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18 Jan 2010 description


Outlook Highlights

- Largely normal to abovenormal rainfall is expected across northern half of continental SADC, Madagascar and Mauritius. Floods are a threat in these areas

- Below-normal to normal with longer than normal dry spells rainfall conditions are likely in the remainder of the subregion.


The rains have been episodic in many parts of SADC. The satellite picture of 18 January 2010 at 1200 hours (UTC) shows extensive areas of light shading depicting intense cloudiness and precipitation.

26 Mar 2009 description

Outlook Highlights

- Normal to above - normal rainfall is expected over Mauritius, northern Madagascar and most parts of continental SADC.

- Northern DRC and northern and eastern Tanzania, and the southwest of contiguous SADC should experience normal to below normal rainfall.


Moderate to heavy rains have persisted in across most of SADC countries during the peak of the season. Consequently, flash floods have occurred in places. Meantime, the April to June 2009 rainfall projections for SADC are mostly normal to above-normal.

06 Sep 2002 description

CLIMATE OUTLOOK (October 2002 - March 2003)


17 May 2002 description

Period: 1 - 10 May 2002
Review of the rainfall situation

Moderate rainfall over northeastern Tanzania.

This is the last bulletin for the season.

Tropical Cyclone Kesiny is no longer active.

Outlook Highlights

Moderate rainfall expected over northeastern and coastal belt of Tanzania and northern DRC.

For, most of SADC, rainfall season has come to an end.


Moderate rainfall is expected over north eastern and coastal belt of Tanzania and northern DRC.

06 May 2002 description

Period: 21 - 30 April 2002
Review of the rainfall situation

Above normal rainfall over Namibia and northern Tanzania.

Data not received from Angola, Botswana, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa and Zambia.

The southern parts of the SADC are in transition period (Summer - Winter).

Tropical Cyclone Kesiny is currently active.

Outlook Highlights

Northern parts of Tanzania, northern Angola and most of DRC are expected to have moderate rainfall.

Likelihood of Tropical Cyclone Kesiny affecting some of the SADC countries.

30 Mar 2001 description

April-May-June (AMJ) 2001 forecast summary
The likelihood of normal to above-normal rains remains in the northern half of the sub-region, Mauritius, the coastal areas of South Africa and southern Namibia for the period May to June 2001 while the central and southern parts are likely to have below-normal rainfall during the same period. The period is also dry over the bulk of the southern region.

Sea surface temperature anomalies and Southern Oscillation Index

28 Mar 2001 description

Period: 10 - 20 March 2001
Synoptic review

01 Feb 2001 description

February-March-April (FMA) 2001 forecast summary
Normal to above normal rainfall is expected over much of the northern half of the sub-region, for the period February to April 2001 (FMA). Most of the southern half is likely to receive normal to below normal rainfall as the period coincide with the retreat of the ITCZ towards the north.

Sea surface temperature anomalies and Southern Oscillation Index

19 Dec 2000 description


There is a likelihood of normal to above-normal rainfall over most of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries for the period January-March (JFM) 2001. However, Mauritius has high probabilities of below-normal rainfall. Drought conditions are likely to continue in most parts of Tanzania.

01 Dec 2000 description

December 2000-January-February 2001 (DJF) forecast summary

31 Oct 2000 description

Seasonal Update
November-December 2000-January 2001 (NDJ) forecast summary