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10 Oct 2017 description
report Shelter Cluster


This document provides an overview of responses to the Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) online survey, conducted in preparation for the annual GSC Meeting. Findings are based on a total of 106 responses, as of 26 September 2017.

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04 Oct 2017 description


  • There are more internally displaced persons in DRC than any other country in Africa. Provinces in eastern, southern, and central DRC are subject to complex episodes of violence and conflict between government forces and different militia groups. Continuous cycles of new acute crises displace hundreds of thousands of families, often leaving them with little access to basic shelter and essential household and personal non-food items (NFI).

01 Oct 2017 description
report Shelter Cluster
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Annex - 2017 Factsheets


Developed as an output of the 2012 GSC Meeting, the 2013-2017 Global Shelter Cluster Strategy was approved by the Strategic Advisory Group in early 2013. It has the goal to more effectively meet the sheltering needs of populations affected by humanitarian crises, by strengthening the shelter response of humanitarian actors through leadership, coordination and accountability in the humanitarian shelter sector.

25 Aug 2017 description

CRISIS Multiple conflicts / Complex, two decades long and ongoing

TOTAL PEOPLE DISPLACED AND RETURNED1 2.82 million people (new displacements in 2016: 922,000 people).

LOCATIONS DR Congo, country wide.

VOUCHER FAIRS BENEFICIARIES2 3,950,530 persons (790,106 households) in the period 2009-2016.

IN-KIND DISTRIBUTION BENEFICIARIES2 4,471,250 persons (2009-2016)


03 Jul 2017 description


The year 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the Global Shelter Cluster, the inter-agency coordination mechanism for shelter response. During these ten years, coordination has improved in consistency, shelter responses have grown in scale, and there are more people with experience in shelter programming, but people continue to lose their dwellings and be displaced due to conflict and natural disasters. Global humanitarian shelter needs continue to greatly exceed the capacity and resources to respond.

25 Dec 2015 description


  • Eastern DRC is a mosaic of constantly shifting zones of insecurity and relative stability, with new waves of displacement and return every week. These multiple and protracted crises impact families’ access to adequate shelter and essential household and personal items to undertake essential daily activities for their survival, well-being, and protection.

  • Average NFI vulnerability scores among affected population in 2015 were an average of 3.8; the Cluster intervention threshold is 3.0.

15 Apr 2015 description

Prière de saisir correctement ou de remplir les différents champs en caractère d’imprimerie.
Pour nous aider à mieux comprendre les détails de l’intervention, nous vous prions de compléter UN FORMULAIRE pour UNE INTERVENTION ; quand bien même il y a eu 2 interventions à la même période et sur le même site, merci de remplir séparément les formulaires.

  1. Détails de l’Intervention
  • Partenaire : Remplir le Nom du Partenaire qui exécute l’activité.

15 Apr 2015 description
  1. Prise en compte des PSH dans les documents stratégiques

Il est recommandé dans le PAH 2013 de prendre en compte les besoins spécifiques des personnes vulnérables lors de la mise en œuvre des distributions et foires NFIAME.
En effet, les PSH voient leur vulnérabilité augmentée car des besoins spécifiques s’ajoutent à leurs besoins de base initiaux.

30 Jun 2014 description

Partie 1 : Les minimums requis par le cluster

1.1. Documents Cles :

Tous les projets soumis pour considération pour un financement Pooled Fund pour le secteur Articles Menagers Essentiels (AME)/Abris d’Urgence devront suivre la stratégie générale du Cluster tel qu’elle est élaborée dans le Plan d’Action Humanitaire (PAH)1. Trois documents principaux devront être à la base de toute intervention et projet dans le secteur AME/Abris d’Urgences financés par le Pooled Fund, notamment: