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17 Dec 2018 description

At its peak in 2001, Zambia hosted over 250,000 refugees, mainly from Angola and the DRC. Smaller numbers of refugees originated from Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia and other nationalities. These refugee numbers have since drastically reduced due to the successful voluntary repatriation of Angolans, Congolese and other nationalities in the past 16 years. However, in the last one year, the numbers of refugees are steadily increasing due to inflows from the DRC and Burundi and continued mixed migration from the other Great Lakes countries and the Horn of Africa.

17 Dec 2018 description


Located in Kaoma District, Western Province, Mayukwayuka settlement was established in 1966 and is one of the oldest refugees settlement in Africa . Over 18, 000 Angolans have repatriated from Mayukwayukwa through the organized, facilitated and spontaneous repatriation since 2003s. Current new arrivals are mainly from the DR Congo. With ongoing efforts at local integration of former Angolan refugees, the settlement is divided into a Local Integration area (LI) for persons eligible to local integration and a refugee area which now UNHCR’s focused.

17 Dec 2018 description


Mehaba refugee settlement was established in 1971 and located in Kalumbila District, North Western Province. At its peak in 2003, Meheba hosted 47,670 refugees. With facilitated repatriation to Angola and DRC the population significantly reduced. Current new arrivals are mainly from the DR Congo since 30 August 2017. With ongoing efforts at local integration of former Angolan and Rwandan refugees, the settlement is divided into a Local Integration area (LI) for persons eligible to local integration and a refugee area which now UNHCR’s focused.

12 Dec 2018 description


The 2019-2020 Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) for the Democratic Republic of the Congo presents the biannual inter-agency response to the renewed and heightened humanitarian challenge posed by the mounting number of Congolese refugees in the countries neighbouring the DRC, including existing refugee populations and new arrivals, and host communities.

11 Dec 2018 description


In 2018, the crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) drastically worsened, spreading to previously unaffected areas and impacting the Great Lakes region. The ongoing conflicts across much of eastern and central DRC continue to cause significant displacement, damage to property and tragic loss of human life.

11 Dec 2018 description

This document provides a mid-month update. It complements UNHCR’s more detailed Operational Updates for DRC, which cover the full month.


  • An increasing number of Central African refugees are voicing their intention of returning to their country of origin, primarily to Bangui. 876 households (3,707 people) have so far indicated this intention in Boyabu, Inke and Mole camps (Nord and Sub-Ubangi provinces). UNHCR continues to collect intentions of return.

07 Dec 2018 description

87,051 refugee returnees (2014 - 2018)

This figure includes voluntary repatriation from Kenya (82,840) and Assisted Spontaneous return from Yemen (3,053) as well as 1,158 returns from other countries such as Djibouti (696), Libya (353), Sudan (64), Eritrea (34), Pakistan, Gambia, Angola, Cambodia and others. Somali refugees from these or other countries who return spontaneously without assistance from the UNHCR are not included.

82,840 refugee returnees from Kenya (2014 - 2018)

29 Nov 2018 description

As of 31 October 2018, 781,917 Congolese refugees are being hosted in African countries. From 1 January to 31 October 2018 alone, some 147,750 Congolese fled to neighboring countries, with a particularly significant increase in refugee flows to Uganda, Burundi and Zambia.

UNHCR together with 43 humanitarian and development partners launched the revised Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) on 17 July 2018 for $547 million to help respond to the needs of Congolese refugees in Africa.

Regional Highlights and Operational Context

26 Nov 2018 description

531.819 réfugiés et demandeurs d’asile en RDC, dont 52% de femmes.

99,3% des réfugiés en RDC vivent dans des zones rurales, et 74% des réfugiés sont installés hors camps ou sites de réfugiés.

27.177 réfugiés sont rentrés volontairement de la RDC dans les trois dernières années. La majorité d’entre eux étaient des réfugiés rwandais dont le HCR a facilité le retour.

Travail avec les partenaires

26 Nov 2018 description

531,819 refugees and asylum seekers in DRC, among them 52% are women.

99.3% of refugees in DRC live in rural areas, and 74% live outside refugee camps or settlements.

27,177 refugees voluntary returned from DRC over the last three years. Most of them were Rwandans whose return was facilitated by UNHCR.

Working with Partners

16 Nov 2018 description

This update concerns the situation of Congolese refugees and asylum seekers in countries in the region.

781,917 Total number of refugees and asylum-seekers from the DRC.

1.37 M Internally displaced people Source: OCHA

941,000 Planning figure of DRC refugees by December 2018.

42 Total number of Congolese refugees assisted to return since January 2018