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05 Oct 2017 description

La carte d’anomalie de biomasse est une mesure en % de la production végétale d'une année donnée comparée à la moyenne des production depuis 1998. Cette carte permet d’identifier les zones en production exédentaire ou déficitaire vis à vis de leur production usuelle. Consulter www.sigsahel.info pour plus d'information.

01 Dec 2011 description

Nearly four decades after the devastating droughts and famines of the early 1970s, West Africa – and the Sahel region in particular – is still struggling with hunger and high prevalence of child undernutrition.
Chronic hunger is pervasive in the region, with rates of stunting commonly reaching 30 to 40 percent of all children under fi ve. Acute undernutrition, the most severe form of undernutrition, which puts children at high risk of death, is often found in West Africa at rates that exceed internationally accepted emergency thresholds.

22 Jul 2011 description

A New Report from Action Against Hunger and the Oakland Institute

If West African nations do not move decisively towards regional integration, no amount of money, development, or agricultural technology, will be sufficient or effective at ending hunger