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28 Dec 2007 description

This report covers the period of 01/06/2007 to 31/10/2007.

In a world of global challenges, continued poverty, inequity, and increasing vulnerability to disasters and disease, the International Federation with its global network, works to accomplish its Global Agenda, partnering with local community and civil society to prevent and alleviate human suffering from disasters, diseases and public health emergencies.

In brief

Programme Summary:

- This reporting period, June to October 2007, has unfortunately seen the Caribbean suffer yet another devastating hurricane season, being …

26 Dec 2007 description
report UN News Service

En 2007, la ONU envió nueve equipos de evaluación de desastres a América Latina y el Caribe, cifra récord de misiones a la región, señaló hoy la Oficina para la Coordinación de Asuntos Humanitarios (OCHA).

Los países que requirieron la asistencia de los expertos de Naciones Unidas fueron México, la Rep=FAblica Dominicana, Honduras, Belice, Jamaica, Perú, Uruguay y Bolivia, adonde viajaron dos delegaciones.

Los desastres en la región incluyeron inundaciones, huracanes, tormentas tropicales y terremotos.

En total, la OCHA despachó durante el año 14 misiones de evaluación, diez de …

26 Dec 2007 description

UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination teams' response in 2007

(New York/Geneva, 26 December 2007): In 2007, the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) teams conducted nine missions to the Americas, the highest in the history of the teams, including the first-ever mission to Mexico. Previously, the highest number of missions to the Americas was eight, after Hurricanes Mitch and Georges in 1998.

14 Dec 2007 description

Si la primera mitad del año se caracterizó por ser un periodo relativamentetranquilo en cuanto a desastres naturales se refiere, a partir del mes de agosto éstos empezaron a sucederse casi en cadena. A las lluvias torrenciales causadas por el monzón en Nepal, India y Bangladesh, le siguieron una serie de tormentas tropicales y huracanes en América Latina, un terrible terremoto en Perú y un tornado que azotó severamente de nuevo a Bangladesh.

30 Nov 2007 description

By NEMO Information Unit

NEMO Headquarters, 30th November, 2007- The 2007 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season closes today Friday, November 30 after an above-average season, which produced fourteen (14) named storms with an unprecedented two Category 5 Hurricanes making landfall in the same region.

On 21 August, 2007 Category 5 Hurricane Dean made landfall about thirty-two (32) miles north of Corozal Town and affected over 50,000 people in the Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize Districts including San Pedro. Dean caused severe suffering with damages to a tune of approx. US$100 m.

27 Nov 2007 description

By Michael Christie

MIAMI, Nov 27 (Reuters) - For a second year in a row, the United States has escaped a severe hurricane hit, pushing memories of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans another notch into the past.

But for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, the 2007 hurricane season ending on Friday has hardly been benign.

"No, not at all.

31 Oct 2007 description

"The number of people threatened by natural disasters had increased by three times over the last 30 years and the number of people affected by natural disasters doubled every 10 years. Tens of millions of people had been affected this year by floods in countries all over the world. The link between the increase in disasters and climate change, which had been predicted by scientists, was unmistakable. Also, more people were now living in exposed areas. Some of the biggest cities in the world were built in disaster zones.

30 Oct 2007 description

Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS)

Since the end of 2006, several natural disasters have affected food and cash crop production in Latin America and the Caribbean. Their impact on rural development and food security has been varied.

24 Oct 2007 description

Louis Michel, the European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid and Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP) jointly warned that "climate change is an increasing threat to development and humanitarian relief efforts" during WFP's Executive Board meeting today.

Mr. Michel, who is in Rome to address WFP's Executive Board, said: "The recent spate of weather-related disasters across the globe sets the alarm bells ringing.

24 Oct 2007 description

This rainfall estimate was derived from the daily global CMORPH precipitation dataset at a spatial resolution of approximately 27km for this region, and was calculated using microwave and infrared data from geostationary satellites. It is possible that precipitation levels may have been underestimated for local areas, and is not a substitute for ground station measurements.

17 Oct 2007 description

The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in 185 countries.

In Brief

Operations Update no.

15 Oct 2007 description

Part I: Operational Requirements and Shortfalls

Overview of the 2007 Programme of Work

As the end of 2007 nears, the number of people the World Food Programme is seeking to support has risen to 83 million. The amount of food assistance required to assist these people is valued at US$3.4 billion. Considering resources mobilized thus far in 2007, the current level of funding falls short by some US$653 million.

Additional resources amounting to approximately US$800 million are required before the end of 2007 to ensure uninterrupted food aid deliveries for ongoing activities.

28 Sep 2007 description

Appeal Target: US$ 448,873

Balance Requested from ACT Alliance: US$ 353,873

12 Sep 2007 description


12 Sep 2007 description

In Brief

Operations Update no. 02; Period covered: 31 August to 6 September, 2007; Appeal target: CHF 2,399,670 (USD 1.9 million or EUR 1.4 million); Appeal coverage: 24%; Outstanding needs: CHF 1.8 million (USD 1.5 million or EUR 1 million);

Appeal history:

- A Preliminary Appeal was launched on 22 August 2007 for CHF 1,591 (USD 1,321,429 or EUR 964,942) for 6 months to assist 35,000 beneficiaries (7,000 families).

07 Sep 2007 description

The Belize Red Cross (BRC) has received a substantial donation to help communities affected by the passage of Hurricane Dean.

The donation of US$100,000 ($200,000 Belize dollars) was made to the BRC by the OAK Foundation and the Parker Family, with the support of the Association of Protected Areas Management Organisation (APAMO), a network of NGO's in Belize that focus on conservation of costal area communities and livelihoods particularly related to the fishing and farming in these areas.

Speaking at the brief cheque-presentation ceremony at the BRC headquarters in Belize City …