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23 Oct 2017 description
report El Universo

Lima - Perú envió este sábado 14 toneladas de ayuda humanitaria a Cuba, consistente en materiales para levantar viviendas temporales tras el azote en septiembre del huracán Irma a la isla, informó el Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil (Indeci).

21 Oct 2017 description

As governments in several Caribbean countries start rebuilding key infrastructure, housing and communities after hurricanes Maria and Irma hit several island nations a month ago, the Government of the People’s Republic of China is supporting efforts to build back better.

Responding to the catastrophic damage left by two back-to-back category 5 hurricanes – the most powerful ever recorded in the Atlantic –the Ministry of Commerce of China has provided funds totaling US$5 million for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to assist communities in post-disaster recovery.

19 Oct 2017 description


• Thirty-five districts have been affected; of which 6 districts have not recorded new cases for the past 15 days.

• A total of 610 cases have been recorded with 63 deaths. The capital Antananarivo is the most affected with 347 cases and 30 deaths.

• The case fatality rate has stabilized at around 10 per cent. About 68 per cent of all cases have been pneumonic.

• On 12 October 2017, 61 new cases were treated, including 42 in Antananarivo Renivohitra.

19 Oct 2017 description

**Update on the Dengue situation in the Western Pacific Region **

Northern Hemisphere


As of 5 September 2017, a total of 2,102 suspected dengue cases were reported in 2017. The total number of reported dengue cases including dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome was lower than the 3 year-threshold of the same period from 2014-2016 (Figure 1).

China (No updates)

19 Oct 2017 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- Typhoon Khanun affected some 972,000 residents in the provinces of Guangdong, Hainan, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) said Tuesday.

Some 407,000 people were evacuated, while more than 900 needed emergency relief supplies.

Nearly 100 houses collapsed and 54,100 hectares of crops were damaged across the five regions, while more than 500 hectares destroyed. Total direct economic losses amount to 560 million yuan (about 84.6 million U.S. dollars).

19 Oct 2017 description
report Xinhua

BEIJING, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- Natural disasters left 799 people dead and 90 missing nationwide in the first nine months, according to a statement by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China National Commission for Disaster Reduction Wednesday.

Torrential rain which caused floods and other geological disasters, resulted in 608 deaths, the statement said.

Natural disasters caused a total of 315 billion yuan (about 47.7 billion U.S. dollars) in direct economic losses, and forced relocation of about 4.7 million people.

19 Oct 2017 description

On 12th of May in 2008, the Wenchuan Earthquake struck Sichuan province in China, leading to the deaths of more than 69,000 people and affecting the lives of over 40 million. The earthquake destroyed peoples’ homes and livelihoods, separating families and leaving behind untold levels of poverty in areas where many were already struggling.

18 Oct 2017 description
report European Union

On 5 April 2017, representatives of over 70 countries, international organisations and civil society came together in Brussels for the ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’ conference (Brussels conference) to build on momentum from the previous London and Kuwait conferences and mobilise funding to respond to the needs of the people affected by the Syria crisis. The EU, Germany, Kuwait, Norway, Qatar, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United Nations (UN) co-chaired this fifth pledging conference for Syria and the region.

17 Oct 2017 description

Kabul – The World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed a US$1 million contribution from the Government of the People’s Republic of China to provide urgent food and nutrition assistance to people affected by food crises in Afghanistan.

The contribution will assist approximately 38,000 vulnerable people including Afghan returnees from Pakistan in eastern Afghanistan as well as internally displaced families in central and southern regions.

17 Oct 2017 description
report European Union

On Monday 16 October 2017 the Council adopted the EU Annual Report on Human Rights And Democracy in the World in 2016.

2016 was a challenging year for human rights and democracy, with a shrinking space for civil society and complex humanitarian and political crises emerging. In this context, the European Union showed leadership and remained strongly committed to promote and protect human rights and democracy across the world.

16 Oct 2017 description

On October 12, 2017, The Chinese Government transferred the third batch of emergency relief rice to the South Sudanese government, which is 60-containers-load rice of 1,500 tons. The Chinese side also handed over 27 containers of non-food items including 3,700 tents, 15,000 pcs of mosquito nets and 30,000 blankets.

The first 2 batches of emergency relief rice with the quantity of 2,750 tons were handed over in August and September of 2017.

16 Oct 2017 description
report Xinhua

Editor: Yamei

GUANGZHOU, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) -- Khanun, the 20th typhoon this year, made landfall at around 3:25 a.m. Monday in Xuwen county, south China's Guangdong Province,bring gales of 28 meters per second at its eye, according to local meteorological authorities.

Rain started to fall in some cities in Guangdong from Monday morning, but did not considerably affect the daily lives of locals.

14 Oct 2017 description

Governments in several Caribbean countries are starting to rebuild infrastructure, housing and communities after Hurricane Maria and Irma left catastrophic damage.

To help countries and communities respond, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is harnessing its core resources to support assessments, coordination and recovery planning in Maria and Irma-affected countries.

A dozen UNDP crisis recovery experts have also been deployed to the region and are immediately available to provide assistance.

13 Oct 2017 description
report Xinhua

Source: Xinhua| 2017-10-12 22:41:41|Editor: yan

WUHAN, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Torrential rain in central China's Hubei Province has left five dead.

The downpour forced the evacuation of 26,700 people, destroyed more than 8,500 houses and caused direct economic loss estimated at 4 billion yuan (about 608 million U.S. dollars).

Local civil affairs department has sent relief goods to affected areas.

An emergency response has been issued for heavy rain in the province.

13 Oct 2017 description


13 October 2017 – Research findings released today on International Day for Disaster Reduction forecast a continued rise in homelessness among people in the world’s most disaster prone countries unless significant progress is made in managing disaster risk.

13 Oct 2017 description

Lou Ellen L. Antonio

ILIGAN CITY, Mindanao Hour, Oct. 12 (PIA) -- Forty-seven set of heavy equipment from the People’s Republic of China through its Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Program were turned over to the Department of Public Works and Highways 10 (DPWH-10) which will be utilized for the rehabilitation phase of Marawi City.

13 Oct 2017 description

13 October 2017 – Research findings released today on International Day for Disaster Reduction forecast a continued rise in homelessness among people in the world’s most disaster prone countries unless significant progress is made in managing disaster risk.

An unique modelling exercise based on the latest data covering 204 countries and territories calculates that sudden onset disasters such as floods and cyclones, are displacing on average 13.9 million people each year, excluding those involved in pre-emptive evacuations.