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30 Sep 2016 description

We live in a world in which 28 million children have been driven from their homes as a result of conflict, persecution and insecurity. If current trends continue, more than 63 million children could be forced to flee by 2025, of which over 25 million will cross borders and become refugees. At least 300,000 of these child refugees will end up alone, separated from their families. Without a step-change in the provision of education for refugee children, at least 12 million of them will be out of school by 2025.

23 Sep 2016 description

Forced Migration

The figures for forced migration are staggering and unprecedented. And yet the movement of people is a symptom of a crisis, not the cause. Until there is a global reduction in violence and conflict, the problem will continue to get worse.

16 Jul 2015 description

Local Solutions to Global Problem

23 Apr 2015 description

Recently War Child undertook a project to reach girls and mothers in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in need of basic literacy classes, as well as communities that would benefit most from increased awareness about child and women's rights.

03 Dec 2014 description

02 December 2014

Dear Special Envoy,

Following your visit to Goma, DRC, the non-governmental organizations signatory to this letter welcome you to your post, and expresses support of your mission in DRC. As organizations operational in the Kivus, we recognize the challenges in front of you and look forward to working with you and your office towards ensuring effective humanitarian assistance to those in need, whilst addressing key structural and longer-term needs to enable the effective transition from conflict to stability, and to sustainable development.

20 Nov 2014 description

Child Protection

Child protection is about keeping children safe from violence, exploitation and abuse. It is an issue in all countries, including here in Canada. Here we have strict laws, social services and specialist charities that are all in place to prevent and respond to child protection violations. Widespread child protection crises are thankfully relatively rare here.

28 Mar 2014 description

The United Nations Security Council is currently debating the extension of the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo, which is up for renewal on April 1, 2014. Together with Oxfam, World Vision, and five other non-governmental organizations, the Enough Project published an open letter to the Security Council giving recommendations for MONUSCO on civilian protection, governance, and the peace process.

Below is a portion of the letter:

30 Jun 2013 description

Since the publication of War Child’s report ‘Lost childhoods: the continuing conflict in the Kivu provinces’ in November 2012, violence and unrest have continued unchecked in both North and South Kivu. This includes attacks on villages, looting, killings and sexual violence. The situation facing children is far from improving. In this updated briefing paper, War Child Holland calls on the UN to ensure that the intervention brigade prioritises the protection of children, and assist with the release and reintegration of child soldiers associated with armed groups operating in eastern DRC.

11 Mar 2013 description

Intense violence once again looks to repeat a history of conflict in DRC. Here is a personal letter from our CEO to DFID’s Minister responsible for Africa imploring for funding to be released quickly and prevent further disaster.

Dear Minister, As is too often the case in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and particular in the Kivus, I have a feeling that history is in danger of repeating itself.

23 Nov 2012 description

On Tuesday – International Children’s Day - the situation for children in the Kivu’s of the Democratic Republic of Congo became progressively grave.

22 Nov 2012 description

War Child Holland report: children are victims of serious human rights violations

21 Nov 2012 description

The conflict across the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has dramatically deteriorated in the past few weeks. There are now more than two dozen armed groups active in the North and South Kivu provinces, and they are deliberately targeting civilians for revenge killings, mass rape, massacres of entire villages, child recruitment and other grave human rights violations.

03 Sep 2012 description



More than 25,000 children in makeshift camps are facing disease, starvation and risk of sexual violence as the onset of the rainy season exacerbates a new crisis in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),

19 Apr 2012 description

When it comes to development and humanitarian aid, innovation is a common buzz word. Here at War Child, creative thinking has been at the forefront of our philosophy since our founding in 1999. For us, innovation is not a trend but an essential way of thinking.

29 Nov 2011 description

Today marks an important day for the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is Election Day and people are going to the polls. In the Congo, this takes real courage. On the eve of the election, Sunday evening, ten civilians were already reported dead. This is a democratic vote but while widespread corruption and violence abound, it is unclear what the civilian price to cast ballots will be.

14 Feb 2011 description

Glenn Shaw, War Child's consultant in DR Congo, reports on how radio is combating the persistent sexual abuse of girls (additional reporting by War Child).

The global village. The networked planet. When people talk of how technology has made the world so small, they're not talking about the Democratic Republic of Congo.

13 Oct 2009 description

Enhanced Protection Urgently Needed Due to Disastrous Toll on Civilian Populations

(Goma, October 13, 2009) - The Congolese government's military operation in eastern Congo, Kimia II, backed by United Nations peacekeepers and aimed at neutralizing the threat from a Rwandan Hutu militia group, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), has resulted in an unacceptable cost for the civilian population, said 84 humanitarian and human rights groups in the Congo Advocacy Coalition today.

The coalition urged diplomats and UN officials, who are due to meet in Washington, …

13 Oct 2009 description

Il faut renforcer de toute urgence la protection des populations civiles durement touchées

(Goma) - L'opération militaire Kimia II menée par le gouvernement congolais dans l'Est du Congo, appuyée par les soldats du maintien de la paix des Nations Unies et visant à contrer les Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda (FDLR, milices hutues rwandaises), a entraîné un coût inacceptable pour la population civile, ont déclaré aujourd'hui 84 groupes d'aide humanitaire et de défense des droits humains constituant la Congo Advocacy Coalition.

La coalition a exhorté les …

12 Jun 2009 description

Participants: CEMADRI "Centre Missionnaire d'Appui au Développement Rural Intégré », War Child/Canada, Arche d'Alliance, OCHA

Période : 09 au 12 juin 2009

Milieux concernés : Axe Lulimba-Nyangi : Lulimba, Misisi, Butale, Lubichako, Tulonge, Ngalula, Nyangi...

Méthodologie : contact des personnes ressources (chefs locaux : civils et militaires et groupes amés, enseignants et responsables d'écoles, groupes de jeunes scolarisés, les responsables sanitaires, les ONGI et ONGL oeuvrant dans la zone,...), observation, entretiens


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