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20 Aug 2002 description

By Greg Campbell

29 Apr 2002 description

Following a cease-fire signed earlier this month, Angola is beginning to reintegrate former rebels.

By Nicole Itano, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

LUANDA, ANGOLA - Perhaps the most visible sign that peace has come to Angola are the trucks that have again begun winding between the country's far-flung towns and cities, along roads rarely passable during 27 years of civil war.

25 Feb 2002 description

Friday's killing of Jonas Savimbi could herald an end to a 27-year civil war.

By Danna Harman, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

NAIROBI, KENYA - Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi - charismatic, elusive, and stubborn - was never one to compromise. The man who was often quoted as saying "either I succeed or I die violently," walked away from peace negotiations, broke cease-fires, and helped perpetuate a 27-year civil war that has left half a million civilians dead and 4 million homeless. On Friday, he was shot down during fighting with government forces.

25 Oct 2001 description

By Robert I. Rotberg

27 Jul 2001 description

By Danna Harman | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

LUANDA, ANGOLA - Rosita Domina propels herself off the tree stump in her backyard with her one arm, landing with a thud on the dirt ground.

Fifteen years ago, walking in the fields with her baby sister strapped to her back, Ms. Domina set off a land mine and subsequently lost one arm and both legs above the knees.

"It was a long time ago," she says as she pulls herself onto a low stool.

18 Jul 2001 description

As Angola's decades-long war drags on, it is becoming more and more difficult to feed the needy.

By Danna Harman Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Playing with sardine cans in the dust, little boys and girls use scraps of the tin to fashion tanks for war games - one day they play the parts of the army forces, the next day they are the rebels.

27 Oct 2000 description

Next month the UN may consider a global treaty to govern the diamond trade.

28 Jul 2000 description
Angola + 3 others
Dirty diamonds

By Bruce Wilkinson

11 May 2000 description

By Suman Bandrapalli

It happens everyday, somewhere. It happened in Sierra Leone on Tuesday: Several hundred Sierra Leoneans fled their homes to neighboring Guinea to escape the internal strife that reignited last week. This latest exodus of refugees is following in the footsteps of 460,000 other Sierra Leoneans who have sought shelter in other countries since the conflict first erupted eight years ago. At the end of 1999, armed conflict, disaster, or persecution forced more than 14 million people around the world to seek refuge on foreign soil.

20 Oct 1999 description

Officials and activists from all over the world meet to strategize against rising use of child soldiers.

18 Oct 1999 description

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright today begins 10-day tour - her third trip to Africa.

30 Jun 1999 description

Much has been said about the disparity in the world's response to the crisis in Kosovo and to equally desperate situations in other regions, particularly in Africa.

18 Jun 1999 description

War-crimes sleuths due in Kosovo today. UN aid rolled yesterday. Don't expect blue helmets of peacekeepers.

06 Jan 1999 description

Minh T. Vo, Special to The Christian Science Monitor


16 Oct 1998 description

Rebels Take Key Town, May Win New Ally in Central Africa
Lara Santoro

13 Nov 1997 description

John Fleming, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

LUANDA, ANGOLA -- A grin broke across the face behind the embroidered wedding veil as the young man raised the AK-47 assault rifle and fired into the sky.

His fellow looter, a teen riding the fender of a Massy-Ferguson tractor and wearing a brunette shoulder-length wig, responded in kind, spraying gunfire.

A group of orderly Angolan soldiers gazed at the scene in amazement as they boarded trucks out of Congo Republic's port city, Pointe Noire.

29 Oct 1997 description

Cathryn J. Prince, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

14 Apr 1997 description

John Fleming, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

VILA NOVA, ANGOLA -- Torn between giddy excitement and years of honed discipline, a mass of Angolans vie to snatch a glimpse of visiting dignitaries. In front of them, a choir of young men and women harmonize.