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11 Jul 2001 description

Statistical Update / World Refugee Survey 2001
Refugees Produced

African refugees at start of 2001: 3.3 million

Refugee increase in past year: 200,000

Refugee increase in past 2 years: 400,000

10 leading refugee-producing countries or territories in Africa:

1) Sudan: 460,000

2) Burundi: 420,000

3) Angola: 400,000

4) Sierra Leone: 400,000

5) Somalia: 370,000

6) Congo Kinshasa: 350,000

7) Eritrea: 350,000

8) Liberia: 200,000

9) Western Sahara: 110,000

10) Rwanda: 55,000

19 Jun 2001 description

Approximately 55,000 Rwandans were refugees and asylum seekers at the end of 2000: nearly 30,000 in Tanzania, some 15,000 in Uganda, about 5,000 in Congo-Brazzaville, up to 3,000 in Kenya, about 1,000 each in Burundi and Congo-Kinshasa, and 2,000 new Rwandan asylum seekers in Europe.

19 Jun 2001 description

Tanzania hosted approximately 540,000 refugees at the end of 2000: about 400,000 from Burundi, more than 110,000 from Congo-Kinshasa, nearly 30,000 from Rwanda, and about 3,000 from Somalia.

19 Jun 2001 description

Uganda hosted approximately 230,000 refugees at the end of 2000: some 200,000 from Sudan, nearly 15,000 from Rwanda, about 10,000 from Congo-Kinshasa, 1,000 from Somalia, and several thousand from various other countries.
An estimated 20,000 Ugandans were refugees, including approximately 10,000 in Congo-Kinshasa, some 5,000 in Sudan, and about 5,000 in Kenya.

Approximately 500,000 Ugandans were internally displaced, although some estimates ranged much higher. An estimated 120,000 or more Ugandans became newly uprooted during the year because of violence.

19 Jun 2001 description

Approximately 465,000 Sudanese were refugees or asylum seekers at the end of 2000: some 200,000 in Uganda, about 70,000 in Ethiopia, an estimated 70,000 in Congo-Kinshasa, at least 55,000 in Kenya, 35,000 in Central African Republic, about 20,000 in Chad, some 12,000 in Egypt, and nearly 2,000 new Sudanese asylum applicants in Europe.

19 Jun 2001 description

More than 420,000 Burundians were refugees at the end of 2000: about 400,000 in Tanzania, an estimated 20,000 in Congo-Kinshasa, some 1,000 in Rwanda, and about 2,000 in a half-dozen other countries.

An estimated 600,000 or more Burundians were internally displaced.

At least 150,000 people in Burundi were newly forced to flee during 2000.

Burundi hosted about 6,000 refugees at year's end, including some 5,000 from Congo-Kinshasa and 1,000 from Rwanda.

19 Jun 2001 description

Congo-Kinshasa (also known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire) was the source for more than 2.1 million uprooted people at the end of 2000, including some 350,000 refugees and asylum seekers, and an estimated 1.8 million internally displaced persons. Approximately 1 million Congolese newly fled their homes during the year.

19 Jun 2001 description

The Central African Republic hosted nearly 55,000 refugees at the end of 2000, including about 35,000 from Sudan, an estimated 15,000 from Congo-Kinshasa, about 3,000 from Chad, and nearly 1,000 from various other African countries.

19 Jun 2001 description

Congo-Brazzaville hosted some 125,000 refugees at the end of 2000, including an estimated 100,000 from Congo-Kinshasa, some 20,000 from Angola, more than 5,000 from Rwanda, and approximately 1,000 urban refugees from various African countries.

19 Jun 2001 description

At the end of 2000, an estimated 400,000 Angolans were refugees in neighboring countries, including up to 190,000 in Zambia, 170,000 in Congo-Kinshasa, about 20,000 in Congo-Brazzaville, approximately 20,000 in Namibia, and some 5,000 asylum seekers in Europe.

18 Sep 2000 description

The foreign operations appropriations bill for FY 2001 is currently being acted on by the Senate and will soon go to a conference committee. Within this bill is funding for the Migration and Refugee Affairs (MRA) account. From the MRA account the U.S. makes contributions to UNHCR, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and others who protect and assist refugees around the world.

28 Aug 2000 description

Despite a peace accord agreed to on paper last year, the war in Congo Kinshasa raged on in the first half of 2000 with dire consequences for the civilian population.