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18 Aug 2014 description
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The Africa Mercy adjusts plans to bring hope and healing in the midst of current uncertainties

TENERIFE, CANARY ISLANDS -August 18, 2014 – Collateral hardship from the Ebola epidemic now includes a delay for Mercy Ships, which operates the world’s largest civilian hospital ship in ports on the West Coast of Africa. Already with one cancelled deployment to Guinea, where Ebola first broke out last December, the Mercy Ship now waits in the water with crew and staff, pending an end-of-August decision on field service in Benin.

17 Sep 2009 description
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Partnership with Bethesda Opens Dormitory

Hévié Benin, September 17, 2009 - Located about 22 miles west from the port of Cotonou in a village called Hévié is a piece of land that belongs to Bethesda, a local faith-based organization. This strip of land is dedicated to health and social developmental programs. Working in partnership with Bethesda during this year's field service in Benin, Mercy Ships developed this land into an agricultural training center called "Food for Life"; incorporating a three month agriculture training program.

11 Mar 2009 description
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Mercy Ships began medical treatment for the 2009 Field Service on February 23rd, bringing hope and healing in the form of free operations and eye and dental care. Mercy Ships doctors Jose Uroz Tristan and Keith Thomson have already provided critical healthcare training to the medical professionals of Benin.

At the Hospital of the Mother and Child in Cotonou, Dr. Uroz Tristan and Dr.

12 Feb 2009 description
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COTONOU, BENIN - WEST AFRICA, February 12, 2009: The world's largest non-governmental hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, docked in Cotounou, Benin, this week to begin 10 months of specialized partnership with the nation's Ministry of Health.

The hospital ship's "Operation Access" screening team left Cotonou for two provincial capitals in North Benin shortly after docking with the goal of increasing access to health care services offered by the ship throughout the nation equitably.

10 Feb 2009 description
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COTONOU, BENIN - WEST AFRICA, February 10, 2009: Well-wishers lined up to welcome Africa Mercy, the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship, and her crew into the Port of Cotonou this week to begin a 10-month assignment in the nation.

Invited by Benin's Ministry of Health, the Africa Mercy's medical and development crew look forward to partnering with officials under the government of President Yayi Boni.

"In a region of many failed or failing states, Benin has a government that respects basic human rights and freedoms, including improved access to health …