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11 Nov 2013 description

As many as 40 militias are operating in eastern Congo, where mineral resources drive conflict. But some see hope in a more robust UN force and Congolese Army.

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08 Mar 2013 description

In late February, 11 African nations signed a new 'vision document' for peace in the eastern Congo. Regional expert Meredith Hutchison breaks down what it could mean for the region's future.

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28 Feb 2013 description

Eleven countries signed a deal this week to bring troops and support to the conflict-ridden region, but stability is still a long way off, writes Tom Murphy.

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29 Nov 2012 description

Rebels who took Goma, DR Congo's second-largest city, have sent mixed messages about withdrawal. Some residents say security improved after the rebels claimed the city.

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23 Nov 2012 description

The ease Tuesday with which rebels overran Goma, one of DR Congo's largest cities, underscores UN peacekeepers' 'difficult problem': their limited mandate.

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07 Jan 2012 description

Democratic Republic of Congo incumbent president Joseph Kabila and challenger Etienne Tshisekedi in protracted dispute over November 2011 election results.

By Vukasin Petrovic, Guest blogger / January 6, 2012

13 Dec 2011 description

Tiny Burundi has seen a modest turnaround since it put a civil war behind it. But continued instability in Congo allows Burundi's rebel groups a safe haven to launch attacks.

By Elizabeth Dickinson

Bujumbura, Burundi

As post-election turmoil rippled across the Democratic Republic Congo over the past week, no one was watching more anxiously than the country’s neighbors to the east.

12 Dec 2011 description

By Jason K. Stearns Joseph Kabila was proclaimed winner of the presidential elections on Friday, obtaining 49% of the votes. Etienne Tshisekedi was a distant second, with 32%.

As expected, many Congolese have rejected the results, setting tyres on fire in Kinshasa and launching isolated protests around the country. Tshisekedi has now announced a large opposition demonstration in Kinshasa and other cities for Tuesday, while the opposition UNC party will hold a protest today in Bukavu, focusing on both the election results and the killing of two students over the weekend.

29 Nov 2011 description

In North and South Kivu provinces, voters are worried about possible regional outcomes, including secession, if incumbent President Joseph Kabila is not reelected.

By Sarah Zingg Wimmer

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28 Nov 2011 description

Congo's polls today could be a crucial step for the resource-rich country's progress toward stability and self-determination. Disputed elections could leave it conflict-prone and poor.

By Scott Baldauf

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22 Nov 2011 description

n eastern Congo's South Kivu region, one of the most-conflict ridden areas of the country, pessimism is widespread, particularly when it comes to the candidates themselves.

By Amani Matabaro
Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

14 Nov 2011 description

The second election in Congo's history is still two weeks away, but violence and hate speech are already on the rise.

The excitement and anticipation of the upcoming Congo elections have been overshadowed by rising tensions between opposing political parties, resulting in recent clashes throughout the country. The election – only the second in the nation’s history – is set for Nov. 28, but already violence and hate speech surrounding the election has heated up and fears of further eruption are looming.

30 Sep 2011 description

A report on Congo's voter register found that a large number of voters showed up twice in the system, but it's unclear whether anything will be done to correct this ahead of the November election.

By Jason Stearns

A report has surfaced in Kinshasa suggesting that hundreds of thousands of voters in the official register may be fake. While many of these records may just be technical glitches, diplomats who have seen the document and follow the electoral process closely suggest this may be a sign of fraud.

16 Sep 2011 description

Congolese President Kabila said his government has managed to gain control of eastern Congo's armed groups, but the emergence of new armed groups undermines his success.

By Jason Stearns

Yesterday, in a speech to the nation, President Joseph Kabila announced, "There is no more fire in the East, just some embers." While it is true that fighting has ebbed this year – largely due to a decrease in operations by the Congolese army – new armed groups have been popping up in South Kivu.

24 Aug 2011 description

While the Ugandan and US strategy of chasing the brutal Lord's Resistance Army leader, Joseph Kony, has produced some attrition, it has also generated a massive recruitment campaign by the LRA.

By Philip Lancaster, Guest blogger / August 23, 2011

30 Jun 2011 description

Denis Mukwege and his staff have treated more than 30,000 women, most of them survivors of sexual assaults, since he opened the Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1999.

A woman arrived at the Panzi Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) a few years ago weighing just under 62 pounds. Armed militants had murdered three of her eight children and her husband. The gunmen had repeatedly raped the woman, who as a result had become incontinent and infected with HIV.

29 Jun 2011 description

Shuffling and regrouping among Congo's troops is creating a volatile environment that encourages violence and potentially mass rape, as shown in the rape of at least 120 women in early June.

By Jason Stearns, Guest blogger / June 29, 2011

Over the past few days, information has come trickling in about yet another case of mass rape in the eastern Congo. According to Doctors Without Borders, local health centers, and the UN, anywhere between 121 and 170 women may have been raped on June 11 and 12 in Abala and Nyakiele, two villages in Fizi territory, South Kivu.

07 Jun 2011 description

Recent actions taken against Congo's 'conflict mineral' trade by companies and the international community signal that although progress is slow, it is happening.

By Jason Stearns, Guest blogger / June 6, 2011

25 May 2011 description

Henri Ladyi formed the Center for Conflict Resolution in the Democratic Republic of Congo to oppose widespread rape and child soldiering.

By Danielle Shapiro, Dowser.org / May 24, 2011

Over the past 15 years, more than 5 million people have been killed in the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). More than 400,000 women are raped every year and about 2 million people are internally displaced. The international community has responded by sending the largest United Nations peacekeeping force in the world.

18 May 2011 description

Guest blogger Jason Stearns writes that taking a moment to look at news from the Congo in its historical context gives us a better perspective on bad news, such as last week's rape statistics.