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18 Sep 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

Sosthene Kambidi, Marthe Bosuandole

After more than a year of bloodshed, faint hopes of peace are starting to stir in the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In the vast region of Kasai, the authorities are now starting to register voters—an outwardly banal operation that is nonetheless key to securing the country’s stability.

“It’s telling proof that peace has returned to the greater Kasai area,” Bernard Kambala Kamilolo, the acting governor of Kasai Central province, said as the registration process got underway.

20 Jun 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

Uganda is the largest host country of refugees in Africa and the third largest in the world, after welcoming an average of 2 000 displaced men, women and children every day for the past 11 months.

The new statistics, released on Monday by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, come less than a week before Uganda’s Solidarity Summit on Refugees – a conference aimed to mobilise international support for those affected by the South Sudanese Civil War.

17 Jun 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

The Nigerian Defense Ministry official described how the authorities had built ditches around schools and installed security lighting and set up roadblocks to keep Boko Haram fighters from invading schools and carrying off students and teachers. She explained how the government has moved thousands of students in the most heavily-affected areas to safer areas to allow them to finish their studies free from fear and attack.

31 Oct 2011 description
report Mail and Guardian

Fears are growing that the forthcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo will trigger a new wave of violence, amid reports that militias are re-forming.

08 Dec 2010 description
report Mail and Guardian

Bad immunisation strategy has been blamed for an outbreak of polio, which has killed nearly 200 and is believed to have caused paralysis in more than 2 000 others across Angola, Congo and the =ADDemocratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

A mass vaccination campaign has now been launched to cover the population of Congo, 16 districts of the DRC and the Angolan =ADprovince of Cabinda.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has, meanwhile, placed neighbouring countries on high alert in case the virus spreads across more borders.

Polio, a highly infectious viral disease that invades the …

04 Dec 2008 description
report Mail and Guardian


KIBATI, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - Dec 04 2008, Just a few hundred metres of scorched earth separate the army and the rebels near Kibati in the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) volatile east, where hundreds cross the front line daily.

The area north of Goma, the provincial capital of the Nord-Kivu province, is a key front in the war between the Congolese army and cashiered general Laurent Nkunda's rebels.

A checkpoint near the Nyirangongo, one of Africa's most active volcanoes, has a deceptively placid air with hundreds of people traversing it every …

17 Nov 2008 description
report Mail and Guardian


The Democratic Republic of Congo's army clashed with rebels in some of the worst fighting in a week despite the rebel leader's promise to support a ceasefire, the United Nations said on Monday.

There was no immediate word on casualties from Sunday night's fighting in Riwindi, about 125km north of the eastern provincial capital of Goma, said UN peacekeeping spokesperson Colonel Jean-Paul Dietrich.

"Everybody is trying to push the other side back," Dietrich said.

"It's very regrettable that …

13 Nov 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

"This thing of rape," said Colonel Edmond Ngarambe, shifting uneasily on his wooden bench high in the mountains of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, "I can't deny that happens. We are human beings. But it's not just us. The Mai Mai, the government soldiers who are not paid, the Rastas do the same thing. And some people sent by our enemies do it to cause anger against us."

The colonel's words lay bare a brutal reality about the wretched use of rape as an instrument of war in the eastern DRC.

31 Oct 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

Stephanie Wolters

Last week, another armed group in the increasingly volatile eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ignored a government deadline to disarm, increasing to three the number of illegal groups the Congolese army is chasing in that region.

At the same time, Human Rights Watch released a new report detailing the atrocities -- rape, murder and looting -- that threaten civilians living in this region every day, perpetrated by any one of the armed groups, and by the Congolese army and state security services.

18 Sep 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

Rwanda has made a thinly veiled threat to send its troops back into eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after accusing the government in Kinshasa of collaborating with genocidal Hutu extremists on its border.

The Rwandan government said a Congolese army assault against a renegade Tutsi general, Laurent Nkunda, is helping to strengthen Hutu rebels who have been armed by Kinshasa and are fighting alongside government troops.

It has also accused the United Nations and the DRC of a lack of political will to solve the problem of Hutu extremism that continues to destabilise the region and …

03 Sep 2007 description
report Mail and Guardian

Peace accords that were to put an end to the conflicts that killed millions in the Democratic Republic of Congo are collapsing after a powerful renegade Tutsi general declared war on the government.

The United Nations has started airlifting thousands of government troops into the eastern Kivu region, which has endured two foreign invasions and more than a decade of civil war.

16 Jun 2003 description
report Mail and Guardian

The French-led international force taking shape in the volatile northeast Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) town of Bunia is still unable to stem a spate of abductions and killings there, its spokesperson said on Monday.

24 Jul 2002 description
report Mail and Guardian

Kigali, 24 July 2002 - Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are expected to meet their obligations under a new peace deal within 90 days after their presidents sign the accord, an official in Kigali said Tuesday, as Rwandan rebels gave a cautious welcome to the pact.

08 Feb 2002 description
report Mail and Guardian

Between August 1994 and last year, a total of 1 822 children applied for refugee status in South Africa

24 Aug 2001 description
report Mail and Guardian

The first round of Congolese peace talks took place in Botswana this week

03 Aug 2001 description
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Katanga. August 3, 2001

22 May 2001 description
report Mail and Guardian

The United Nations despatched a weighty delegation of ambassadors to Southern and East Africa this week, in the latest stage of the initiative to end two years of civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo

12 Apr 2001 description
report Mail and Guardian

Nyunzu. April 12, 2001
Nyunzu's 15 000 people, cut-off from the world by a blockade imposed by DRC government forces lives from hand to mouth


The rusting train wagon was a welcome sight when it arrived late last week in this besieged town in southwest Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pushed by a score of men along rails overrun with weeds, it was stuffed with cassavas, a local staple of which Nyunzu's 15 000 inhabitants have been largely deprived since December on account of a blockade imposed by forces loyal to the government in Kinshasa.