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21 Jan 2019 description
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Key figures:

187,423 Libyans currently internally displaced (IDPs)

403,978 returned IDPs (returns registered in 2016 - April 2018)

56,204 registered refugees and asylumseekers in the State of Libya

23,370 overall persons arrived in Italy3

1,382 monitoring visits to detention centres in 2018 and 2019

2,709 asylum-seekers and refugees released from detention in 2018

2,863 vulnerable refugees and asylumseekers evacuated since November 2017


USD 88.1 M required for 2019

20 Dec 2018 description


To enhance the resilience and productive capacities of vulnerable herding families to protect their livelihoods and increase their productivity.

Key Partners

Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)

Beneficiaries Reached

6 399 households (38 394 people)

Activities Implemented

19 Dec 2018 description

By Michelle Mittelstadt

Hardline policies in the United States and Australia toward migrants and asylum seekers in 2018 hit turbulence when their effects on the most vulnerable—young children—provoked widespread public revulsion and prompted a retreat, at least temporarily. In Europe, conditions for children in the Moria refugee camp in Greece and the return by European governments of failed asylum seekers, including children, to an increasingly unstable Afghanistan also drew condemnation, though did not provoke policy reversal.

09 Dec 2018 description
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Thursday 6 December 2018, Ramallah – To commemorate the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence, the Representative Office of Canada to the Palestinian Authority and UN Women organized a 16 Days of Activism event in Ramallah today, inviting women survivors of violence, singer Bashar Murad, and hip hop group DAM, as part of the Haya: Eliminating Violence against Women joint programme launched in May this year.

06 Dec 2018 description

Resettlement Achievements
- Increased number of resettlement countries committed to receiving refugees from Uganda.
- Increased accessibility of resettlement due to expanded approach since 2012.
- Submission of 25,402 refugees from DRC since 2012.
- Reinforced infrastructure for large-scale resettlement processing.
- Achievement of annual submission targets since 2012.
- Increased resettlement of vulnerable refugees.
- High acceptance rate.
- Since 2012, 21,271 refugees have departed for resettlement from Uganda.

06 Dec 2018 description

De : Affaires mondiales Canada

Document d'information

Le Canada continue de lutter contre la pauvreté au pays et à l’étranger. Veiller à ce que les filles aient un bon départ dans la vie est une façon de rendre le monde meilleur. Il faut pour cela investir dans l’éducation dans les contextes de crise ou d’urgence, où le renforcement du pouvoir des filles et leur préparation pour l’avenir sont essentiels.

04 Dec 2018 description
report BioMed Central

Sepali Guruge, Souraya Sidani, Vathsala Illesinghe, Rania Younes, Huda Bukhari, Jason Altenberg, Meb Rashid and Suzanne Fredericks

Conflict and Health 2018 12:46

https://doi.org/10.1186/s13031-018-0181-x | © The Author(s). 2018



03 Dec 2018 description


2 December 2018, New York – The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, announced a significant new CAD$50 million (US$38 million) pledge to Education Cannot Wait during today's Global Citizen Festival in South Africa.

30 Nov 2018 description

La violencia contra la mujer afecta a casi el 60% de las mujeres en algunos países de las Américas En promedio, una de cada tres mujeres en la región ha padecido violencia física y/o sexual por parte de su pareja en algún momento de sus vidas, pero este número varía de entre 1 de cada 7 en Brasil, Panamá y Uruguay, a casi 6 de cada 10 mujeres en Bolivia.

30 Nov 2018 description

On average, one in three women in the Region has suffered physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some point in their lives. However, this number varies from 1 in 7 in Brazil, Panama and Uruguay, to almost 6 in 10 women in Bolivia.

27 Nov 2018 description

Verified Population* - October 2018


Population profile

Gender Female 50% Male 50%

Age 18 years and above: 52% 5-17 years: 17% Below 5 years: 15%

Ethnicity Karen 99% Other 1%

Religion Christian 73% Buddhist 23% Animist 2% Other 2%

*According to Verification Exercise