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23 May 2018 description

1. Situation update

Grade 3
Cases 51
Deaths 27
CFR 52.9%

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues to evolve. Since the last external situation report on 18 May 2018, six additional cases with two deaths have been reported. On 20 May 2018, two new suspected cases and one new death of a confirmed case have been reported in Wangata Health Zone. Six cases (previously reported) in Iboko Health Zone have been confirmed.

23 May 2018 description
report Start Network

A global fund that provides rapid humanitarian aid for overlooked crises, is marking the second anniversary of the World Humanitarian Summit by sharing the impact of its 4th year, through its new annual report released today.

The Start Fund fills a critical gap in humanitarian financing. It pools funding from donors for immediate release for underfunded small to medium scale crises, spikes in chronic humanitarian crises, and to act in anticipation of impending crises.

22 May 2018 description


329,900 people impacted by floods / cyclones in 2018

8,033 cholera cases (since Jan 2018)

24 regions with active cholera outbreaks

898,000 refugees and asylum seekers hosting in the region


22 May 2018 description

Key developments on the African continent during the week of May 13th included prolonged incidents of political violence in Libya, Cameroon and CAR; cross-border operations from the DRC; and a number of protests and riots by students and among political party supporters.

22 May 2018 description

This report provides an overview of the movements of internally displaced persons (IDPs) since 2013. 174,011 IDPs in 38,538 households were identified. 71% of IDPs were displaced as a result of natural disasters, while 29% were displaced because of the socio-political situation. Most (44%) IDPs were displaced in 2015, while 29% were displaced in 2016 and 17% in 2017. 55% of IDPs are women, while 45% are men.

22 May 2018 description

Faits saillants

  • Environ 8 000 élèves privés d’école dans le Territoire d’Uvira après les pluies diluviennes

  • Cours de rattrapage scolaire pour plus de 2 400 enfants déplacés du Territoire de Fizi

Aperçu de la situation

21 May 2018 description

4 New events

59 Ongoing events

52 Outbreaks

11 Humanitarian crises

  • This Weekly Bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. The WHO Health Emergencies Programme is currently monitoring 63 events in the region. This week’s edition covers key new and ongoing events, including:

  • Monkeypox in Cameroon

  • Ebola virus disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

21 May 2018 description


The ongoing verification of refugees in Uganda that started on 1 st March 2018, has verified a total of 272,642 individuals as of 18 th May 2018, representing 19% of the estimated target of 1.4 million registered refugees. The highest daily output was reached with 7,901 individuals verified in a single day last week.

21 May 2018 description


Le dashboard DTM du mois d'avril 2018 couvre toutes les 18 provinces du Burundi. La DTM a identifié 169 374 personnes déplacées internes (PDI) au sein de 37 791 ménages déplacés. 3 561 PDI (2%) vivent dans des camps de déplacés, 90 355 PDI (53%) vivent dans des familles d'accueil, 33 315 PDI (20%) vivent dans des maisons vides et en paille, 42 143 (25%) vivent dans des maisons louées. 71% des PDI (119 693) ont été déplacées à la suite de désastres naturels, tandis que 29% des PDI (48 867) ont été déplacées en raison de la situation socio-politique.

20 May 2018 description

La Croix-Rouge du Burundi, en collaboration avec le FNUAP, a assisté en kit de dignité 542 femmes et filles en âge de procréer, soit de 16 à 55 ans. 616 enfants de 6 à 15 ans ont reçu, à leur tour, des biscuits. Ces femmes, filles et enfants sont des 65 ménages survivants des récentes inondations de Butere rassemblés dans le site de Kiyange. Chaque femme ou fille recevait un seau contenant un pagne, trois savons de lessive, une boite de crème pour le corps, 3 pièces de slip et un paquet de COTEX. Chaque enfant recevait un paquet de biscuit.

19 May 2018 description

The Burundi Red Cross, in collaboration with the UNFPA, has provided dignity assistance for 542 women and girls of childbearing age ranging from 16 to 55 years old and biscuits for 616 aged from 6 to 15. They are from 65 surviving households of recent floods of Butere gathered in Kiyange site.

Each woman or girl received a bucket containing one piece of loincloth, 3 laundry bars of soap, one box of body cream, 3 pieces of underwear and box of menstruation hygiene kit. Each child received a box of biscuits.

18 May 2018 description

*The figures presented reflect the refugee population covered by the Burundi Regional Refugee Response Plan and includes Burundian refugees who fled since April 2015, as well as some 37,000 Burundian refugees who had sought asylum in the region prior to April 2015. In addition to the population above, there are some 13,200 Burundian refugees in Kenya, 4,800 in Mozambique, 3,600 in Malawi and 2,500 in Zambia who are assisted within the respective country-level programmes. A further 23,000 Burundian refugees, who have lived for decades in Tanzania, no longer receive assistance.

18 May 2018 description
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Political Violence & Protests in Africa, 2018

Political violence and protest events in Africa over the week of May 6th showed several key developments and points of concern.

18 May 2018 description
report Human Rights Watch

L’ONU, l’UE et les États-Unis devraient étendre les sanctions ciblées

18 May 2018 description
report Human Rights Watch


“Either you show respect for the CNDD-FDD… or we will beat you to correct you.” − Muramvya province resident who fled Burundi in October 2017, Isingiro, Uganda, April 12, 2018