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16 Jan 2019 description

The Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) report on food security and agriculture is produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It provides a quarterly forward-looking analysis of major disaster risks to food security and agriculture, specifically highlighting:

24 Dec 2018 description

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Le territoire de Fizi enregistre à la fois les personnes déplacées et les retournés et le cluster sécurité alimentaire appelle à une adaptation des approches de d’intervention.
L’insécurité persistante dans le territoire d’Uvira a empêcher les distributions alimentaire prévue pour 25000 bénéficiaires dans le moyens plateaux à Katobo. Le PAM et ses partenaires prévoient retourner dans la zone dès que la situation se normalise.

20 Dec 2018 description

Full title of the project:
Réponse à l’insécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle de 6 000 ménages vulnérables dont les enfants de moins de cinq ans, les femmes enceintes et allaitantes du territoire de Lomela

Target areas: Lomela

Recipient: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Donor: Belgium
Contribution: USD 436 429
Project code: OSRO/DRC/802/BEL

20 Dec 2018 description


To enable emergency food production and protect and restore people’s livelihoods in order to improve the food security of displaced people and vulnerable host communities.

Key Partners

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock

Beneficiaries Reached

5 000 households

Activities Implemented

14 Dec 2018 description

Deep in the equatorial forest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Iyenze family grows fresh vegetables in their garden. Georgette, mother of eight, prepares porridge made from maize, soy, papaya and amaranth, for her children who suffer from malnutrition.

Twice a week, Georgette goes to the Tshudi health centre to participate in the cooking demonstration sessions organized by a local NGO, "Coeur de Compassion", the centre's medical team and FAO. She learns how to cook nutritious recipes made from local products.

11 Dec 2018 description

Investir dans une alimentation saine et diversifiée pour combattre la malnutrition

Au cœur de la forêt équatoriale en République démocratique du Congo, la famille Iyenze cultive des légumes frais dans leur jardin potager. Georgette, mère de huit enfants, prépare une bouillie enrichie de maïs, soja, papaye et amarantes pour ses enfants qui souffrent de malnutrition.

09 Dec 2018 description


  • Early season dryness affected planting and establishment of second season crops in Eastern Region

  • First season cereal production in 2018 estimated at above-average levels

  • Delayed harvest and reduced cereal output in Karamoja Region due to floods and erratic rains

  • Prices of maize seasonally increasing in recent months but still at low levels

  • Pockets of severe food insecurity in Karamoja Region

05 Dec 2018 description


The number of people facing severe hunger in the world continues to rise, reaching 124 million people across 51 countries. Conflict and extreme climate events remain the main drivers behind severe food crises. Often occurring simultaneously, all dimensions of food security – food availability, access and utilization – are further undermined.

23 Nov 2018 description


  • Below average 2018 season crops due to ongoing conflict, floods and infestations of Fall Armyworm

  • Inflation rates expected to fall in 2018 but will remain relatively high

  • Food prices generally at high levels driven by limited supplies

  • Food security situation continues to deteriorate in regions of Kasai, Tanganyika and in eastern parts of country

Below average 2018 season crops due to floods, pests and conflict

21 Nov 2018 description


The Climate Prediction Centre is predicting El Niño climatic conditions during the main 2018-19 growing season with 70-75% probability while IRI has increased the probability to more than 85%. Furthermore, the forecasts suggest a likelihood of a weak to moderate El Niño event. Historically El Niño climatic conditions have resulted in reduced rainfall across the southern part of Southern Africa.

20 Nov 2018 description

High risk countries and potential impacts on food security and agriculture

In view of the potential impact of the 2018/19 El Niño on food security and agriculture, high risk countries in Southern Africa, Horn of Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Latin America should be prioritized for further monitoring, analysis and early action.

09 Nov 2018 description


Like many young people in Sankuru province, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Paul Tshisapa was struggling to find a decent job. Difficult access to markets, poor state of rural roads and limited access to resources (especially land) discourage young people from engaging in agricultural production activities.

05 Nov 2018 description

Animal health emergencies continue to erupt around the world at an ever-increasing pace. Increased global travel, human migration and informal trade of animals and animal products continue to intensify the risk of disease spread. Infectious diseases and other animal health threats have the potential to move rapidly within a country or around the world leading to severe socio-economic and public health consequences. For zoonoses that develop the ability for human to human transmission, an early response to an animal health emergency could prevent the next pandemic.

05 Nov 2018 description


13.1 million people severely food insecure (draft 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan [HRP])

50-75% of families rely on subsistence agriculture for their food and income

3 million people displaced USD

50 million still needed for 2018 under the 2017-2019 HRP


31 Oct 2018 description

Some 180 veterinarians drawn from 14 African countries will benefit from a training programme, In-Service Applied Veterinary Epidemiology (ISAVET), launched today by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD), part of Texas A&M AgriLife Research.

The countries involved include Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda.

04 Oct 2018 description

Faits saillants:

  • Le climat d’insécurité continue à prévaloir dans la ville de Kananga : les cambriolages à répétition.

  • La ZS de Demba, Bukonde, Tshikula et Katende ont reçu les appuis de ACP, WFP et RACOJ

  • HI vient d’obtenir un financement de 3 millions $, pour une assistance alimentaire à 40656 bénéficiaires dans les ZS de Demba et Dimbelenge.

Fait marquant : l’insécurité à Kananga

03 Oct 2018 description


The Early Warning Early Action initiative has been developed with the understanding that disaster losses and emergency response costs can be drastically reduced by using early warning analysis to act before a crisis escalates into an emergency. Early actions strengthen the resilience of at-risk populations, mitigate the impact of disasters and help communities, governments and national and international humanitarian agencies to respond more effectively and efficiently.

José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General

26 Sep 2018 description

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  1. Les acteurs humanitaires se mobilisent pour apporter une réponse humanitaire aux ménages vulnérables IDPs en transit ou retournés dans les sites spontanés de Mwaka,
    Tabacongo, Sango Malumbi et Mulange après le démantèlement des 3 sites de Kalemie.

  2. Près de la moitié des ménages de l’axe Katibili-Lambo vivent une situation alimentaire limite et 38% de ménages souffrent de la faim modérée.