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04 Sep 1998 description

DHAKA, Sept 4 (Reuters) - The situation in Bangladesh, where the death toll from devastating floods rose by 28 to 580 on Friday, is getting worse every day, health officials said.

Most of the latest deaths were caused by drowning, they said, adding that more deaths were feared as diseases such as hepatitis, fever and jaundice spread.

They said 110 deaths so far had been caused by diarrhoea caused by drinking filthy water or eating rotten food.

Malaria is infecting people marooned by the floods as well as those who had moved into shelters.

03 Sep 1998 description
report ActionAid

ActionAid today launches an appeal for victims of Bangladesh's worst flood in decades. The charity feels that further rain - due in the next few days - could worsen an already desperate situation.

03 Sep 1998 description

By Rory Channing

DHAKA, Sept 3 (Reuters) - As investors worldwide gnaw their knuckles over stock market turmoil, many Bangladeshis are more concerned about where their next real meal may come from -- and when.

Many wonder too where they may be spending their next night.

Two months of relentless flooding have pummelled the impoverished nation of 125 million people, killing more than 550 people and burying three-quarters of the densely populated country under water.

And, with more rain predicted, weather forecasters say the floodwaters, churning filth and disease through a …

03 Sep 1998 description

The Meteorology Department in Bangladesh says the flooding that has gone on for two months will continue at least until mid-September.

It says fresh flood crests are building in the upper regions of the Ganges, Padma and Brahmaputra rivers which threatens the situation downstream, including hard-hit districts in central Bangladesh.

Two months of the worst floods on record have left 529 dead, and more than a quarter of the 120 million population are homeless.

Bangladesh has called for urgent foreign aid as it battles to feed and shelter the homeless.

01 Sep 1998 description

By Anis Ahmed

DHAKA, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Millions of Bangladeshis on Tuesday fought a grim battle against the country's worst floods in a decade as the death toll moved past 500.

Bangladesh is increasingly desperate for foreign aid to reach its shores as disease, drownings, mudslides, house collapses and snake bite deepen the nation's misery.

The flooding has killed at least 513 people and left 25 million homeless or marooned with three-quarters of the country submerged, disaster management and health officials said.

The toll included about 90 people who caught …

01 Sep 1998 description

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 98/0277

01 Sep 1998 description

The United Nations Children's Fund has provided some $800,000 in emergency relief aid to Bangladesh in response to the devastation caused by recent floods in the country.

01 Sep 1998 description

DUBAI, Sept 1 (Reuters) - A Saudi-based relief agency said on Tuesday it had distributed food and medical supplies to victims of Bangladesh's worst floods in a decade, which have killed more than 500 people.

The official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said the International Islamic Relief Organisation had given rice, sugar, oil, water purification pills and medicine to flood victims.

Bangladesh is increasingly desperate for foreign aid as disease, drownings, mudslides, house collapses and snake bites take their toll.

The flooding has killed at least 513 people and left 25 million …

01 Sep 1998 description

La Commission européenne a alloué une aide humanitaire de 1 million d'Ecus en faveur des victimes d'inondations au Bangladesh. L'aide, gérée par ECHO (l'Office humanitaire de la Communauté européenne), permettra aux organisations humanitaires de fournir une aide d'urgence aux victimes des inondations au cours des mois prochains.

01 Sep 1998 description

The European Commission has cleared a package of humanitarian aid worth ECU 1 million for victims of the flooding in Bangladesh. The aid, managed by the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO), will enable humanitarian organisations to provide emergency relief to the victims of the floods in the coming months.

01 Sep 1998 description

Over 3 000 deaths in Asia have been attributed to La Niña-provoked flooding since persistent rains began throughout the region in late June.

31 Aug 1998 description

The following statement was issued by the Spokesman for Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Saturday, 29 August:

31 Aug 1998 description
report Christian Aid

Since early July Bangladesh has been in the grip of the worst floods in ten years. Two thirds of the country is under water.

31 Aug 1998 description

Appeal no. 23/98
situation report no. 2
period covered: 10 - 24 August 31 August 1998

31 Aug 1998 description

Mobile Aid Provided to Flood Victims in Bangladesh: In response to the worst flooding to face Bangladesh in ten years, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières has five mobile teams using boats to patrol affected areas in the centrally located Sirajganj district in the Jamuna River. The teams are offering basic medical care and health information to the displaced populations who are currently living directly on the water. Doctors Without Borders teams have also raised wells in the area to prevent additional overflow and are making preparations for a Diarrhea Treatment Center.

28 Aug 1998 description

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has responded with life- saving assistance for children in flood-stricken Bangladesh.

28 Aug 1998 description

Media reports, UN updates as well as information from ACT Bangladesh Members, point to a rapidly deteriorating situation in several parts of the country. About two-thirds (43 out of 64 districts) of this densely populated country has been affected. With nearly 60 % of land area under water, the disaster is assuming grave proportions. The present situation is stated to be more serious than at any time over the past 10 years.

28 Aug 1998 description

Millions of Bangladeshis face severe food shortages and deadly diseases amid floods that have already killed more than 400 people and inundated two thirds of the country, health officials and relief workers said on Friday.

"It's a curse from Allah.

28 Aug 1998 description

Millions of Bangladeshis face food shortages and disease during the country's worst floods in a decade, which have killed at least 400 people, health officials and relief workers said on Friday.

"Desperation is growing everyday and it may be not too far when people will be starving," said one disaster management official.

"The situation can only be avoided if food and other supplies are boosted and the distribution network is expanded."

Health officials said over 110,000 people had so far contracted diarrhoea and Dhaka's International Diarrhoea …