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28 Sep 2017 description
report United Nations

The Department of Field Support is pleased to announce that ten new contributors (Albania, Bangladesh, Canada, Italy, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Switzerland) have committed to provide contributions to the Trust Fund in Support of Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. These countries join Bhutan, Cyprus, India, Japan and Norway which have already contributed to the Trust Fund.

These contributions reinforce the Secretary-General’s clear commitment to putting the rights and dignity of victims first.

26 Sep 2017 description

• Two bilateral trainings held for 12 municipalities and 15 Aarhus Centres

• Four local DRR plans developed through public participation

• 600 local representatives, civil society activists, media professionals and students trained

• 7870 copies of public education material distributed

• Tailored online resource content developed and uploaded

01 Sep 2017 description

Evie Browne
17. 03. 2017


What are the gender norms in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) at regional and national levels (similarities and differences between countries)? What are the baseline indicators of gender equality? Are there gendered sources of stability/resilience?

1. Overview

01 Sep 2017 description

Iffat Idris and Anna Strachan
13. 03. 2017


To what extent do economic factors drive instability and conflict in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia)?

1. Overview

21 Aug 2017 description

Far fewer refugees and migrants entered Europe via the Mediterranean routes than in the first half of 2016,1 largely due to a drastic decrease in numbers crossing the sea to Greece.2 The first six months of 2017 saw an increase in the number of refugees and migrants entering Europe via the Central Mediterranean route to Italy, with 83,752 arrivals.3 However, due to lower arrival levels in July, numbers have remained at a similar level to last year. Arrivals also increased via the Western Mediterranean route to Spain (by 93%) compared to the same period last year.

19 Aug 2017 description

On 18 August, Albania issued a request for assistance for one Canadair or a helicopter to respond to a major fire near Voskopoje municipality in the south of the country.

Response to the request is pending.

18 Aug 2017 description

AUGUST 17, 2017
By Alice Greider

During the peak of the European migration and refugee crisis, hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and migrants arrived in the European Union via the Western Balkans. In 2015, 600,000 registered at the Presevo camp alone, on the border of Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Key components of crisis management fell to non-EU states along the Western Balkans route, primarily Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which paradoxically were not consulted on broader, European-wide responses.

18 Aug 2017 description

Geneva – Some 19,088 migrants have returned home voluntarily with assistance from IOM, the UN Migration Agency, from 1 April to 30 June 2017, according to the IOM AVRR quarterly bulletin published today (18/08). These migrants have returned from 81 host and transit countries to 136 countries and territories of origin.

13 Aug 2017 description
  • Since the beginning of the forest fire season, fires have been burning across the country. As the situation remained critical, on 9 and 11 August, Albania renewed its request for aerial firefighting means through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

  • On 11 August, two Greek fire fight aircraft operated in southern Albania, close to the Greek border, this represented the sixth day in the past fortnight where Greece provided assistance, via the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

12 Aug 2017 description
  • Since the beginning of the forest fire season, fires have been burning across Albania. As the situation remained critical, on 9 and 11 August, Albania renewed its request for aerial firefighting means through the Union Civil protection Mechanism.

  • Two Greek light firefighting airplanes operated in Albania on 3-6 and 9 August. In addition, two Greek Canadairs took off at 5 am on 11 August from Thessaloniki to operate in the south of Albania, close to the border with Greece. As of 8.00 UTC, the Canadairs were already on their second rotation of the day.

11 Aug 2017 description

EUCPM Response

On 2 August, Albania requested assistance from the UCPM |From 3 to 6 August, 2 Greek airplanes (type PZL) from Corfu operated in southern Albania for 38 hours, performing 27 drops in total | On 9 August, the planes operated in south of Albania, in Finiq municipality (Vlora region) | Copernicus Emergency Management System was activated on 3 August

04 Aug 2017 description

Extreme or very high danger in southern and eastern Portugal; southern and central Spain and Mallorca; southern Corsica and the Mediterranean region of France; Sicily, Sardinia and southern and central Italy; coastal Croatia; central Albania; eastern Hungary; northern and eastern Serbia; former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; central Kosovo under UNSCR 1244; parts of south-west Romania; south-east and north-west Bulgaria; southern mainland Greece and the Cyclades islands; parts of central Cyprus; central and south-west Turkey.