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28 Oct 2017 description

Communiqué de presse conjoint CDC/GAVI/UNICEF/OMS

26 OCTOBRE 2017 | GENÈVE /NEW YORK/ATLANTA - Selon un nouveau rapport publié aujourd’hui par plusieurs organisations de premier plan dans le domaine de la santé, la rougeole a entraîné 90 000 décès en 2016 ce qui représente une baisse de 84% par rapport à 2000, où l’on avait enregistré 550 000 décès attribuables à cette maladie. C’est la première fois que le nombre de décès dus à la rougeole est inférieur à 100 000 par an.

26 Oct 2017 description

Joint news release CDC/GAVI/UNICEF/WHO

26 OCTOBER 2017 | GENEVA/NEW YORK/ATLANTA - In 2016, an estimated 90 000 people died from measles - an 84% drop from more than 550 000 deaths in 2000 - according to a new report published today by leading health organizations. This marks the first time global measles deaths have fallen below 100 000 per year.

03 Oct 2017 description

Ending Cholera—A Global Roadmap to 2030 operationalises the new global strategy for cholera control at the country level and provides a concrete path toward a world in which cholera is no longer a threat to public health. By implementing the strategy between now and 2030, the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC) partners will support countries to reduce cholera deaths by 90 percent. With the commitment of cholera-affected countries, technical partners, and donors, as many as 20 countries could eliminate disease transmission by 2030.

16 May 2017 description
report GAVI Alliance

Gavi statement of support follows official confirmation of Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Geneva, 12 May 2017 – Following confirmation by the DRC Ministry of Public Health of an Ebola outbreak in the country, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance stands ready to support the Government’s efforts to bring the epidemic under control.

12 Nov 2016 description

Communiqué de presse conjoint CDC/GAVI/UNICEF/OMS

10 novembre 2016 | NEW YORK/ATLANTA/GENÈVE - Malgré une baisse de 79% des décès dus à la rougeole dans le monde entre 2000 et 2015, près de 400 enfants meurent encore chaque jour de cette maladie, ont déclaré les principales organisations œuvrant dans le secteur de la santé dans un rapport publié aujourd’hui.

10 Nov 2016 description

NEW YORK/ATLANTA/GENEVA, 10 November 2016 – Despite a 79 per cent worldwide decrease in measles deaths between 2000 and 2015, nearly 400 children still die from the disease every day, leading health organizations said in a report released today.

16 Feb 2016 description

Communiqué de presse conjoint : Gouvernement de la RDC, Gavi et UNICEF

Pose de la première pierre pour la construction d’un entrepôt moderne de conservation des vaccins et intrants de santé à Kinkole

Kinshasa, le 16 février 2016 – Le Premier Ministre et Chef du Gouvernement de la République

12 Jun 2015 description
report GAVI Alliance

Board decisions will help increase sustainability of developing countries’ immunisation programmes

Geneva, 11 June 2015 –The Board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance today approved a number of measures to support the implementation of the Alliance’s 2016 to 2020 strategy. These include an enhanced focus on coverage and equity, promoting sustainable immunisation programmes and supporting countries towards successful transition from Gavi funding.

30 Apr 2015 description
report GAVI Alliance

As DR Congo takes a vital step toward eradicating the scourge of polio, Evariste and Marie-Josée tell Gavi’s Fred Tissandier why the inactivated polio vaccine is so critical to securing a healthy future for their children.

Today I met Evariste and Marie-Josée. They have been husband and wife for 29 years with three sons who go to school and are doing very well in their exams. It sounds like the perfect family and they are indeed very happy. But, as we talk, I learn that their true story is far from perfect.

29 Apr 2015 description

La République Démocratique du Congo introduit le vaccin antipoliomyélitique inactivé grâce au soutien de Gavi et à l’appui de ses partenaires

KINSHASA, 28 avril 2015 – Plus de deux millions d’enfants de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) vont bénéficier chaque année du vaccin antipoliomyélitique inactivé (VPI) alors que le pays célèbre la Semaine Africaine de la Vaccination (SAV) en l’introduisant dans le calendrier de vaccination de routine.

28 Apr 2015 description

Democratic Republic of Congo to introduce Inactivated Polio Vaccine with Gavi and partners’ support

KINSHASA, 28 April 2015 – More than two million children in the Democratic Republic of Congo will benefit from Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) every year as the country celebrates African Vaccination Week by introducing the vaccine into its routine immunisation schedule.