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21 May 2015 description

Days before a landmark vote on European conflict minerals regulation, rights groups call on politicians to vote for binding legislation requiring European companies to ensure their mineral purchases do not fund conflict or human rights abuses overseas.

Open Letter to Members of the European Parliament

03 Dec 2014 description

02 December 2014

Dear Special Envoy,

Following your visit to Goma, DRC, the non-governmental organizations signatory to this letter welcome you to your post, and expresses support of your mission in DRC. As organizations operational in the Kivus, we recognize the challenges in front of you and look forward to working with you and your office towards ensuring effective humanitarian assistance to those in need, whilst addressing key structural and longer-term needs to enable the effective transition from conflict to stability, and to sustainable development.

25 Feb 2013 description

Groups say agreement is not enough and outline concrete steps that need to be taken

Reiterate call for UN, US and EU to appoint Special Envoys and greater regional involvement

Goma/Kinshasa/ Rome/ Washington DC, 24 February 2013 – A group of prominent Congolese and international NGOs today called on countries in the Great Lakes region, along with their international partners, to ensure that the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework Agreement signed in Addis Ababa is given the political backing necessary to bring an end to war in the eastern Congo.

28 Nov 2012 description
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East African Leaders must lay Foundation for Sustainable Peace

(Friday 30 November) As East African Heads of State gather in Nairobi to discuss solutions to conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo ActionAid urges them to take immediate measures to assist those worst affected and engage in negotiations that will lay the foundation for sustainable peace.

Florence Mwenge from ActionAid DRC said:

24 Nov 2012 description
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(Friday 23 November) As 11 Heads of States from Africa’s Great Lakes Region gather in Kampala to discuss the peace process for DRC, ActionAid today calls for humanitarian agencies to be given access to communities affected by the violence.

With reports of summary executions, gender-based violence and large-scale recruitment of child soldiers, the aid agency also urges the international community to fully protect the rights of civilians impacted by the fighting in Eastern DRC, and to provide urgent funding to help people to rebuild their lives.

10 Nov 2011 description
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Child Sponsorship is a programme which has been a crucial part of ActionAid International for many years and we are proud to say that it has just been introduced to DRC.

19 Mar 2010 description


The practice of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) participating in the leadership and management of country level clusters is occurring more frequently in recent years. In several situations, cluster leads are approaching NGOs to take on roles in the cluster, such as coleadership. This review draws on the experiences of NGOs in cluster leadership and management in the four focus countries of the NGOs and Humanitarian Reform Project: Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zimbabwe.

16 Oct 2009 description
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ActionAid's HungerFREE Scorecard Investigates why a Billion People are Hungry

Executive Summary

Over one billion people - a sixth of humanity - don't have enough to eat. Almost a third of the world's children are growing up malnourished. This is perhaps one of the most shameful achievements of recent history, since there is no good reason for anyone to go hungry in today's world.

Even before the food and financial crises, the number of people facing chronic malnutrition was extremely high, and falling extremely slowly. Since 2005, it has jumped by 20 percent.

13 Oct 2009 description

Enhanced Protection Urgently Needed Due to Disastrous Toll on Civilian Populations

(Goma, October 13, 2009) - The Congolese government's military operation in eastern Congo, Kimia II, backed by United Nations peacekeepers and aimed at neutralizing the threat from a Rwandan Hutu militia group, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), has resulted in an unacceptable cost for the civilian population, said 84 humanitarian and human rights groups in the Congo Advocacy Coalition today.

The coalition urged diplomats and UN officials, who are due to meet in Washington, …

13 Oct 2009 description

Il faut renforcer de toute urgence la protection des populations civiles durement touchées

(Goma) - L'opération militaire Kimia II menée par le gouvernement congolais dans l'Est du Congo, appuyée par les soldats du maintien de la paix des Nations Unies et visant à contrer les Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda (FDLR, milices hutues rwandaises), a entraîné un coût inacceptable pour la population civile, ont déclaré aujourd'hui 84 groupes d'aide humanitaire et de défense des droits humains constituant la Congo Advocacy Coalition.

La coalition a exhorté les …

01 Oct 2009 description

Executive Summary

This report analyses the current state of global humanitarian reform efforts from an NGO perspective by synthesising a series of mapping studies carried out between November 2008 and February 2009 that looked at humanitarian reform in five different countries: Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Sudan and Zimbabwe. Lessons from other contexts are also brought in to strengthen the analysis and provide an overview of humanitarian reform.

10 Aug 2009 description

Le besoin de protection des civils devrait être le point prioritaire à l'ordre du jour de la visite de la secrétaire d'État américaine

(Goma) - Depuis le début des opérations militaires lancées en janvier 2009, le nombre de meurtres et d'actes brutaux de violence sexuelle contre les femmes, les filles, et également les hommes, a considérablement augmenté dans l'est de la République démocratique du Congo, a déclaré aujourd'hui la Congo Advocacy Coalition (Coalition pour le plaidoyer en faveur du Congo), un groupe de 88 organisations humanitaires et de défense des …

10 Aug 2009 description

Need to Protect Civilians Should Top the Agenda During Visit

(Goma, August 10, 2009) - Killings and brutal sexual violence against women, girls and also men have massively increased in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo since the start of military operations in January 2009, the Congo Advocacy Coalition, a group of 88 humanitarian and human rights organizations, said today.

24 Jul 2009 description
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How an ActionAid-supported sewing centre is helping women mend traumas caused by decades of conflict in DRC

At a women's centre on the outskirts of Bukavu, South Kivu's capital city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 33 year-old mother of four Janet Mapendo, sits pensively as she learns how to sew clothes.

"I came here to learn tailoring skills so I can raise rent and fees to take my children to school and begin to offer services to the community," she says.

"Staying here also helps me to deal with bitter memories of the past that have refused to go …

18 May 2009 description

(Goma, May 18, 2009) - The United Nations Security Council, visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo beginning today, should press for urgent action to protect civilians, a coalition of 68 aid and human rights groups said today.

18 May 2009 description

(Goma) - Les délégués du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies, lors de leur visite en République démocratique du Congo qui débute aujourd'hui, devraient réclamer une action urgente pour protéger les civils, a déclaré ce jour une coalition de 68 groupes d'aide humanitaire et de défense des droits humains.

22 Feb 2009 description
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The year 2008 was ushered in with the political crisis in Kenya engendered by disputed presidential election results. While the opposition had won the most seats in parliament and out performed all the other parties put together in all the other elections, the electoral commission initially stopped the tallying of presidential election results, and then after a delay announced that the incumbent had won the election reversing a trend towards victory for the opposition candidate.

30 Jan 2009 description
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People in Congo who were displaced by fighting are not returning home despite a ceasefire, ActionAid says.

Hundreds of thousands of people fled their homes in November and sought shelter in camps near the town of Goma after fighting between the Congolese army and rebel soldiers.

ActionAid has supplied people in the camps with food and emergency relief items such as soap, mattresses, blankets, plastic sheeting, water containers, mosquito nets and cooking utensils.

ActionAid is targeting aid at the most vulnerable people including unaccompanied children and child-headed …