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10 Dec 2007 description
report CARE

Sexual violence in Congo is the worst in the world. The sheer numbers, the wholesale brutality, the culture of impunity - it's appalling.

24 Oct 2007 description
report CARE

WASHINGTON, DC (October 24, 2007) - In Congressional testimony today, CARE called for a dramatically stepped-up U.S. role in ending longstanding conflicts in the Great Lakes region of Africa, particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda.

31 May 2007 description
report CARE

The need for reproductive health care, including family planning, does not diminish during or after crises; rather, the need grows, while supply diminishes. Yet the health delivery system, including health care providers, donors and NGOs, often relegates family planning to a second- or third-tier intervention after the more "urgent" needs of a population are met.

16 Apr 2007 description
report CARE

By Michael Kleinman, Regional Advocacy Advisor, East and Central Africa

Occasionally I realize that I've changed. The sights and stories that once would have left me unable to sleep now pass almost without comment - the suffering caused by conflict in Darfur or elsewhere in the region almost never strikes a personal chord any more; it's simply part of the job. It's a sense of detachment that serves a purpose, a way of protecting oneself.

But sometimes it's impossible to keep that reserve, to maintain that sense of detachment.