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01 Aug 2017 description

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns the arrests of at least 15 journalists in various cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo yesterday while covering demonstrations to demand the publication of an election calendar. Some of the journalists were physically attacked. The demonstrations were called by civic society groups to press the authorities to publish a calendar for elections, as envisaged in accords reached last December under which President Joseph Kabila is supposed to stand down.

19 Apr 2017 description

Reporters sans frontières (RSF) condamne l’agression de trois journalistes par le colonel Van Kasongo en République démocratique du Congo, et demande à ce qu’il soit rapidement traduit en justice.

14 Apr 2017 description

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is shocked to learn that a senior Congolese police officer, Col. Van Kasongo, and other policemen physically attacked three journalists while they were covering a peaceful demonstration in Goma, the capital of the eastern province of Nord-Kivu, on 12 April. Rozen Kalafulo of Pole FM, Freddy Bikumbi of Radio Okapi and Picture Tank photographer Willian Dupuy were attacked and beaten by the police after being told to move away from the demonstration by members of the grass-roots movement Struggle for Change (LUCHA). The police also seized their equipment.

09 Dec 2016 description

(Kinshasa) – The European Union and United States should expand targeted sanctions against those most responsible for recent violent repression and other serious human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a coalition of 72 Congolese and 15 international human rights organizations said today.

09 Nov 2016 description

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and Journalist in Danger (JED), its partner organization in Democratic Republic of Congo, condemn the jamming of the country’s two most popular radio stations during the past weekend, at a time of extreme political and social tension. The jamming of Radio France Internationale (a French station) and Radio Okapi (a station operated by the United Nations mission in the DRC) began on Friday without any warning or explanation.

01 Feb 2016 description

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) joins Journalist in Danger (JED) in condemning the closure of two TV channels in Haut-Katanga province for alleged non-payment of taxes. Both TV channels are owned by former Katanga governor Moïse Katumbi, who used to support President Joseph Kabila but resigned from the ruling party in September 2015.

RSF and JED urge the authorities not to let political considerations obstruct freedom of information in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Please find JED’s press release below.

15 Dec 2015 description
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RSF’s 2015 round-up: 54 journalists held hostage worldwide

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is today publishing its annual worldwide round-up of journalists held hostage, imprisoned or missing.

14 Aug 2015 description

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and Journalists in Danger (JED) are worried about a decline in the environment for journalists as Democratic Republic of Congo holds local elections, starts early campaigning for national elections, and overhauls its system of government.

31 Jul 2014 description

Reporters Without Borders deplores the ban on any media coverage linked to the local Muslim community that the Higher Council for Broadcasting (CSAC) in the eastern province of Nord-Kivu issued on 28 July, which Muslims celebrate as Eid al-Fitr, the end of the month-long Ramadan fast.

CSAC provincial coordinator Musingi Kongolo Annocie said in the communiqué announcing the ban that it was designed to help promote “peace and peaceful cohabitation in Nord-Kivu.”

17 Jun 2014 description

Democratic Republic of Congo’s journalists are finding it harder and harder to work because of threats and censorship of political debate. Media freedom is being undermined by political tension linked to local elections and to uncertainty surrounding the 2016 presidential election.

The tension has been fuelled by the government’s announcement of a constitutional reform before the presidential election. The opposition fears that President Joseph Kabila wants to run for a third term, which is prohibited under the constitution as it stands.

18 Feb 2014 description

Reporters Without Borders is saddened to learn that a TV journalist was fatally injured during the weekend in the eastern province of Nord Kivu when the military truck in which he was travelling was ambushed by members of ADF-NALU, a Ugandan rebel group based in the province.

Kennedy Germain Mumbere Muliwavyo of Radio Télévision Muungano d’Oïcha died in a hospital on 16 February from the gunshot injuries to the head and abdomen that he had received in the ambush the day before.

24 May 2013 description

Fighting between M23 rebels and government forces has intensified near Goma, the capital of the eastern province of Nord-Kivu, since 20 May. As well as causing new civilian casualties, the clashes and the actions of some rebels are endangering many journalists and the availability of diverse, freely-reported news and information.

Reporters Without Borders has conducted a series of interviews with Nord-Kivu journalists and has spoken by phone with two M23 officials, Bertrand Bisimwa, the rebel movement’s political leader, and René Abandi, who is in charge of its external affairs.

03 Dec 2012 description

(JED/RSF/IFEX) - 3 décembre 2012 - Reporters sans frontières et son organisation partenaire en République démocratique du Congo, Journaliste en Danger (JED), s'inquiètent vivement de la mesure de suspension décrétée le 1er décembre 2012 par le Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel et de la communication (CSAC) contre Radio Okapi. Ce média, administré depuis dix ans par les Nations unies, émet sur l'ensemble du territoire de la République Démocratique du Congo.

03 Dec 2012 description

Reporters Without Borders and its Congolese partner Journalist in Danger (JED) are deeply concerned about an order issued on 1 December by the High Council for Broadcasting and Communication (CSAC) to jam Radio Okapi.

The station, run by the United Nations for the past 10 years, broadcasts throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was ordered off the air for four days and could suffer more severe penalties unless it complies with the demands of the CSAC.

21 Nov 2012 description

Reporters Without Borders (RWB) and Journalist in Danger (JED) are deeply worried by the measures that the M23 rebel movement took with the news media after seizing Goma, the capital of the eastern province of Nord Kivu, yesterday.

Aware of the scale of violence against civilians in general, the two NGOs are also very concerned about the safety of media personnel in Goma and other parts of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

15 May 2012 description

Reporters sans frontières s’inquiète de la multiplication des cas d’entraves à la liberté d’informer recensés dans les régions à l’est de la République démocratique du Congo, au cours des deux semaines. En quinze jours, une radio a été fermée manu militari, onze journalistes ont été interpellés, dont trois sont toujours détenus, et des menaces ont été proférées à l’encontre de deux journalistes.

Au Nord-Kivu, des autorités locales hostiles aux médias

09 Jan 2012 description

Reporters Without borders is relieved to learn that the broadcast signal of the French public radio station Radio France Internationale, switched off on 31 December on the orders of the Congolese communications minister, Lambert Mende, was restored today.

The suspension of broadcasts by the station, which was criticised for its coverage of the events since the disputed presidential election last month, had aroused international protests, notably from France and the United States.

06 Jan 2012 description

Reporters Without Borders condemns the shutdown of broadcasts by the French public radio station Radio France Internationale ordered by the authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and calls for their immediate restoration.

The press freedom organization also condemned the government’s failure to follow correct procedures and the methods used to take the station off the air.

22 Dec 2011 description

Reporters Without Borders deplores the still poisonous climate for the media in the Democratic Republic of Congo nearly a month after the 28 November general elections. In addition to security problems when covering campaign meetings before the elections and protest meetings since, journalists are now being detained and questioned and media are being suspended.