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27 Sep 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage

UNITED NATIONS, Sep 27 2018 (IPS) - Reversing years of progress, global hunger is on the rise once again and one of the culprits is clear: conflict.

A high-level side event during the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly brought together, U.N. officials, governments, and civil society to assess and recommend solutions to the pressing issue of conflict-based food insecurity.

14 Aug 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

by Adelheid Onyango and Bibi Giyose

Adelheid Onyango is Adviser for Nutrition at the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa and Bibi Giyose is Senior Nutrition and Food Systems officer, and Special Advisor to the CEO of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

29 May 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

Por Thalif Deen

ESTOCOLMO, 29 may 2018 (IPS) - La crisis alimentaria se agrava en un contexto de crecientes conflictos militares, y la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) redobla esfuerzos para erradicar el hambre extrema para 2030, con la colaboración de la sociedad civil.

Incluso se llamó al Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU en abril a esforzarse más para “romper el vínculo entre hambre y conflictos”.

28 May 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

By Thalif Deen

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 28 2018 (IPS) - The United Nations is continuing to fight a relentless battle to eradicate extreme hunger – particularly in the world’s poorest nations—by 2030.

But it is battling against severe odds: an estimated 800 million people still live in hunger— amidst a warning that the world needs to produce at least 50 percent more food to feed the growing 9.0 billion people by 2050—20 years beyond the UN’s goal.

12 Apr 2018 description
report The Conversation

The Conversation Nadine Ansorg | Lecturer in International Conflict Analysis, University of Kent

24 Mar 2018 description

by Media Coulibaly | Reuters
Wednesday, 21 March 2018 11:36 GMT

MWENE DITU, Democratic Republic of Congo, March 21 (Reuters) - The guns have fallen silent in the Congolese town of Mwene Ditu, but each day starving children arrive at the small hospital there battling for their lives.

Read more on the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

04 Mar 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

By Badylon Kawanda Bakiman

This article is part of a series of stories and op-eds launched by IPS on the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8.

KIKWIT, DR Congo, Mar 4 2018 (IPS) - The numbers are hard to fathom. Nearly two million people driven from their homes in 2017 alone. The worst cholera epidemic of the past 15 years, with over 55,000 cases and more than 1,000 deaths. Countless others killed, maimed or sexually assaulted.

31 Oct 2017 description

GENEVA, Oct 30 (Reuters) - President Joseph Kabila has agreed to help aid reach a region of the Democratic Republic of Congo where ethnic conflict has spawned a humanitarian emergency, the head of the U.N.'s World Food Programme said on Monday.

Read more on the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

28 Oct 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

By Ulrika Blom

Ulrika Blom is Country Director of the Norwegian Refugee Council in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She has worked in the country for five years.

17 Aug 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

UNITED NATIONS, Aug 17 2017 (IPS) - The UN’s refugee agency is relocating more than 33,000 Congolese refugees from overcrowded temporary shelters in northern Angola to a more permanent establishment in Lóvua.

From April this year, Angola witnessed an influx of refugees—who were fleeing violence in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo—to its Lunda Norte province. The government rushed to manage the situation by setting up temporary centers in Cacanda and Mussunge.

18 Jul 2017 description
report The Conversation

The ConversationSamuel Totten, Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas

20 Jun 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

Uganda is the largest host country of refugees in Africa and the third largest in the world, after welcoming an average of 2 000 displaced men, women and children every day for the past 11 months.

The new statistics, released on Monday by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, come less than a week before Uganda’s Solidarity Summit on Refugees – a conference aimed to mobilise international support for those affected by the South Sudanese Civil War.

20 Jun 2017 description
report Monitor-Uganda


ISINGIRO-Refugees in Nakivale Resettlement in Isingiro District are crying foul following a food crisis that has hit the camp.

The refugees depend on food given by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and harvests from land given to them to supplement food supplies.

But recently food rations by UNHCR were reduced and this has been worsened by persistent drought that has been experienced in the district.

27 Sep 2016 description
report Sudan Tribune

September 26, 2016 (YAMBIO) – Thousand of people in Ezo county of South Sudan’s newly created Gbudue are in dire need of humanitarian assistance after returning home from the bush, an official said.

Most of them fled to neighbouring Congo after the fighting between armed youth and government forces intensified.

The commissioner of Ezo county, Arkangelo Bakinde said thousands of citizens have returned and resumed their normal life, but still live in dire situation conditions without food, non-food items and medicines.

31 Jan 2016 description
report Radio Okapi

Des déplacés de guerre en provenance du Nord-Kivu et installés sur l’axe Komanda-Luna (Ituri) dénoncent la discrimination dans la distribution des vivres et des intrants par certaines organisations nationales et internationales. Nemy Udelapa Emoyo, représentant de ces déplacés a exprimé son inquiétude mercredi 28 janvier au coordonnateur humanitaire à l'occasion d'une distribution à plus de 3 000 ménages dans la cité de Komanda. De nombreux déplacés n’ont pas été sélectionnés parmi les bénéficiaires de ces biens au profit des autochtones, accuse Nemy Udelapa.

22 Dec 2015 description
report Radio Okapi

Trois cent quatre-vingt-douze ménages de déplacés ont reçu jeudi et vendredi 18 décembre des vivres dans le village de Rhana à Walungu (Sud-Kivu). Ces familles avaient fui en août dernier les combats entre miliciens et militaires congolais dans les villages Ibanda, Kabogoza et Kisungi.

Cette assistance a été accordée par World Vision à travers une foire organisée à Rhana.

Ce groupe de déplacés n’avait pas reçu d’assistance humanitaire le mois passé comme d’autres déplacés vivant dans le même groupement de Mulamba.

02 Sep 2015 description
report Voice of America

Nick Long

GOMA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO—The Democratic Republic of Congo is trying out a large-scale agricultural plan that is, to say the least, ambitious. The government plans to develop one mega-farm of 50,000 to 150,000 hectares per province — producing food for local consumption and also export crops. The government says the aim is to promote food security.

The park at Boukanga Lonzo currently has 5,000 hectares under cultivation. The site is on a plateau, and crops already stretch as far as the eye can see.

19 Jul 2015 description
  • Insects regarded as a delicacy in Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Insects sell for twice the price of beef in the market

  • Experts hope insects could hold the key to tackling food crisis

  • FAO project to train people to cultivate caterpillars, crickets

By Aaron Ross

18 Jun 2015 description
report Radio Okapi

Près de dix-sept mille déplacés de guerre ont besoin d’assistance humanitaire urgente dans la chefferie des Walendu-Bindi en Ituri dans la Province Orientale. Ces personnes ont fui leurs villages, théâtre de violents combats entre les FARDC et les miliciens de la Force de résistance patriotique (FRPI) depuis une dizaine des jours, a indiqué mardi 16 juin la société civile du territoire d’Irumu à Radio Okapi. Elle appelle les humanitaires à une assistance en nourriture à ces déplacés. La société civile d’Irumu appelle les humanitaires à apporter de la nourriture aux déplacés.