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30 Oct 2018 description
report UN General Assembly

29 OCTOBER 2018

Philippines Announces Withdrawal Effective Mid‑March, as Speakers Debate Court’s Jurisdiction Over Displaced Rohingya Population of Myanmar

29 Oct 2018 description


This multi-sectoral needs assessment has been designed in cooperation with ISCG and all sectors. It provides an overview of the Rohingya refugee population's distribution, needs and access to services at the end of the rainy season. Two previous rounds of assessment were conducted at the beginning (SA10) and halfway period (SA11) of the rainy season to allow for comparison.

29 Oct 2018 description

By Farjana Sultana (IFRC) & S. M. Taslim Reza (Bangladesh Red Crescent Society)

28 Oct 2018 description

COX'S BAZAR, 27th October, 2018 (WAM) -- Sheikha Fatima Global Humanitarian Campaign has succeeded in attracting young doctors, enabling them to alleviate the suffering of Rohingya refugees by providing best diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive services to children and women.

26 Oct 2018 description

- USG provides more than $185 million in additional FY 2018 humanitarian funding to assist crisis-affected populations in Burma and Bangladesh
- UN, NGOs call for improved humanitarian access to Burma’s Rakhine State and increased support for vulnerable Rohingya

26 Oct 2018 description

Violence affects one in three women in their lifetime. Globally, women with disabilities are ten times more likely to experience sexual violence. Over the next three weeks, Humanity & Inclusion will address the violence against women with disabilities at the 71st session of the Committee[1] on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, organized by the United Nations in Geneva from October 22 through November 9.

25 years of work

25 Oct 2018 description

The traffic lights diagram above is based on the result of multisectoral priortrisation tool developed by the Analysis Hub. The tool uses NPM site assessment Round 12 data from five sectors to priortise needs geographically, at the majhee block level. The 32 indicators are selected from five sectors to build a composite index, and combined to present the Basic Needs Gap index at the majhee block level.

25 Oct 2018 description


An inclusive approach to disaster preparedness saves lives. Inclusion engenders community resilience and promotes equity and human rights.

25 Oct 2018 description

708,000 New Rohingya Arrivals since 25 August 2017 to Cox's Bazar.

921,000 Total Rohingya Population in Cox's Bazar.

1.3 Million People in Need in Cox's Bazar


♦ IOM Need and Population Monitoring, together with the Protection unit, trained 35 REACH enumerators for Multi-Sectoral Need Assessment on Counter-Trafficking (CT). The aim of the training was to provide guidance to the participants on how to collect CT data in humanitarian settings.

25 Oct 2018 description

Monsoon Impact

The monsoon season in Bangladesh runs from June to September, preceded and succeeded by cyclone seasons, running from April to May and from October to November.

Primary data available from March, before the beginning of the first cyclone season in 2018, and from July, midmonsoon, allows for a first analysis of the impact of the cyclone/monsoon season so far.

Notable changes between March and July include: