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26 Nov 2017 description

Roz Price
Institute of Development Studies


Where have rapid environmental impact assessments on sustainability of water supply approaches (including identification of mechanisms for aquifer monitoring and recharge) been completed in situations of mass displacement into camps (and spontaneous sites), and how have they been used by international actors to influence government land allocation decision making?


01 Sep 2017 description

Huma Haider
University of Birmingham
2 March 2017


What does the literature tell us about modern slavery in the Democratic Republic of Congo (including, if available, information on the prevalence of modern slavery in the DRC, the most prevalent forms, the people most at risk and in what ways)?

1. Overview

07 Jul 2017 description


How are national and regional legal frameworks (including economic and financial system interventions) currently used to control and restrict the illegal wildlife trade (excluding fish or forestry products) in Sub Saharan Africa?


11 Oct 2015 description

This Topic Guide draws on lessons from programmes and case studies to explore which types of economic development interventions can be effective in FCAS and which factors have contributed to successes and failures.

About this Topic Guide

This GSDRC Topic Guide was written by Katie McIntosh and Joanna Buckley (Oxford Policy Management). The production of this Guide was supported by the UK Government.

24 Mar 2014 description


Cost of elections in fragile states: Please provide a comparison of how much national elections (Presidential and Parliamentary) have cost per capita in fragile states since 2000.

Helpdesk response

Key findings: There is limited literature available on this topic. A lot of the information that is available only provides the cost of certain elements of the election, mainly in relation to voter registration. In addition, there appear to be inconsistencies in the costings provided by the available sources.

13 Jan 2014 description


Sending messages to reduce violent conflict: Identify literature on interventions that send messages, such as through advertising, to change attitudes, norms and behaviour about violent conflict. Where possible identify whether these interventions have been effective and what have been the conceptual models behind them.

16 Oct 2013 description

Emilie Combaz



What are the gender dimensions of conflict drivers and of stabilisation in the eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)? Include a very brief description of the state of research and evidence on these topics.

07 Jun 2013 description


The impact of integrated missions on humanitarian operations: What is the evidence on the impact of integrated UN missions on the conduct of humanitarian operations? Specifically look at impact on the protection of civilians, humanitarian access and the security of humanitarian agencies, and the perception of humanitarian organisations by warring parties.

Helpdesk response

Key findings

Evidence remains scarce, problematic and contested. There is at least limited agreement on the following:

16 May 2012 description

Query: Identify and summarise key national and localised information in DRC, on who are the extreme poor and vulnerable, what are the causes of poverty, and how people move in and out of poverty. Include an overview of how poverty is defined, key indicators used and quality of data.