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16 Jul 2009 description

Funds Sent To: Ecumenical Office for Support to Development (BOAD)

Amount Sent: US$ 39,156

Date: 16 July 2009

Details of Response

Emergency: Fire displacing hundreds of Families in Goma

Date of Emergency: 10 July 2009

Implementing Member(s): BOAD and NCA


In the morning of 8 July 2009, a fire broke out in the Birere/Mapendo quarter of Goma, the provincial capital of North Kivu province. The detailed figures of the damage are still being established, but according to the approximate figures 300-400 houses were burned to the ground.

02 Jun 2009 description

Appeal Target: US$ 5,604,307

Balance Requested: US$ 2,511,447

Geneva, 2 June 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached the second revision of the Appeal AFDC81 which replaces the first one issued on 12 May 2009. The previous revision reflected mainly the overfunding of the components of BOAD and LWF/DWS respectively and both have taken the opportunity to expand their activities.

12 May 2009 description

Appeal Target: US$ 7,521,610

Balance Requested: US$ 4,428,750

Geneva, 12 May 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached the revised AFDC81 Appeal which replaces the first version issued on 23 December 2008. A revision of the Appeal was necessary due to overfunding of the components of BOAD and LWF/DWS. Both requesting members have taken this opportunity to expand their activities.

23 Jan 2009 description

GOMA, DRC, 23 January 2009 -- ACT members in Goma report that the situation there is calm, but tense, following the arrest of Congolese rebel leader Laurent Nkunda. Rwandan soldiers arrested Mr Nkunda in Rwanda just days after other Rwandan troops crossed the border into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"All ACT International relief operations are continuing," reports Anna Muinonen, programme coordinator for ACT member FinnChurchAid.

23 Jan 2009 description

The Lords Resistance Army (LRA) has attacked a series of villages in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mundri and Yambio counties in south Sudan since 25 December 2008. Information has been slow to emerge from this remote part of the country but church and other civil society organisation leaders have reported vicious attacks on women, men and children as well as burning and looting of fields and houses.

23 Dec 2008 description

By Paul Jeffrey/ACT International

BUHAMBA, DR CONGO, 23 December 2008 - "When war once again chased Bageni Katembereza from her home village in September, she shepherded her six children down the dirt roads of eastern Congo toward safety, not knowing where she was headed, only sensing she had to get away.

Once the war's raucous noise faded behind her, she found Siyawna Mulingeza waiting for her, opening her humble home to a perfect stranger. They were just wandering on the road, and had no place to sleep.

23 Dec 2008 description

Appeal Target: US$ 7,309,587

Balance Requested: US$ 5,380,290

Geneva, 23rd December 2008

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached the full AFDC81 Appeal which replaces the Preliminary Appeal previously issued on November 14, 2008, and which provides a more detailed and targeted relief and early recovery programme based on the latest needs assessments of the appeal requesting ACT Members and their implementing partners.

As many aid groups work to assist those in displaced person camps, ACT members are working through church and local networks to identify needs and prioritize …

09 Dec 2008 description

Security situation

The situation in North Kivu is relatively calm at the moment. However, clashes between armed groups are being reported daily in both Masisi and Rutshuru territories. Humanitarian organisations had to evacuate their staff from Masisi temporarily on 29 November in fear of the spreading of clashes, but have since returned to Masisi to resume their activities.

14 Nov 2008 description

Appeal Target: US$ 1,888,215

Geneva, November 14, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

The purpose of this letter is to convey to you the Preliminary Appeal, Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) Conflict and Displacement, for your review and potential response.

10 Nov 2008 description

By Anna Muinonen/FCA-ACT International

GOMA, DR CONGO, 10 November 2008--While official figures of newly displaced people in crowded camps around Goma are still being determined, another reality of displacement remains in the shadows: the thousands of families who have opened their modest homes to fleeing strangers.

