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17 Oct 2002 description

During a flight over Nyiragongo on 27 September, researchers' views into the crater were obscured by a large gas plume. The plume was present from mid-September through at least 10 October and reached to ~3 km above the volcano.

01 Aug 2002 description

Volcano Nyiragongo is always very active. Since more than one week a very important plume is seen above the crater when weather permits. Visual observations plus information from airplane pilots suggest that the plume can reach an average altitude of 5.000 - 6.000 m. It has been possible, thanks to the MONUC (UN Peace Keeping) helicopter, to fly over the volcano on the morning of 27th of July, 2002.

31 Jan 2002 description

During 23-29 January there was no new volcanic activity at Nyiragongo. During 23 to around 25 January many earthquakes occurred in the region around the volcano; the largest earthquake was M 4.7. Many of the earthquakes were felt in towns near the volcano, including Goma, ~10 km S of the volcano. Several buildings were destroyed by the seismicity in towns near Nyiragongo, including Gisenyi, Rwanda. By 28 January seismicity had decreased and earthquakes were not large enough to be felt by the population.

24 Jan 2002 description

Afternoon update 2PM - incessant earthquakes are still occuring and are wreaking their own damage and posing new concerns. According to the latest report from Professor Wafula considerable damage was reported in the DRC town of Katale, aside from that dramatic quake, less serious but nevertheless disconcerting shocks were felt late Tuesday (430 PM) and Wednesday morning (10 AM). Epicentre of the quakes has not determined yet.

24 Jan 2002 description

January 24 th of January - 10 AM - According to latest reports the eruption at Nyiragongo that began on 17 January appeared to have stopped by 23 January. Scientists team have agreed that there will not likely be further volcanic activity at Mt. Nyiragongo. The late small earthquakes, measuring up to 4.7 on the Richter scale, that are taking place are probably related to seismic movements, not directly with the volcanic activity. During the eruption lava flowed from fissures on the volcano's S and E flanks, moving towards the S.

23 Jan 2002 description

On Wednesday 23th of January, eruptive activity was still slowly continuing from the Nyiragongo flanks. Yesterday in the the afternoon from (4PM GMT) several earthquakes were recorded.

22 Jan 2002 description

On Tuesday 21th of January eruptive activity was still continuing. As tremors continue, scientists say the volcano in the Congo may erupt during several days. According to local observer,yesterday, a new eruptive fissure opened on the North flank of the volcano a the lava flowed toward the Virunga National Park.The eruption of Mount Nyirangongo destroyed parts of Goma, with rivers of molten lava streaming through the city. The lava ignited a Goma petrol station early Monday, sparking a huge explosion. U.N. officials reported at least 60 deaths.

18 Jan 2002 description

Nyiragongo volcano in eastern Congo, which lies some 10 kilometres (six miles) north of Goma erupted on Thursday 17 th of January at 5:00 am(O300 GMT) sending out plumes of ash and three rivers of lava that destroyed 14 villages near the Rwandan border and drove thousands from their homes. The sky around Mount Nyiragongo began glowing red, and ash fell on the nearby town of Goma before dawn Thursday. Three lava flows were detected, two coming down the mountain's east side and one down the west. One of the flows was heading towards the airport at about 20 kilometres (12 miles) per hour.