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12 Aug 2018 description

Situation Overview

  • There was minimal rain in Cox’s Bazar between 3 and 9 August 2018, during which three incidents, including a landslide, flood, and a fire, were reported by the InterSector Coordination Group across all the refugee settlements, affecting 24 households. There was no reported damage to shelters during this period.

  • UNHCR is gearing up preparedness for monsoon and cyclone emergencies through awareness raising and information campaigns by trained Community Outreach Members (COMs) refugee volunteers.

09 Aug 2018 description

706,000 New Rohingya Arrivals since 25 August 2017 to Cox’s Bazar*

919,000 Total Rohingya Population in Cox’s Bazar*

1.3 Million People in Need in Cox’s Bazar

08 Aug 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


• The district of Cox’s Bazar continued to experience heavy downpours during the reporting period with a total of around 800 mm of rain; the heaviest registered on one day - 25 July - was 463 mm of rain.

• UNICEF with partners screened 232,249 children under five years for malnutrition, including the 149,664 children in all 33 camps during the Nutrition Action Week (from 14-19 July). During the campaign, Vitamin A supplement was provided to 250,628 children aged 6-59 months and deworming was administered to 88,888 children aged 24-59 months.

07 Aug 2018 description

Cox’s Bazar. UNICEF has partnered with WFP to use the food agency’s SCOPE digital assistance system to distribute soap supplies to up to 50,000 refugees in Rohingya Refugee camps, strengthening hygiene practices and helping prevent disease outbreaks. The pilot was launched in Balukhali Refugee camp on 1 August 2018.

06 Aug 2018 description
report BRAC

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, and BRAC, one of the world’s leading non-governmental organizations, are distributing Philips LifeLight solar lanterns to more than 46,000 Rohingya families in Bangladesh. The solar lanterns will significantly improve the living conditions in the refugees’ makeshift shelters and especially improve the safety and security of women and children at night. So far, they have distributed solar lanterns for 22,495 Rohingya families, reaching 132,720 individuals, of which 66,360 are children.

05 Aug 2018 description

Situation Overview

  • Monsoon rains continued in Cox’s Bazar causing 44 incidents, including landslides, winds, floods, and waterlogging, between 27 July and 2 August, leading to the damage of 61 shelters.

04 Aug 2018 description

Introduction and methodology

This profile provides a multisector overview of conditions in Cox’s Bazar District. Data for the findings were collected from March 7 th to March 27th 2018 as part of the Settlement and Protection Profiling exercise funded by UNHCR and implemented by REACH. Key indicators provide context and operational findings at the household level. The full dataset, with indicators presented by theme, is available on the UNHCR portal and REACH Resource Center.

03 Aug 2018 description


  • UNHCR, partners, and refugees’ emergency response during monsoon storms

  • Ongoing response activities and capacity building

  • Progress on refugee registration and verification

  • Refugees continue to arrive from Myanmar

02 Aug 2018 description

706,000 New Rohingya Arrivals since 25 August 2017 to Cox’s Bazar*

919,000 Total Rohingya Population in Cox’s Bazar*

1.3 Million People in Need in Cox’s Bazar

Key Features

 The last radio distribution training for IOM staff and volunteers took place this week. Overall, 75 people were trained in the past two weeks for the upcoming distribution of 60,000 hand cranked and solar powered radios.