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11 May 2016 description
report Plan International


This edition of OPENPlan marks the first issue of Volume 2, and the first for 2016. We have sought to bring you as varied research studies as possible in order to give you a sampling of some of the interesting studies being undertaken across Plan International.

02 Feb 2016 description

COTONOU, 2 Février 2016 - Après l’identification d’un cas de Fièvre de Lassa au Nord-Est du Bénin dans le Département du Borgou-Alibori, le Gouvernement soutenu par les partenaires au développement a immédiatement démarré la riposte contre l’épidémie.

A ce jour, il existe 20 cas suspects dont 9 décès. Parmi les décès un seul cas confirmé positif à la Fièvre de Lassa. Au Nigéria, les autorités dénombrent 168 cas dont 84 décès dans 17 Etats du pays y compris les Etats de Niger et de Oyo qui sont frontaliers au Bénin.

19 Jan 2015 description

COTONOU, 17 Janvier 2015 – La Ministre de la Santé, le Professeur Dorothée Kindé Gazard, a déclaré officiellement la fin de l’épidémie de Fièvre de Lassa au Bénin lors d’une conférence de presse qui s’est tenue le 8 janvier 2015.

23 Sep 2013 description
report Plan International

Children with disabilities across West Africa are subject to profound levels of poverty, exclusion and discrimination. They are widely excluded from education and denied access to protection services as well as other rights enjoyed by abled children. This report outlines why children with disabilities are denied these basic rights; why they are outside the circle. It calls on governments, NGOs, community groups and leaders to take action to put an end to this discrimination.

09 Oct 2012 description
report Plan International

Informe sobre la situación de las niñas en el mundo 'Opciones reales, vidas reales'

Informe sobre la situación de las niñas en el mundo 'Opciones reales, vidas reales' El estudio 'Opciones reales, vidas reales' elaborado por PLAN Internacional en el contexto de la campaña Por Ser Niña sigue la vida de 142 niñas de 9 países en vías de desarrollo y analiza la situación de las niñas en el mundo.

  • Son 142 niñas de El Salvador, República Dominicana, Brasil, Benín, Togo, Uganda, Camboya, Filipinas y Vietnam.

04 Jan 2012 description


Les enfants constituent une partie importante des mouvements de population dans le monde ; selon les estimations faites par de nombreux organismes, des millions d'enfants et de jeunes (filles et garçons de différents âges) seraient en mouvement, au sein de leur pays ou entre les pays.

Qui sont ces enfants ? Pourquoi partent-ils ? Comment s’y prennent-ils ? Où vont-ils ? Que cherchent-ils ?
Quel est leur vécu ? Que deviennent-ils ? Quelles sont leurs attentes ?

04 Jan 2012 description

«Quelle protection pour les enfants concernés par la mobilité en Afrique de l’Ouest?» is a new publication which analyses and documents the mobility of youth and children in West and Central Africa.

Written by Olivier Feneyrol, child protection consultant, it documents a two years research project put in place jointly by 8 agencies: Enda, ILO, IOM, MAEJT, Plan, Save the Children, Terre des hommes and Unicef. The project was supported by Oak and Jacobs Foundations.

10 Feb 2011 description
report Plan International

Plan has just distributed food aid to 25,275 people struggling to survive after last year's floods in Benin.

Thousands of families are still vulnerable after houses and crops were destroyed by flooding from September to November - the worst the country has seen in a century.

More than 5,000 packs - each containing enough food to feed a family for 1 month - were delivered to the badly affected areas of Couffo and Atacora.

05 Jan 2011 description
report Plan International

5 January 2011: A set of health projects in Benin, Cameroon and Togo have been given the go ahead thanks to a €40,000,000 award from the Global Fund.

In Benin, the move secures a 5-year HIV project entitled 'Acceleration of access to services for the prevention of HIV infection, of care and treatment and for community support'.

Fighting HIV

Started in October with a budget of almost €11,500,000 for the first 27 months, it is hoped the scheme will curb the HIV epidemic which has beleaguered the country for over 20 years.

Bell'Aube Houinato, Plan's country …

20 Dec 2010 description
report Plan International

The Global Fund, a global partnership to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, has awarded Plan over $52 million for a set of health projects in Benin, Togo and Cameroon.

Global Fund has signed an agreement with Plan Benin to put in place a five year HIV project in the country entitled "Acceleration of access to services for the prevention of HIV infection, of care and treatment and for community support."

Started in October with a budget of almost $15 million for the first 27 months, it is hoped the project will help curb the HIV epidemic which has …

16 Jul 2010 description
report Plan International

Malaria is the biggest cause of death for children under the age of 5 in Benin, but communities are fighting it thanks to a project called Palu Alafia.

Joining forces

Palu Alafia was initiated when the state and non-governmental organizations joined forces to fight against the disease. Plan, in partnership with health centers and community organizations like women's groups, youth groups and farming cooperatives, is responsible for the implementation of this project in the department of Atacora.

The project trains 3 members from each partner community organization in community …

04 Apr 2008 description
report Plan International

What's a little bit of water, right?

But when a little rain, which is often initially welcomed, comes day after day and week after week - the water does become a problem. It drowns and rots the crops, kills livestock, causes rivers to overflow, causes landslides (that then destroy homes and communities), and increases the risk of diseases like malaria, dysentery and dengue fever.

In the last year, tens of millions of children and families have been directly affected by flooding - hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes.

27 Sep 2007 description
report Plan International

Thousands of children made hungry and homeless by floods in West Africa will get $600,000 of emergency aid from Plan International, the leading children's organisation.

Plan will today begin to deliver food and tents to communities in Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana, three of the worst affected countries in the region. Plan will also provide mosquito nets, blankets and medicines to protect children from increased risk of malaria, cholera and water-borne diseases.

17 Sep 2007 description
report Plan International

Plan is providing emergency food and medical supplies to communities hit by devastating floods in southern Benin.

Hundreds of homes, crops, granaries, livestock and poultry have been destroyed by flooding - jeopardising food supply and increasing the risk of malaria and disease from contaminated water.

Around 50 villages in the Plan-supported Couffo area, with an estimated 43,000 inhabitants, have been affected.

Plan staff have visited a number of villages in Lalo, Klouekanme and Toviklin communes, but access is difficult.

19 Aug 2005 description
report Plan International

Plan, with the help of a hired team of social workers coordinated by a psychologist, has designed a multi-level psycho-social program to help refugees overcome their trauma.