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14 Dec 2016 description
report Stimson Center

Executive Summary

In 2004, the United Nations (UN) Security Council authorized the first stabilization mission in Haiti. Since then, it has authorized three more in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, and the Central African Republic. Yet the Security Council has never defined the term “stabilization,” explained how stabilization missions differ from other UN peace operations, or elaborated on the outcomes it expects stabilization missions to achieve.

05 Dec 2013 description
report Stimson Center

By William J. Durch - UN peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) recently knocked down a nasty militia called M23 with a political-military punch that may become a model for dealing with rights-abusing armed groups elsewhere in Africa. The political punch combined regional and international support for region-wide peace with pressure by donors on aid-dependent Rwanda to cut its support to M23.

17 Oct 2013 description
report Stimson Center

By Alison Giffen - Perceptions influence judgment, decision-making and action. They inform an individual's decision to flee from or submit to violence, to denounce a perpetrator despite risk of retaliation, or to take justice into their own hands. The perceptions of conflict-affected communities are among the most important sources that peacekeeping operations and other external protection actors should consider when planning and conducting interventions to protect civilians from deliberate violence.

21 Dec 2012 description
report Stimson Center

Many people were taken aback when the rebel group M23 managed to capture the strategically vital city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on 20 November. They were even more surprised a week later when, despite its apparent capacity to maintain control of the city, M23 agreed to withdraw. During the takeover, M23 is alleged to have committed serious human rights abuses including killing civilians, but its decision to pull out of Goma provides an opening for the international community to encourage M23 to stop perpetrating violence against civilians.

31 Oct 2012 description
report Stimson Center

"If this goes on, we are considering taking Goma and rescuing the population... we are going to protect them. We are going to prevent those crimes against civilians." -- Vianney Kazarama, spokesperson for M23, October 1, 2012.

25 Jun 2012 description
report Stimson Center

Over the last decade or so, the UN Security Council gave complex UN peace operations broader mandates in police development, followed by mandates to help restore criminal justice systems and eventually for advisory support to national prison systems. The UN's rule of law community recognizes that an emphasis on quality of people and plans, what the UN calls a "capability-based approach," has to replace a quantity-based approach to meeting the requirements of such mandates.

15 Dec 2011 description

For over two decades, the United Nations has sought to create greater coherence within the UN system. UN integration is part of this push - an attempt to maximise the impact of UN efforts to consolidate peace in conflict and post-conflict states.