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15 Nov 1996 description

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee

WHO: Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), the relief-development-education agency of the Christian
Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA).

WHAT: Compassionate, quick response to Rwandan refugees fleeing from death and starvation in rebel-held territory of
Central Africas Great Lakes region, especially around Zaire.

WHEN: Now. A CRWRC representative is already in nearby Burundi. Staff in Kenya are coordinating food relief, water
15 Nov 1996 description

Baltimore-- Catholic Relief Services applauded the US governments decision to intervene in eastern Zaire today, and said that it was the first step in what will have to be a long-term process of peace and reconciliation in the region. The agency has managed relief and development programs in the region since the early 1960s and, since the Rwandan genocide of 1994, has worked intensively with local and international faith-based partners to promote peace at the grassroots in both countries.

15 Nov 1996 description

Tens of thousands of Rwandan refugees are heading back to Rwanda in what may be the largest and swiftest homeward movement in memory. UNHCR is mobilizing resources to meet the needs of the refugees, finally freed by routed extremists in the camps.

15 Nov 1996 description
report UN Security Council

Security Council
15 November 1996

15 Nov 1996 description
report Human Rights Watch

HRW Urges Separation of Armed Elements from Refugees

15 Nov 1996 description
report Voice of America


15 Nov 1996 description

UNITED NATIONS (Reuter) - As countries organized troops for an intervention force to prevent starvation in eastern Zaire, the U.N. Security Council was expected Friday to authorize the mission for a maximum of four months.
A draft resolution, obtained by Reuters, would allow the force to use "all necessary means" to get food, water and medical supplies to more than a million Hutu refugees whose aid has been cut by fighting in the region. Canada will lead the operation.

15 Nov 1996 description

Judith Matloff, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

15 Nov 1996 description

MUGUNGA CAMP, Zaire (Reuter) - Hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Hutu refugees Friday trudged back to the homeland they fled in panic after the genocide against Tutsis in 1994.

15 Nov 1996 description

ROME (Nov 15, 1996 01:30 a.m. EST) - Zaire said on Thursday all aid for starving refugees in the east of the country should be sent to Rwanda and Burundi to encourage the refugees to return home and accused the world of "total indifference" to their fate.

15 Nov 1996 description

The major breakthrough necessary for humanitarian aid to gain access to over one million people affected by the ongoing
conflict in eastern Zaire has still not been achieved. However, efforts at international level are underway to find a solution in the coming days.

15 Nov 1996 description
report IRIN

Department of Humanitarian Affairs
Integrated Regional Information Network
Tel: +254 2 622147
Fax: +254 2 622129

15 Nov 1996 description

Government of Australia
Press Release announced by Minister Downer
14 November 1996

Humanitarian Assistance - Zaire Crisis

AUD 2.6 Million for crisis in Zaire

I have today decided to provide AUD2.6 million in emergency assistance for the humanitarian crisis in Zaire.

In allocating these funds I have taken advice from many sources, including up-to-date information from the Director General of AUSAID, Mr. Trevor Kanaley whom I directed to Nairobi for this purpose.

15 Nov 1996 description

After several days of shelling on the Mugunga camp west of Goma, a mass of people from the camp has started moving towards Goma and may cross the border into Rwanda. The ICRC and many other humanitarian organizations are making emergency preparations in Gisenyi, Rwanda, to be able to cope with a possible massive influx of people.

15 Nov 1996 description
report American Red Cross


Red Cross Action
In the last twenty-four hours, there has been a spontaneous mass movement of refugees from the Goma area of Zaire into
their home country Rwanda. Estimates are that 15-20,000 refugees are crossing the border every hour at Gisenyi,
Rwanda, with the possibility of up to 350,000 reaching Rwanda in the next few days, and perhaps many more in the
near future.

The Red Cross obtained today confirmation from Zairian authorities that it may work throughout Zaire. With this, a Red
15 Nov 1996 description
report CARE

November 15 --At a press conference today in Washington DC, Marge Tsitouris, Director of CARE's emergency group, hailed the beginnings of Rwandan refugee repatriation from Zaire. "This is a first step toward a long-term solution and stability for the region," she said.