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27 Jun 2017 description
interactive Xchange
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Arrivals VS Corruption - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.
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Arrivals VS Development - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.
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Arrivals VS Peace - Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jun 2017.

The Migration Country Profiles project aspires to contribute to a better understanding of migratory trends across Africa and the Middle East towards Europe. The project focuses specifically on the 2016 top-ten countries of origin of migrants and six key countries of transit that migrants are likely to take before embarking on the Mediterranean or Aegean sea journeys.

The profiles take particular consideration the push factors of migration, including human rights, conflict, and development contexts of each country of origin and transit.

18 Feb 2014 description

Syria: Conflict continues in the country with further infighting reported between armed groups in Deir-ez-Zor, clashes between opposition and government forces in Idleb, and governmental bombardments on the governorates of Rif Dimashq, Dar’a and Aleppo. To date, over 2.4 million people have fled the country, and an estimated 6.5 million are internally displaced. Meanwhile, the latest round of Geneva II peace talks between Syrian Government representatives and opposition leaders came to an end with little progress being made.

15 Nov 2013 description

R2P Monitor:

» Provides background on populations at risk of mass atrocity crimes, with particular emphasis on key events and actors and their connection to the threat, or commission, of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

» Offers analysis of the country’s past history in relation to mass atrocity crimes; the factors that have enabled their possible commission, or that prevent their resolution; and the receptivity of the situation to positive influences that would assist in preventing further crimes.

21 Sep 2012 description


Mass atrocity crimes are occurring and urgent action is needed.


The situation is reaching a critical threshold and the risk of mass atrocity crimes occurring in the immediate future is very high if effective preventive action is not taken.


There is a significant risk of occurrence, or recurrence, of mass atrocity crimes within the foreseeable future if effective action is not taken.



17 Sep 2012 description
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USG Presentation
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CERF Syrian Crisis
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CERF Total Funding to Syrian Crisis 2012

Good afternoon and welcome to our Member States briefing on CERF for 2012.

I want to give you an overview of how CERF has been used this year. I will also focus on some of the lessons learned from our country reviews and I will brief you on progress with the management response plan that was developed in response to the Five-Year Evaluation.

10 Sep 2012 description

Geneva, 10 September 2012

I would like to begin by expressing sympathy with the victims and families of those who have lost their lives or been injured as a result of the earthquakes in China and the bombings across Iraq.

16 Jul 2012 description

Current Crisis: Mass atrocity crimes are occurring and urgent action is needed


Populations in Syria continue to face mass atrocity crimes committed by state security forces and affiliated militias. Growing internal armed conflict puts civilians at even greater risk.

09 Jul 2012 description

Human Rights Council
ROUNDUP 6 July 2012

Adopts 22 Resolutions, Appoints Special Rapporteurs on Belarus and Eritrea, Extends Mandates on Côte d'Ivoire and Somalia, Decides to Establish Working Group to Negotiate a Draft Declaration on the Right to Peace

04 Jul 2012 description

With the crises in Syria and Mali, a broad reassessment of peacebuilding schedules and many peacekeeping mandates coming to term, July looks very busy for the Security Council, the Permanent Representative of Colombia, which will hold the 15‑member body’s rotating presidency for that month, said today.

10 Jan 2012 description

Current crisis :
- Syria
Mass atrocity crimes are occurring and urgent action is needed.

  • Sudan and South Sudan
    Crimes against humanity and war crimes are currently occurring in the disputed Republic of Sudan provinces of South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur, and on the border with South Sudan. Rising ethnic violence in South Sudan also poses a grave risk to civilians.

26 Aug 2011 description

To see this news alert with links to sources, click here

Syria: Escalating repression displaces civilians including Palestinian refugees