted NOK 30 million for Norwegian assistance to the vicitims of the catastrophe in Goma, Congo. 15 million will go to Norwegian NGOs working in the area, the other 15 million will be channelled through UN.