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26 May 2018 description

The start of the 2018 harvest marginally improves household food security

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02 Mar 2018 description

Improving livelihoods and access to health care in Mozambique

Mozambique facts and figures for 2017

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is active in Mozambique and working closely with the Mozambique Red Cross Society (CVM) to assist communities affected by armed violence. It maintains a dialogue with public authorities, armed groups and communities so that it can reach the most vulnerable with assistance and interventions that protect their lives and dignity.

30 Jun 2017 description

Ignoring some countries’ problems will result in humanitarian tragedies that affect entire regions of Africa.

While the situations in South Sudan, Somalia and the Lake Chad Basin dominate the agenda of the African Union (AU), other crises seem to have been forgotten by the AU. In fact, no one seems willing to label them as such.

15 Jun 2017 description

Secondary school in refugee camp seen as a critical need by both refugees and host community

By: Tina Ghelli

Maratane refugee camp, Mozambique - The loud chattering of children at recess can be heard when walking up to the primary school in Maratane refugee camp in Mozambique in the early afternoon. The primary school which serves both the refugee and host population now has 2,325 students enrolled. Thanks to support from UNHCR, in 2015 two new classroom blocks were constructed to accommodate the increasing number of students.

31 Dec 2016 description

Working and discussion papers

December 2016

Sarah Bailey

There are two areas where cash transfers could play a role in humanitarian assistance in Mozambique: in response to natural disasters and in support of the long-term refugee population. This working paper focuses on refugees.

09 Sep 2014 description

Mozambique - IOM, in collaboration with the Government of Mozambique, will conduct a four-day training-of-trainers programme next week (9-12/9) in Maputo on improving protection assistance to migrants transiting the country.

Mozambique is a transit country for African migrants and asylum seekers hoping to reach South Africa. The majority come from Ethiopia, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

09 Sep 2014 description

Mozambique - En collaboration avec le gouvernement du Mozambique, l’OIM mettra en œuvre un programme de formation de formateurs de quatre jours la semaine prochaine (du 9 au 12 septembre) à Maputo, sur l’amélioration de la protection et de l’aide aux migrants en transit dans le pays.

Le Mozambique est un pays de transit pour les migrants et les demandeurs d’asile africains qui espèrent atteindre l’Afrique du Sud. La majorité sont originaires d’Ethiopie, de Somalie et de la République démocratique du Congo.

16 Jun 2014 description


  • Upon the request of the Minister of Interior, UNHCR carried out a physical verification exercise in Maratane, Nampula and Maputo of asylum-seekers whose cases are pending endorsement by the Minister and submission to the National Eligibility Committee (CCR). In June, the CCR is to hold two sessions for the first time since 2012 to adjudicate cases of 843 persons.

  • In June, UNHCR together with IOM organized a National Consultation on Mixed Migration as a preparation to the 2014 MIDSA.

27 May 2014 description

Posted on Tue, May-27-2014

Mozambique - IOM and UNHCR yesterday hosted a meeting with key stakeholders to discuss the national response to mixed migration challenges in Mozambique. The meeting was part of the preparations for the 2014 regional Migration Dialogue for Southern Africa (MIDSA) conference, which will focus on mixed and irregular migration.

29 Jan 2014 description

A seasonable distribution of precipitation was received throughout much of southern Africa during the last week.

1) Portions of Tanzania have experienced below average seasonal rainfall since late November. Poorly distributed rains since early December have also led to developing dry conditions in the Morogoro and Pwani provinces further east. The anomalous dryness has already negatively impacted vegetation conditions in the region.

31 May 2010 description

MARATANE REFUGEE CAMP, Mozambique, May 31 (UNHCR) - Life in a refugee camp is not a bundle of fun at the best of times.

03 Dec 2007 description
report Xinhua

MAPUTO, Dec 3, 2007 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- The Marratane refugee camp in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula is receiving a growing number of refugees mostly from countries in the Great Lakes region, local media AIM reported on Monday.

Statistics from the Nampula delegation of the National Refugee Support Institute (INAR) show that there have lately been about 62 applications for refugee status a month, compared with about 40 a month last year.

15 Feb 2007 description

Review of the rainfall situation (1-10 February 2007)

- Significant rains occurred over Madagascar and northern Mozambique according to rainfall data received and satellite imagery. The rains inundated, and caused damage over the eastern sector. However, dry conditions dominated the bulk of the region.

- Rainfall data not received in time for incorporation into the bulletins from DRC, Angola, Zambia and Swaziland.

02 Jan 2007 description

MARATANE REFUGEE CAMP, Mozambique, January 2 (UNHCR) - Leticia Zau picked up the latest eggs laid by hens distributed in Maratane Camp and headed off to join her neighbours at a lecture on how to grow maize.

12 Dec 2002 description

CCA Guidance for Southern Africa Rainfall for Jan-Mar 2003 At One Month Lead

10 Mar 2000 description

This report includes: A) Southern Africa floods: Mozambique, Madagascar and Zimbabwe B) East and Central Africa: Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo C) Sudan D) Angola.