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30 Jun 2005 description
report Global Witness

DRC(1) elections delayed as demand for tin fuels continued conflict in the east of the country

Continued fighting in the mining areas of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) threatens the country's fragile peace and adds daily to the 3.3 million death toll in the world's most devastating conflict since World War 2. It has also contributed towards the delay in the Congolese elections, which were originally scheduled for today.

29 Jun 2005 description
report Global Witness

1 Executive Summary

What are the problems?

The DRC is a country of extraordinary natural wealth but this wealth has never been used for the benefit of the Congolese population. Instead, the country is currently emerging from one of the world's worst conflicts, which has resulted in the deaths of up to 3.5 million people. This conflict has been fuelled by the (mainly) illicit trade in natural resources.

During the war, numerous rebel groups funded their occupation of eastern DRC through the exploitation of minerals, such as diamonds, coltan and cassiterite (tin ore).

07 Jun 2005 description
report Global Witness

Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada press release

Five years after its creation the Kimberley Process, the international diamond certification scheme, is still having difficulty stopping conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate trade. Global Witness and Partnership Africa Canada are urging that more must be done to ensure that the process works effectively and is a credible mechanism that will prevent diamonds from ever again fuelling conflict. Diamonds continue to fuel conflict in eastern DRC and are also playing a role in the conflict in Cote D'Ivoire, two countries …

18 Mar 2005 description
report Global Witness

18 March 2005

The United Nations
Members of the Security Council,