05 Nov 2008 description

GOMA, DR CONGO, 5 November 2008 -- The security situation in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo remains precarious and aid groups do not yet know what effect the most recent violence will have on the latest cease fire or humanitarian situation.

While some non-governmental organisations, including ACT members, have been able distribute some small amounts of aid, no one can provide any consistent assistance to those between Kibati and Rutshuru, or identify where the nearly 50,000 former inhabitants of the destroyed internally displaced persons (IDP) camps have gone.

ACT members …

05 Nov 2008 description

Funds Sent To: Church of Uganda Planning, Development and Rehabilitation Department (CoU-PDR)

Amount Sent:  US$ 56,333

Date:  November 2008

Details of Response

Emergency: Congolese Refugees in Uganda

Date of Emergency: 5 November 2008

Implementing Member: Church of Uganda, Planning, Development and Rehabilitation Department (CoU-PDR)


The Democratic Republic of Congo borders Uganda on the southwestern side and borders Rwanda on the northern side. The DRC has experienced a number of ethnic conflicts.

03 Nov 2008 description

Geneva, 3 November 2008

1. Brief description of the emergency

In January 2008, the international community succeeded in bringing the different armed groups in eastern DRC together to agree on a cease fire and to engage in a peace process called "AMANI". However, cease fire violations have been commonplace since the signing of the Goma agreement in January. On 28 August full-fledged fighting broke out in Masisi between Government forces and Laurent Nkunda's National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP), and spread to the neighbouring Rutshuru region.

03 Nov 2008 description

GENEVA, 3 November 2008 -- Despite the lack of humanitarian access, several ACT members have been able to deliver some initial assistance to communities displaced by the conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

ACT members distributed a 14-day food ration and non-food items to 150 households in the Sasha IDP camp last week, and a stock of medicines were delivered to a health centre in the Minova area.

30 Oct 2008 description

GOMA, NORTH KIVU, DRC, 30 October 2008 -- Looted shops and dead bodies on the pavements is what aid workers in Goma, North Kivu province found this morning.

08 Feb 2008 description

Funds Sent To: Bureau Oecuménique d'Appui au Développement (BOAD)

Amount Sent: US$ 47,365

Date: 8 February 2008

Details of Response

Emergency: Earthquake in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Date of Emergency: 3 February 2008

Requesting partners: The DRC ACT Pool Oriental

Implementing partners: Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), Church Christ in Congo South Kivu (ECC SK), The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Congo (ELCC) and Dan Church Aid (DCA)

Details of the Emergency: At least five people have died in the city of Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo …

05 Feb 2008 description

Geneva, February 5, 2008

At least 42 people have died in Rwanda's Western Province (37) and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) city of Bukavu (5), following a powerful series of earthquakes registering 6.0 and 5.0 on the Richter scale. The quake hit the border area between the two countries on Sunday, February 3.

Action by Churches Together (ACT) International forum members in the eastern part of the DRC, reported that at least 250 people were severely injured in Bukavu, with the majority injuries having occurred when a church they were praying in collapsed.

20 Jun 2007 description

Appeal Target: US$1,585,241

Geneva, 14 June 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Even as reports are trickling in of people slowly returning to their homes, following the first democratic elections in more than 40 years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), other reports indicate that once again, violence is flaring in the east of the country, where government troops and rebels continue a grinding war.

22 Sep 2006 description

Funds Sent To: DanchurchAid

Amount Sent:

Date: 19 September 2006

Details of Payment

Emergency: Assistance to those affected by Arson (Fires) in Salamabila in South-eastern Maniema Province, in Eastern DRC.

Date of Emergency: Due to the isolated nature of the area the emergency was not discovered before DCA-ECC/MERU arrived in the area the 12 September 2006.

- The 16/6: 1.025 houses burnt down. The fire was started by unknown persons.
- The 2/9: 137 houses burnt down. The fire was started by unknown persons.

18 Aug 2006 description

A message from the ACT Coordinating Office