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16 Jan 2018 description

The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is a global norm, unanimously adopted by heads of state and government at the 2005 UN World Summit, aimed at preventing and halting Genocide, War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes Against Humanity. R2P stipulates that:

» Every State has the Responsibility to Protect its populations from the four mass atrocity crimes (Pillar I).

» The wider international community has the responsibility to encourage and assist individual States in meeting that responsibility (Pillar II).

16 Jan 2018 description
report UN Security Council

16 JANUARY 2018

The following Security Council press statement was issued today by Council President Kairat Umarov (Kazakhstan):

The members of the Security Council met on 9 January 2018 to discuss the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and activities of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO). They were briefed by Under-Secretary-General Jean-Pierre Lacroix on the political, human rights, security and humanitarian situation in the country.

16 Jan 2018 description

537,087 refugees in DRC.

623,059 DRC refugees in Africa.

18,609 Rwandan refugees returned voluntarily in 2017.

Working with Partners

16 Jan 2018 description

Key Figures

1,395,146 total refugees and asylum-seekers

  • 1,336,898 bio-metrically registered

  • 58,248 pending bio-metric registration

16 Jan 2018 description

Since gaining independence in 1962, Uganda has provided asylum to people fleeing war and persecution in neighboring countries, especially South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi. Uganda's progressive refugee policy grant refugees freedom of movement, the right to seek employment and establish businesses, and to access public services such as education, health care and justice. In refugee-hosting districts, services are integrated with government service delivery systems, whenever feasible.

16 Jan 2018 description

This Weekly Bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. The WHO Health Emergencies Programme is currently monitoring 54 events in the region. This week’s edition covers key ongoing events, including:
- Chikungunya in Kenya
- Cholera in Malawi
- Cholera in Zambia
- Suspected Rift Valley fever in South Sudan
- Humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

16 Jan 2018 description


The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2017 (SOFI) has revealed that global hunger is on the rise again after declining for more than two decades. Global hunger rose from 777 million in 2015 to 815 million people in 2016.

16 Jan 2018 description

This national action plan is the UK government’s 5-year strategy for how we will meet our Women, Peace and Security commitments under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 to reduce the impact of conflict on women and girls and to promote their inclusion in conflict resolution. It is part of wider efforts to ensure that the UK’s foreign policy consciously and consistently delivers for women and girls.

16 Jan 2018 description

International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI) a publié un nouveau rapport sur les violences et les déplacements dans la région du Kasaï en république démocratique du Congo (RDC). Il montre que suite à des attaques commises par une milice, ont eu lieu des opérations militaires abusives et des massacres par une milice progouvernement, causant la mort et le déplacement de centaines de milliers de personnes.

16 Jan 2018 description

(Kampala, 16 January 2018) International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI) today published a new report about violence and displacement in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It describes how attacks by a militia were followed by abusive military operations and mass killings by a pro-government militia, causing the death and displacement of hundreds of thousands.

16 Jan 2018 description
report IRIN

The rise in man-made, protracted emergencies means millions are at risk of starving around the globe this year

It’s a difficult new year for the humanitarian system and those reliant on it: a near-record number of people are in need and yet a yawning funding gap will limit what assistance can be provided.

Read more on IRIN.

16 Jan 2018 description

Bukavu, le 13 janvier 2018 – Le Vice-Gouverneur a procédé samedi 13 janvier courant au lancement du projet d’appui aux cultures vivrières pour l’amélioration de l’alimentation des détenus des prisons de Kabare, Kalehe, Walungu et Bunyakiri. Ceci est un projet à impact rapide de la MONUSCO à travers sa section d’appui à l’administration pénitentiaire.

16 Jan 2018 description

Bukavu, le 12 janvier 2018 – Une centaine d’éléments de l’Unité de Police Formée de l’Egypte (EGY-FPU) et de la Police des Nations Unies (UNPOL) servant à la MONUSCO Bukavu et Uvira ont reçu des médailles de l’ONU, au terme de leur mission au Sud-Kivu. C’était au cours d’une cérémonie organisée au quartier général de la MONUSCO à Bukavu.

16 Jan 2018 description

C’est la mise à terre de l’arbre de paix par tous les acteurs aux conflits dans la chefferie de Benanyembo, les autorités locales et autres partenaires qui clôture solennellement le mini forum tenu à Mbulula, localité située à 60 kms au Nord de Kongolo- centre, du 10 au 14 janvier 2018.

15 Jan 2018 description

LOVUA, Angola – In a simple white tent in the Lóvua refugee settlement in Angola, women and girls who fled the brutal conflict in Kasai, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, can find safe haven and support.

The tent is one of two women-friendly spaces UNFPA has established in the settlement. These spaces offer women and girls a safe place to talk, receive information and participate in recreational activities.

“When I take part in the activities here, I forget my worries and all my memories from Congo for a while,” said 17-year-old Musito.

15 Jan 2018 description
report ACT Alliance

New project to provide treatment for malnourished children of internally displaced people

To help meet the nutritional needs of internally displaced people in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), ACT member Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) is launching a two-year project in April 2017.

15 Jan 2018 description

Kananga - The authorities of Angola's north-eastern Lunda Norte Province last Saturday in Kananga, chief town of DRC's Kasai Central Province, received guarantees of political stability that will enable the return home, as from March, of the over 31,000 Congolese refugees who sought shelter in Angola until the year 2017.

15 Jan 2018 description


  • Under the Camp Coordination and Camp Management Sector, IOM is responsible for the coordination of 13 displacement sites in North Kivu, housing 42,878 internally displaced persons (24,189 women and 18,689 men).

  • IOM conducted Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) activities during the autumn of 2017 in Kasai-Central and Tanganyika provinces, gathering information on 495,719 IDPs and 1,321,692 returnees.