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31 Dec 2007 description
1 September - 31 December 2007

The Regional Humanitarian Funding Update provides a quarterly overview of funding levels and trends in the countries of the Central and East African region (CEA) based on data reported to the Financial Tracking System (FTS)

The CEA region faces the greatest level of humanitarian need anywhere in the world.

31 Dec 2007 description

MUYINGA, Burundi, December 31 (UNHCR) - When Capitoline Misigaro returned to her home in north-east Burundi after almost a decade in a Tanzanian refugee camp, she knew that life would be tough. But it turned out to be much harder than the 30-year-old widow had imagined.

Pointing to a five-square-metre hut made of branches and covered by leaves, Misigaro said she and her three children had spent their first year crammed into the wretched shelter.

"When it rained we could not sleep, and the water came in. The children got sick because of the cold.

31 Dec 2007 description

Lundi 31 décembre, 18h15 - dans une ruelle de Ruyigi à l'Est du Burundi, une voiture d'ACF était ciblée par des tirs. A son bord, Agnès, psychologue en mission au Burundi depuis juillet dernier, et Aude, infirmière nutritionniste sont blessées. Elles sont transportées à l'hôpital de Ruyigi puis celui  - plus important - de Gitega.

Agnès va malheureusement succomber à ses blessures à l'arrivée à l'hôpital de Gitega.

31 Dec 2007 description

Ce bulletin mensuel a pour but de prévenir des crises alimentaires graves et de relater l'évolution de la sécurité alimentaire sur le terri-toire national.

31 Dec 2007 description


Somalia - Displacement continues amid ongoing hostilities

Intensified fighting broke out in Mogadishu on October 27th, aggravating an already precarious humanitarian situation.

31 Dec 2007 description

MUYINGA, Burundi, 31 décembre (UNHCR) - Quand Capitoline Misigaro, une veuve âgée de 30 ans, est retournée chez elle au nord-est du Burundi, après avoir passé près de 10 ans dans un camp de réfugiés en Tanzanie, elle savait que la vie serait difficile. En fait, la réalité fut bien pire que ce qu'elle avait imaginé.

En montrant du doigt une hutte de cinq mètres carrés, faite de branches et recouverte de feuilles, Capitoline Misigaro a expliqué qu'avec ses trois enfants, ils ont dû s'entasser dans cet abri misérable durant la première année après leur retour au pays.

31 Dec 2007 description

Les principales activités du HCR Burundi

1. Le rapatriement et la réintégration des réfugiés burundais.

2. Protection et assistance de 31 707 réfugiés et demandeurs d'asile, dont 18 660 Congolais installés dans les camps de Gihinga (Mwaro), de Gasorwe (Muyinga) et de Musasa (Ngozi), et 222 Rwandais dans le camp de Giharo (Rutana). Le HCR au Burundi assiste sous diverses formes et veille également à la protection de quelque 12 774 réfugiés urbains, dont 99 % sont originaires de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC).

3. Le rapatriement de Congolais vers la RDC.

31 Dec 2007 description

Earthquake Intensity Zones in Africa

This map shows earthquake intensity zones in accordance with the 1956 version of the Modified Mercalli Scale (MM), describing the effects of an earthquake on the surface of the earth and integrating numerous parameters such as ground acceleration, duration of an earthquake, and subsoil effects. It also includes historical earthquake reports.

29 Dec 2007 description


Bruxelles, le 29 décembre 2007. La Commission européenne a décidé d'accorder une aide humanitaire de 369,6 millions d'euros afin de répondre aux besoins essentiels des victimes les plus vulnérables des crises humanitaires dans le monde.

27 Dec 2007 description

The SDC in Burundi

The SDC has backed the production of a picture book for adolescents and young adults in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo on the theme of violence against women and children which is so prevalent.

"Rape is not a disgrace but a crime", the subtitle of the comic-style picture book "Non à la Violence" (No to Violence), points to the all-embracing nature of the problem: victims of rape are the victims of several kinds of violence.

24 Dec 2007 description

This appeal seeks CHF 11,108,000 (USD 9,936,000 or EUR 6,732,000) to fund programmes to be implemented in 2008 and 2009.

In a world of global challenges, continued poverty, inequity, and increasing vulnerability to disasters and disease, the International Federation with its global network, works to accomplish its Global Agenda, partnering with local community and civil society to prevent and alleviate human suffering from disasters, diseases and public health emergencies.

Current context

The Federation's East Africa sub-zone office works with the Red Cross Societies of …

23 Dec 2007 description


Cases of meningitis reported in Rutana Province

Further to reports of suspected cases of meningitis in the commune of Mpinga-Kayove in Rutana Province, close monitoring was undertaken by the provincial health authorities. All of the 4 samples which were sent to the laboratory for analysis confirmed the disease. Affected persons were admitted in the health facilities for treatment.

21 Dec 2007 description
report UN News Service

Faced with threats of unwarranted taxes and harassment by an armed rebel group in Burundi, United Nations humanitarian officials are seeking better access to the province around Bujumbura, capital of the small Central African country that is emerging from decades of ethnic conflict.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said the world body's representatives had met with those of the group - the Palipehutu-FNL - as well as police and army officials to advocate an improved work environment.

21 Dec 2007 description
report UN General Assembly

Assemblée générale        
Soixante-deuxième année
Point 66 a) de l'ordre du jour
Promotion et protection des droits de l'enfant

Conseil de sécurité

21 Dec 2007 description
report UN General Assembly

General Assembly
Sixty-second session
Agenda item 66 (a)
Promotion and protection of the rights of children

Security Council

20 Dec 2007 description

Funding Trends and Their Impact on Operations

As at 18 December 2007, WFP’s total needs to feed the 83 million people currently targeted for food assistance in 2007 are estimated to be over US$3.4 billion. As 2007 is coming to an end, country offices are now pre-positioning for 2008 requirements.