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31 Dec 2009 description
  • Off-season farming activities are increasingly widespread and, in certain cases, harvests are already underway, providing a diversified food supply and income for interested population groups. Thus, households in Sudanian areas are generally food secure while those in other parts of the area, particularly in the Eastern Sahel, are moderately food-insecure.

    - However, the food access of pastoral groups, whose livestock sales on major markets in Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, and Senegal have been slow due to weak household purchasing power, is beginning to cause concerns.

25 Nov 2009 description
  • La situation alimentaire des ménages s'améliore globalement dans toute la région avec la généralisation des récoltes.

    - Les missions conjointes CILSS-FAO-FEWS NET-PAM ont estimé des productions moyennes à bonnes dans les zones soudaniennes et guinéennes de tous les pays de l'Afrique de l'Ouest. Par contre, dans la zone sahélienne les productions sont globalement mauvaises avec d'importants déficits au Tchad, au Niger et à l'extrême nord du Nigeria.

09 Oct 2009 description
  • The outlook for the 2009 - 10 harvest in the eastern basin is average, but several areas affected by adverse weather are likely to exhibit deficits.

    - In the short run, the harvest will lead to a decline in prices, but these will probably stay at above"average levels into 2010.

    - Commercial and public stocks are still relatively low in Nigeria, Chad, and Niger and buying is expected to continue.

- Poor households accessing food through markets will remain exposed to food insecurity.

21 Sep 2009 description
  • La situation alimentaire courante est caractérisée par la fin de la soudure dans la partie guinéenne de l'Afrique de l'Ouest et aussi localement dans le Sahel avec les récoltes précoces de mil, de maïs et du niébé en vert par endroit au Niger, au Nigeria et au Tchad.
31 Aug 2009 description
  • The first growing season (March through July) in the southern reaches of the Gulf of Guinea countries is winding down, with good harvest prospects.
26 Aug 2009 description

- Au sud des pays du Golfe de Guinée, la première saison agricole (mars‐juillet) arrive à terme avec de bonnes perspectives de récoltes. Les récoltes précoces (maïs, igname, arachide) issues de ces zones commencent à arriver sur les marchés locaux et ceux plus éloignés du Sahel.

25 Feb 2009 description

FEWS NET overviews

For an analysis of food security in Malawi, see the back page

ETHIOPIA: The Ethiopian National Meteorological Agency's re cently released forecast for the 2009 belg season suggests that rains will begin on time and perform well, despite earlier concerns about lingering La Niña effects. However, dry conditions persist in parts of northern Ethiopia, including North Wollo, meaning that a poor belg season could still occur in some areas.