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30 Nov 2009 description


Responding to humanitarian emergencies in West Africa is challenging due to the region's diverse crises. Each crisis is complex, severe and affects the population's coping capacities. At least 139 million people live in extreme poverty in West Africa. These people are particularly vulnerable to overall food insecurity, the effects of recurrent and regular natural disasters, and cyclical epidemics compounded by climate change and socio-political instabilities.

30 Nov 2009 description


The 2010 Humanitarian Appeal addresses twelve major humanitarian crises around the world. It presents a strategic, concerted action plan for each crisis, bringing together hundreds of aid organizations working together to deliver vital aid effectively and efficiently. It requires donors also to act together to ensure that these joint efforts receive the urgent funding needed to save lives, prevent irrecoverable harm, maintain dignity and restore self-reliance.

10 Sep 2009 description
report Cruz Roja Española
  • Las necesidades básicas consisten en el abastecimiento de alimentos, agua potable y saneamiento masivo y el acceso a servicios de salud para la población desplazada.

    - Cruz Roja Española prepara el envío de Unidades de Respuesta en Emergencias especializadas en logística y distribución de ayuda.

    La Federación Internacional de la Cruz Roja y de la Media Luna Roja ha lanzado un llamamiento de ayuda de 3 millones de euros para asistir a la población damnificada por las inundaciones que sufren 16 países de África central y del oeste.

21 Jul 2009 description


Alongside some noticeable progress – notably the effort undertaken by stakeholders and states in the region to improve coordination through preparedness and contingency planning exercises and increases in national capacities to mitigate and respond to emergencies – the first six months of the year witnessed important humanitarian emergencies in the region.

08 Apr 2009 description

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is launching an emergency appeal for 2.4 million Swiss francs (US$ 2.1 million, EUR 1.6 million) to support Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies from 14 countries in Africa to respond to wild poliovirus outbreaks across the continent.

"We have clear indications that polio is spreading again, including in countries such as Uganda which had been polio-free for more than a decade," says Dr Tammam Aloudat, IFRC Senior …