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21 Oct 2017 description
report Invisible Children

Au troisième trimestre (Juillet-Septembre) 2017, les affrontements entre les groupes armés et les attaques contre des civils ont continué à dominer l’environnement sécuritaire de la région frontalière du Mbomou-Uélé. En République Centrafricaine (RCA), les combats impliquant des factions ex-Séléka, anti-balaka et d’autres acteurs armés étaient concentrés dans des villes telles que Bria (préfecture de la Haute Kotto) et Zemio (préfecture du Haut Mbomou), tandis que la sécurité s’est améliorée dans d’autres localités, comme Bangassou (préfecture de Mbomou).

20 Oct 2017 description
report Invisible Children

Clashes between armed groups and attacks on civilians continued to dominate the security landscape in the Mbomou-Uele border region* in Quarter 3 (July–September) 2017. In eastern Central African Republic (CAR), fighting involving ex-Seleka factions, anti-balaka militias, and other armed actors was concentrated in towns such as Bria (Haute Kotto prefecture) and Zemio (Haut Mbomou prefecture), while security improved in other locations, such as Bangassou (Mbomou prefecture).

18 Oct 2017 description
report Trócaire

Trócaire and its Caritas partners are supporting South Sudanese refugees who have fled into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to escape persecution and hunger in their conflict-torn, drought hit country. Nelly Maonde, Trócaire Humanitarian Programme Advisor, reports on a recent visit to Biringi refugee camp in Ituri province, north east DRC.

18 Oct 2017 description

Saving lives through faster emergency response

In June 2004, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was shaken by widespread crises, notably in the East of the country. To ensure that response organizations had the financial and material means to react quickly, the humanitarian community implemented a Rapid Response Mechanism program in October 2004.

18 Oct 2017 description
report Bond


This briefing has been been put together by a significant number of international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) under the leadership of Bond’s Humanitarian and Conflict Policy groups. These NGOs are either actively operational in these contexts or working to raise awareness in the UK of the challenges faced by people experiencing humanitarian disasters, conflict and upheaval.

18 Oct 2017 description

Summary Points

  • Maize grain as usual was the most traded commodity in the region followed by dry beans, rice and then sorghum. See Figure 1.

  • Staple commodity prices especially for maize are expected to remain above last year and five year average prices despite near average harvest in the region with spatial pockets of deficit within and between countries because carryover stocks are low, tightening supplies available for trade.

17 Oct 2017 description

Recommendations for the Security Council and Member States On October 31, 2017, the UN Security Council will hold an Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict (CAC), to take place under France’s Presidency. At the Debate, the Secretary-General (SG) will present his annual report on CAC (A/72/361–S/2017/821) pursuant to SCR 2225 (2015), covering the period from January 1 to December 31, 2016.

17 Oct 2017 description
report Rotary

EVANSTON, Ill. (Oct. 17, 2017) — With just 11 confirmed polio cases so far in 2017, the world is on the brink of eradicating polio, a vaccine-preventable disease that once paralyzed hundreds of thousands of children each year.

To recognize this historic progress, Rotary clubs worldwide will host events in conjunction with Rotary International’s fifth annual World Polio Day celebration on Oct. 24.

14 Oct 2017 description
report Caritas

Kinshasa, le 13 octobre 2017 (caritasdev.cd) : La Caritas Congo Asbl intervient dans 11 Coordinations Provinciales de Lutte contre la lèpre et la Tuberculose (CPLT) à travers 10 Sous Bénéficiaires. Elle appuie 278 Centres de Santé de Diagnostic et traitement de Tuberculose dans 79 zones des santé. 1.112 relais communautaires ont été choisis, équipés et régulièrement supervisés pour assurer les activités de sensibilisation des communautés sur la tuberculose.

13 Oct 2017 description

See the photostory by Sergi Camara/Entreculturas

Masisi, 13 October 2017 – In the eastern province of North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the territory of Masisi remains entrenched in armed conflict, ethnic violence, and instability. Within this insecure situation, thousands of families flee their homes each year.

11 Oct 2017 description
report Caritas

Kimpese, le 11 octobre 2017 (caritasdev.cd) : La Caritas Congo Asbl a procédé mercredi 04 octobre 2017 à Kimpese à la remise et réception provisoire d’un pavillon au Programme National de Lutte contre la Tuberculose (PNLT). Construit au sein de l’Hôpital Général de Référence (HGR) IME Kimpese, ce pavillon servira au renforcement de la prise en charge des malades tuberculeux à bacilles pharmaco-résistantes en RDC, particulièrement dans la Province du Kongo central.

09 Oct 2017 description
report CARE

By Stépha Rouichi, Advocacy Manager for CARE DRC

06 Oct 2017 description
report ACT Alliance

The Kasai Provinces in the DRC are experiencing one of the most severe crisis in their history. Violent ethnic/tribal conflicts, fuelled by the brutal killing of the local tribal chief, Kamuina Nsapu and the subsequent calls amongst his followers to avenge his death. As a result, an unprecedented massive population displacement was reported within and outside the 5 provinces of the Great Kasai (Kasai, Kasai central, Kasai Oriental, Sankuru and Lomami). In June 2017, it was reported that 1.4 million people have been forced to flee from their homes, escaping violence.

06 Oct 2017 description
report Caritas

Lubumbashi, le 06 octobre 2017 (caritasdev.cd): Le lundi 18 septembre 2017 aura été un jour de grande joie pour la population du village Mutambalile, situé à environ 26 kms de Lubumbashi, suite à l'inauguration de la source d'eau aménagée avec l'appui du BDD/L'SHI (Bureau Diocésain de Développement de la Caritas L'shi); inauguration qui a connu la participation des représentants des chefs de secteur Bukanda et du Groupement Shindaïka.

04 Oct 2017 description


L’Espagne condamnée pour avoir immédiatement renvoyé des migrants perati à Melilla

03 Oct 2017 description


Antigua and Barbuda



About 1,400 new displacements between 7 and 8 September


03 Oct 2017 description

Ending Cholera—A Global Roadmap to 2030 operationalises the new global strategy for cholera control at the country level and provides a concrete path toward a world in which cholera is no longer a threat to public health. By implementing the strategy between now and 2030, the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC) partners will support countries to reduce cholera deaths by 90 percent. With the commitment of cholera-affected countries, technical partners, and donors, as many as 20 countries could eliminate disease transmission by 2030.

03 Oct 2017 description
report WaterAid

The War to end Cholera’, a new report published today by WaterAid, reveals that the countries with the highest cholera burden are the same nations with the greatest number of people living without clean water and decent sanitation. WaterAid is warning that global efforts to end cholera will fail unless the world’s poorest are given the tools they need to fight the disease – clean water, decent sanitation and good hygiene.