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19 Feb 2014 description
report Voice of America

DAKAR — For decades, distribution of vaccines in Africa and other warm regions has been hampered by the need to keep the vaccines refrigerated - a major challenge in remote areas without electric power. But the World Health Organization says a new vaccine aimed at preventing meningitis A can withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius, and was found to be 100 percent effective during a trial study in Benin.

19 Nov 2010 description
report Voice of America

Government officials in Benin warn the country's floods may worsen in coming days as the rainy season continues.

As flooding continues to devastate Benin, residents like Christophe Hounkali say the unsanitary waters that are destroying their homes are also destroying their health.

Hounkali says the spread of disease that was brought about by the floods have already caused the death of one of his children.

Since September, heavy rains have pounded Benin, affecting more than 680,000 people and forcing 180,000 Beninois to leave their homes and live in makeshift shelters.

The …

07 Sep 2009 description
report Voice of America

By Scott Stearns

Dakar, 07 September 2009 - Flooding brought on by unusually heavy rains in West Africa increases the incidence of waterborne disease. Regional health officials are preparing for higher levels of both cholera and malaria.

Sanitation and hygiene deteriorate quickly when West Africa floods. Sewage mixes with drinking water. Electricity fails. Health centers are damaged.