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04 Jul 2018 description


With more than 1.2 million refugees, mostly from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Somalia and South Sudan, Uganda is one of the top-most refugee hosting countries worldwide. Due to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan, many further refugees currently cross the border to Uganda.

26 Apr 2018 description

Speaking at the DRC Humanitarian Conference in Geneva on Friday, development minister Sigrid Kaag announced that the Netherlands will make over €10 million available this year for humanitarian assistance to the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The conference was organised by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA), the EU and the Netherlands.

13 Apr 2018 description

(Genève, le 13 avril 2018) Les donateurs internationaux ont annoncé aujourd’hui un montant de $528 millions de dollars américains pour soutenir l’acheminement d’une aide humanitaire dont des millions de personnes en République démocratique du Congo (RDC) ont besoin de manière urgente.
Les annonces ont été faites lors d’une conférence humanitaire à Genève, co-présidée par les Nations Unies, l’Union Européenne et le Royaume des Pays-Bas.

13 Apr 2018 description
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Conference results (13 April – 16:40)

(Geneva, 13 April 2018) International donors today announced US$528 million to support the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian aid to millions of people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The announcements were made at a humanitarian conference in Geneva co-chaired by the United Nations, the European Union and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

21 Jul 2016 description

Every day, 10 people are killed by landmines. Besides claiming such a substantial number of lives, landmines form an obstacle to post-conflict reconstruction efforts. Foreign trade and development cooperation minister Lilianne Ploumen said: ‘The devastating impact of landmines doesn’t stop when the violence ends. Emergency workers are left unable to reach the places where they’re needed, refugees can’t return home and farmers can’t access their land.

15 Jan 2015 description

The Netherlands will continue to support the UN peace process for the Great Lakes Region in Africa. In early January the deadline expired for the disarmament of the Hutu rebel group Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) in eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Foreign minister Bert Koenders and development minister Lilianne Ploumen today met with Said Djinnit, UN Special Envoy for the Great Lakes region, to discuss how to best deal with the FDLR.

22 Nov 2013 description

Next year the Netherlands will contribute €1 million to the Trust Fund for Victims, the organisation created by the Rome Statute to support victims of crimes under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Foreign minister Frans Timmermans made the announcement today in The Hague at the annual Assembly of States Parties of the International Criminal Court.

19 Sep 2012 description

Industry partners convened by the Dutch government today announced their intention to start a conflict-free tin sourcing program in South Kivu, an eastern province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This happened during the GeSI and EICC Conflict-Free Minerals Workshop in Brussels on September 18 which was attended by over 175 stakeholders representing Industry, Governments and Civil Society.

Armed groups

20 Dec 2011 description

‘Women represent 50% of human capital. It is in every country’s interest to make sure that they are actively involved in society, the economy and political decision-making.’ These words were spoken by Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal in Leiden on Monday afternoon when he attended the launch of the second National Action Plan to implement Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. Mr Rosenthal stressed the importance of women’s leadership and political involvement in peacebuilding efforts in conflict-affected areas.

14 Feb 2011 description

Newsflash | 14 February 2011

The Netherlands wants the European Union observer mission for the presidential and parliamentary elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to begin work earlier than planned. Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation Ben Knapen discussed this proposal on Monday with DRC foreign minister Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, who expressed his approval.

09 Apr 2009 description

The humanitarian situation in eastern Congo has improved considerably,' said development minister Bert Koenders at the end of the second day of his visit to Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo). 'An end has come to the fighting, and more than 300,000 displaced persons have returned to their villages. I don't want to call it irreversible, but I am cautiously optimistic.'

Mr Koenders last visited Goma in November 2008, when 250,000 people were heading for the city as they fled the violence between the Congolese army and Laurent Nkunda's CNDP rebel movement.

11 Dec 2008 description

In response to a UN report on the violation of the embargo on supplying arms to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), development minister Bert Koenders has decided to suspend Dutch budget support to Rwanda.

According to the report, there is reason to suspect both the Congolese and the Rwandan armies of involvement with the rebel militias that are fighting each other in eastern DRC.

Mr Koenders, who visited eastern DRC and Rwanda and met with government officials of both countries last month, had previously …

29 Nov 2008 description

At the end of a two-day visit to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, development minister Bert Koenders said that economic cooperation between Rwanda and the DR Congo could be a major stepping stone towards peace in eastern Congo. 'Economic and political integration are key conditions for lasting peace in the Great Lakes Region.'

Mr Koenders visited an offshore methane extraction platform on Lake Kivu, which lies between Rwanda and DR Congo. The pilot plant, a partnership between the Rwandan and Congolese governments, was launched in November.

23 Jan 2008 description

The Dutch government has made a commitment to contribute €19 million to the United Nations in light of the peace agreement negotiations currently under way between the Congolese government and rebel groups.

Koenders speaking to MONUC soldiersThe 100-million-euro programme, which has been drawn up by the UN Mission in DR Congo (MONUC) with the Congolese government and the international community, will work to improve the security situation, facilitate the return of refugees and displaced persons, and strengthen local government in eastern Congo. Specifically this means improving the …

04 Dec 2007 description

Development minister Bert Koenders, in the presence of defence minister Eimert van Middelkoop, education minister Ronald Plasterk and interior minister Guusje ter Horst, signed an agreement concerning the position of women in conflict zones and tackling violence against them.

The agreement, which is also being signed by fifteen NGOs, stems from the Schokland Agreement, which was signed in June 2007. The new agreement will contribute to the implementation of UN resolution 1325, which calls for support for initiatives giving women a greater role in conflict resolution and reconstruction.

04 Oct 2007 description

The most terrible thing I've ever seen,' said minister Bert Koenders in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. He was talking about the violence against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Minister for Development Cooperation visited Africa's Great Lakes region from 25 to 29 September. The main reason for his journey was the violence against women in some areas, where rape and mutilation are being used as an instrument of warfare.

28 Sep 2007 description

Development minister Bert Koenders, currently on a visit to the DRC, has responded to an urgent appeal from the UN by allocating an extra €9.5 million to the UN emergency aid fund for refugees in eastern Congo.

The UN had only half the funds it needed for its emergency action plan in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). "The international community must not be allowed to forget Congo," the Minister said.

22 Dec 2006 description

Over the next few years the Netherlands will give extra support to provide children in emergencies with education. Agnes van Ardenne, the Minister for Development Cooperation, has entered into an agreement to this effect with the UN Children's Fund Unicef. A €166 million contribution will be used to support a Unicef programme that aims to provide 25 million children and young people in 40 countries with a better education and a more promising future.

The programme will enable 10 million children who are currently deprived of any form of education whatsoever to return to school.

18 Aug 2006 description

The Netherlands is making an additional €5 million available to the UN emergency aid fund for the Democratic Republic of the Congo for 2006, development minister Agnes van Ardenne announced today.
At the same time as votes are being counted for a new president and a new parliament, around 1,200 people - mainly children - are still dying every day in this vast country. The €5 million comes on top of the €7 million that the Netherlands transferred to the UN emergency aid fund for the Democratic Republic of the Congo earlier this year.

Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

22 Dec 2005 description

Minister for Development Cooperation Agnes van Ardenne announced on Tuesday 20 December that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is to receive 8.5 million euros in emergency aid in 2006. The money will be channelled through the new UN Action Plan for the DRC, a coordinated and integrated strategy which aims to address the alarming humanitarian situation in the country effectively. This is the first time that the rich countries and international aid organisations will be providing aid through a joint fund and a single programme.