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30 Mar 2012 description

From the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law

Executive Summary

07 Mar 2012 description

Genève-Paris, le 7 mars 2012. L’Observatoire pour la protection des défenseurs des droits de l’Homme, un programme conjoint de l’Organisation mondiale contre la torture (OMCT) et de la Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l’Homme (FIDH), publie ce jour un rapport de mission internationale d’enquête sur la situation des défenseurs des droits de l’Homme au Burundi.

06 Feb 2012 description

Nouvelles en bref

• Au Sud-Kivu, 5.042 réfugiés rwandais ont été enregistrés au cours d'un exercice de recensement effectué avec la Commission Nationale pour les réfugiés dans six territoires (Kabare, Kalehe, Mwenga, Shabunda et Walungu). 56% sont des femmes, 33% des enfants âgés de 5-17 ans. Les territoires de Shabunda/Bakisi, Mwenga/Itombwe et de Kalehe/Bahavu ont enregistré les chiffres les plus élevés de réfugiés. 74% des 5.042 interrogés ont indiqué leur intention de vouloir retourner chez eux.

06 Feb 2012 description

UNHCR operational highlights

• In South Kivu, a total of 5,042 Rwandan refugees have been registered during the census exercise conducted with the National Commission for refugees in 5 territories (Kabare, Kalehe, Mwenga, Shabunda and Walungu). Among them, 56% are women, 33% are children aged 5-17 years. Shabunda/Bakisi, Mwenga/Itombwe and Kalehe/Bahavu Territories have registered the highest refugee figures. Some 74% out of the 5,042 interviewed indicated their intention to return home.

31 Jan 2012 description

Peacebuilding Commission
Fifth session
Organizational Committee

I. Introduction

  1. The present report has been prepared pursuant to General Assembly resolution 60/180 and Security Council resolution 1645 (2005), in which the Peacebuilding Commission was requested to submit an annual report to the Assembly for an annual debate and review. The report will also be submitted to the Council, pursuant to its resolution 1646 (2005), for an annual debate. The report covers the fifth session of the Commission, from 1 January to 31 December 2011.

27 Jan 2012 description


  • The TDRP support for the development of a DDR Capacity Program at the African Union takes shape

  • Beyond TDRP countries, technical assistance is extended to Niger and South Sudan

  • DPKO/MONUSCO officially request TDRP support for a new project on DDRRR in the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • The Facility for Quality Enhancement and Innovation continues to deliver numerous evaluations and reports on DDR programs across the Great Lakes

13 Jan 2012 description

From drought to floods — climate variability still impacting on vulnerable pastoral and agricultural communities.

The Eastern sector of the region has suddenly shifted from experi-encing severe drought to floods. This feature is a constant and urgent reminder of climate variability impacting on the most vulnerable pastoral and marginal agricultural communities.

31 Dec 2011 description

Working environment

The context

The results of presidential, parliamentary and local elections in 2010 should help to consolidate peace, and build an environment conducive to development in Burundi. However, the opposition’s withdrawal from the electoral process could lead to instability.

31 Dec 2011 description

Working environment

The context

Burundi is enjoying improved security and stability on the political front. The demobilization of combatants of the Palipehutu- Forces de liberation (FNL) has been completed, and the movement has become a political party.

However, the reintegration of the former combatants will pose security risks if not accompanied by measures for their smooth reintegration into the national fabric.

22 Dec 2011 description

For poorer countries like Burundi, sending soldiers to join a UN or African Union peacekeeping mission offers financial and political benefits, as well as better arms and training.

21 Dec 2011 description
report DanChurchAid

By Tove Gerhardsen

With 159 countries having joined the Landmine Ban Treaty sine it came into force in 1997, it can already be considered a huge success in terms of international law. But with three countries laying new landmines in 2011, it is clear that the work of ridding the world of landmines is far from over.

This was the conclusion of a meeting of state parties to the Mine Ban Treaty that took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 27 November – 2 December 2012, at which DanChurchAid (DCA) also took part.

21 Dec 2011 description
report UN Security Council


Conseil de sécurité 6691e séance – matin

Le représentant du Burundi assure que les recommandations du Conseil seront intégrées dans la feuille de route de son gouvernement

21 Dec 2011 description
report UN Security Council


Conseil de sécurité
6677e séance – matin

Le représentant du Burundi attribue la persistance de la violence armée dans son pays à la présence illégale d’armes à feu

20 Dec 2011 description
report UN Security Council

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Security Council
6691st Meeting (AM)

Welcoming Burundi’s progress towards peace, stability and development, yet noting continuing human rights violations with grave concern, the Security Council decided today to extend the mandate of the United Nations mission in that country for another year.

20 Dec 2011 description

‘Women represent 50% of human capital. It is in every country’s interest to make sure that they are actively involved in society, the economy and political decision-making.’ These words were spoken by Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal in Leiden on Monday afternoon when he attended the launch of the second National Action Plan to implement Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. Mr Rosenthal stressed the importance of women’s leadership and political involvement in peacebuilding efforts in conflict-affected areas.

20 Dec 2011 description

Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC

December 19, 2011

The Changing Nature of War and its Impact on Women

There are dozens of active conflicts today, many of them brutal civil wars. These wars often involve non-state actors and have become increasingly deadly for civilians, especially women, who face abduction, rape and dislocation on a massive scale.

Non-combatants represented 10 percent of the casualties in World War I and 50 percent in World War II, but as high as 90 percent of contemporary conflicts in Africa.

16 Dec 2011 description
report UN Children's Fund

BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI, 14 December 2011 – The first high-level forum on food security and nutrition took place in Burundi between 12 and 14 December.

In a country where more than half of all children under five years of age suffer from stunting, UNICEF strongly advocated for nutrition interventions to be considered as an investment rather than a cost towards the development of the country. The agency also highlighted the ‘1,000 days window of opportunity’ for nutrition interventions in the first two years of a child’s life.