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06 Nov 2015 description
report Finn Church Aid

Fresh violence has occurred in the Masisi territory in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Fighting is ongoing in the villages of Lukweti and Lwibo where FCA works on tackling child malnutrition. The staff of our partner implementing the project has been relocated to another town.

03 Sep 2015 description
report Finn Church Aid

Finn Church Aid (FCA) provides support to poor communities that take in Burundian refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A total of 500 households have received financial assistance and support in entering business.

Unrest, which started in April, has driven tens of thousands of people from their homes in Burundi. A major portion of these refugees have sought safety in DR Congo, which shares a border with Burundi.

01 Jul 2015 description
report Finn Church Aid

Finn Church Aid (FCA) and the Ugandan government have finalised a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for three years. The MoU is recognition of FCA’s work as a strong humanitarian actor specifically in the field of education.

With the MoU, FCA is responsible for organising vocational training in the refugee settlement of Rwamwanja. FCA will also build learning spaces, support refugee children with disabilities and the livelihood of people in crises.

17 Jul 2014 description

The humanitarian situation for communities in eastern DRC remains precarious, with wide-spread displacement and many unable to access basic services. With needs so great, the urgency to provide assistance is clear. However, it must be delivered in accordance with humanitarian principles, in particular neutrality, impartiality and operational independence.

10 Jul 2014 description
report Finn Church Aid

After at least 12 years in refuge more than 5,000 people will now be resettled in Moxico Province in Angola on land cleared of landmines by DanChurchAid (DCA). FCA has been funding this project for three years.

They fled Moxico Province during the 27 year long civil war that finally ended in 2002, and are now returning from Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts of Angola. They have not been able to return to their home locations before because of the threat of landmines and unexploded ordnance.