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24 Oct 2016 description
report International Alert

La signature d’un accord bilatéral sur le commerce transfrontalier entre le Rwanda et la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) à Rubavu le 20 octobre 2016 et le lancement du régime commercial simplifié (RECOS) entre les deux pays est une étape essentielle pour la paix et le développement économique dans la région.

Le régime commercial simplifié va être mis en œuvre dans le cadre du Marché commun de l’Afrique de l’Est et Australe (COMESA) aux niveaux des frontières de Rubavu-Goma et Ruzizi-Bukavu.

24 Oct 2016 description
report International Alert

The signing of a bilateral agreement on cross-border trade between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Rubavu on 20 October and the launch of the Simplified Trade Regime (STR) between the countries is a vital step towards peace and economic development in the region.

The STR will be implemented under the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and will run across the borders of Rubavu-Goma and Bukavu-Ruzizi.

Clara Magariño Manero, Project Manager at International Alert in DRC said:

04 Apr 2016 description
report International Alert

Improving conditions for small-scale cross-border traders

04 April 2016

On 16 and 17 March, International Alert together with the World Bank organised a unique regional conference in Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on supporting small-scale cross-border trade in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

20 Nov 2015 description


Le présent document est le deuxième d’une série de dossiers thématiques s’inscrivant dans le cadre d’un projet entrepris par le Conseil norvégien pour les réfugiés (NRC), l’Observatoire des situations de déplacement interne (IDMC), International Alert et Climate interactive. Ce projet vise à accroître la résilience des populations confrontées à des déplacements multiples en République démocratique du Congo (RDC).

20 Nov 2015 description


This is the second in a series of thematic papers that contribute to a project undertaken by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, International Alert and Climate Interactive to increase the resilience of people who have been repeatedly displaced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).1

30 Apr 2015 description

This is the first in a series of thematic papers that contribute to a project undertaken by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), International Alert and Climate Interactive to increase resilience in the context of multiple displacement. The project aims to gather evidence and improve understanding of how multiple displacement impacts the resilience of those affected in order to improve humanitarian responses to the phenomenon.

24 Apr 2015 description
report International Alert

Exploring the potential of cross-border trade in peacebuilding

A three-day advocacy campaign to support women’s civic, political and economic empowerment in the Great Lakes region of Africa has ended with calls to ensure that the rights of women cross-border traders are respected and their contribution to peacebuilding is recognised.

21 Apr 2015 description
report International Alert

Ce rapport analyse treize conflits de grande ampleur qui prennent place dans quatre territoires des Provinces du Nord et du Sud-Kivu en République démocratique du Congo. Le rapport examine les dynamiques et causes des conflits et propose des pistes d’interventions susceptibles de renforcer l’impact des actions de construction de la paix, en particulier la nouvelle phase de la Stratégie internationale de soutien à la sécurité et la stabilisation. Ces conflits de grande ampleur portent essentiellement sur des enjeux fonciers et de pouvoir et présentent souvent une dimension identitaire.

03 Dec 2014 description

02 December 2014

Dear Special Envoy,

Following your visit to Goma, DRC, the non-governmental organizations signatory to this letter welcome you to your post, and expresses support of your mission in DRC. As organizations operational in the Kivus, we recognize the challenges in front of you and look forward to working with you and your office towards ensuring effective humanitarian assistance to those in need, whilst addressing key structural and longer-term needs to enable the effective transition from conflict to stability, and to sustainable development.

28 Mar 2014 description

The United Nations Security Council is currently debating the extension of the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo, which is up for renewal on April 1, 2014. Together with Oxfam, World Vision, and five other non-governmental organizations, the Enough Project published an open letter to the Security Council giving recommendations for MONUSCO on civilian protection, governance, and the peace process.

Below is a portion of the letter:

27 Jun 2013 description
report International Alert

International Alert's Peace Talks event provides "glimpses of a better future" for DRC

International Alert, in partnership with the School of Global Studies at Sussex University and the Royal Commonwealth Society, held the fifth in its series of Peace Talks events, which was on the subject of "Congolese prospects. Land and minerals – resources for peace?" in London on 12 June.

Watch the discussion here:

06 Jun 2013 description
report International Alert

The Network of African Women Parliamentarians and Ministers (REFAMP), International Alert's partner in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has called on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim to step up efforts to end the armed conflict in the country.

14 Feb 2013 description

Depuis plusieurs années la communauté internationale a essaye de stabiliser l'Est de la RDC, a un cout des milliards de dollars, mais cette paix durable continue de faire défaut. Les élections présidentielles et législatives de novembre 2011 étaient perçues comme étant peu crédibles et en ce qui concerne les élections provinciales et locales, elles ont été reportées indéfiniment. Peu de progrès ont été constatés quant aux réformes cruciales dans les secteurs de la justice, la sécurité, les affaires foncières et de la gouvernance.

14 Feb 2013 description

Goma, 14 February 2012 – For years the international community has attempted to help stabilise eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), at the expense of billions of US dollars, yet sustainable peace remains elusive. Elections in November 2011 were widely seen as lacking credibility(1) and provincial and local elections have been delayed indefinitely.

11 Oct 2012 description
report International Alert

Report calls for a new approach to peacebuilding in Eastern DRC

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 11th October 2012

  • Need for a fresh, frank and more complete analysis of the prospects and pathways to peace.

  • An effective response requires stakeholders to engage with the political aspects of peacebuilding, going beyond technical approaches.

  • DRC needs a shared, clear and long-term vision for peace, which must reflect the needs of the Congolese population and engage the Congolese Government.

31 Jul 2012 description
report International Alert

Lessons from the Great Lakes region in Africa

Executive summary

One of the positive results of peace processes and political transitions in the Great Lakes region in Africa during the last ten to fifteen years has been the representation and increased involvement of women in politics and in the public sphere. This major step forward in favour of women was primarily achieved thanks to the adoption of quota systems, as well as through co-optation.

23 Jan 2012 description

1 Executive Summary

Focusing on theories of change can improve the effectiveness of peacebuilding interventions. A review of 19 peacebuilding projects in three conflict-affected countries found that the process of articulating and reviewing theories of change adds rigour and transparency, clarifies project logic, highlights assumptions that need to be tested, and helps identify appropriate participants and partners. However, the approach has limitations, including the difficulty of gathering theory-validating evidence.

30 Nov 2010 description

Executive Summary

i) Background context

The report 'Mining activity and mineral trade in the Kivu hinterland' was commissioned by the Directorate General for Development (DG DEV) of the European Commission and aims to fill an information gap by identifying the principal mining sites and analysing the trade networks of the 'eastern hinterland' of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), located in Maniema, North Katanga and Orientale Province, and the transport networks from these territories to the regional hubs of Bukavu, Goma, Butembo and Bunia.

Following …