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05 Dec 2006 description

by Zachary A Lomo

Roberta and I differ on both substantive issues and methodological approaches to the protection of IDPs. the key problem facing IDPs in Africa's great Lakes is not lack of regional mechanisms but the absence of strong national protection systems.

Roberta believes that the distinctions between refugees and IDPs are arbitrary and argues for parity between them. I contend there are substantial legal and material differences arising from the configuration of the international system based on states.

30 Nov 2006 description

Risk Assessment:
Considering the graphs, Rwanda seems to have been remarkably stable over the last six months, in spite of the rise an fall in Conflictive Events. This should not come as a surprise, but as an indication of a strong government keeping the population under control.

09 Nov 2006 description

Kigali, 9 November 2006 - In Regular Contact with Counterparts in the Region

A news report released today blatantly misrepresents statements made by President Paul Kagame at a lecture and press conference held at the United Nations University in Tokyo.

President Kagame dismissed as speculative a question on what his reaction to potential attacks from militias hiding in the Congo, noting that Rwanda would react as any other country would. More importantly he expressed his view that with elections ongoing in the DRC and the generally improved situation, attacks were unlikely to …

16 Oct 2006 description

Ambassador Michael Arietti speaks at Wilson Center in Washington

By Charles W. Corey, Washington File Staff Writer

Washington -- The fundamental focus of Rwandans today is to avoid a repeat of the horrific genocide that occurred in their country in 1994, U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda Michael Arietti said October 16.

17 May 2006 description
report World Bank

Des enfants qui n'ont, pour certains, que six ou sept ans manient les armes dans la région peu stable de l'Afrique centrale dite des « Grands Lacs », explique Roisin de Burca, spécialiste sénior du développement social à la Banque mondiale.

Depuis plusieurs dizaines d'années, des groupes de l'armée régulière ou de forces rebelles au Rwanda, en République centrafricaine, en République démocratique du Congo, en Angola, au Burundi et en Ouganda, arrachent des enfants à leur famille, à leur village, à leur école ou au camp o=F9 ils étaient réfugiés lors de raids qui en …

17 May 2006 description
report World Bank

Soldiers in African "Great Lakes" Nations

08 Mar 2006 description
report UN Children's Fund

WASHINGTON, D.C., 8 March 2006 -- Despite great progress for women in the past several decades, women throughout the world are still subjected to discrimination, violence and exploitation, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman said today.

27 Jan 2006 description

Conseil de Sécurité de l'ONU
New York, 27 janvier 2006

Madame la Présidente,

Mesdames et Messieurs les Représentants permanents,

Chers collègues,

Je veux d'abord féliciter la Tanzanie pour sa Présidence du Conseil de Sécurité.

Sa tradition pacificatrice dans toute la région en fait un acteur clé pour la stabilité en Afrique centrale.

27 Jan 2006 description
report UN Security Council

After Day-Long Debate, Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 1653 (2006)

Security Council
5359th Meeting* (AM & PM)

The Security Council stressed today the need for Governments in Africa’s Great Lakes region to disarm and demobilize militias and armed groups which continued to attack civilians, United Nations and humanitarian personnel, threatening the stability of individual States, as well as the region as a whole.

27 Jan 2006 description

Ethnic hatred that sparked mass killings in Rwanda may be behind fighting in eastern Congo that has uprooted thousands of civilians.

By Peter Eichstaedt in Kisoro, Uganda (AR No.52, 27-Jan-06)

Thousands of men, women and children have fled their farms in eastern Congo for the squalor of refugee camps in neighboring Uganda, creating Africa's latest humanitarian crisis.

"They're still fighting," wailed a desperate women as she stood on the edge of a crowd of refugees waiting to receive some meagre supplies from the United Nations.

After a week in a grass field …