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14 Nov 2018 description


Durant les trois premières semaines d’octobre 2018, 381 881 congolais refoulés d’Angola, dont un nombre important d’enfants, sont arrivés aux différents points d’entrées dans les territoires de Luiza (Province Kasai Central), Kamonia (Province Kasai) et Kasongo-Lunda (Province Kwango). 80% des expulsés sont entrés par le point de passage de Kamako, les autres par ceux de Tembo (13%) et Luiza (7%). A ce jour, 35 000 personnes sont encore concentrées dans plusieurs sites et familles hôtes a Kamako, la zone la plus affectée.

01 Nov 2018 description

Ce rapport a été produit par OCHA RDC en collaboration avec les partenaires humanitaires. Il couvre la période du 16 au 31 octobre 2018. Un troisième rapport sera publié aux environs du 16 novembre pour présenter une mise à jour.

Faits saillants

  • Au moins 347 100 ressortissants congolais sont retournés d’Angola entre le 1er et le 29 octobre 2018, et l’afflux continue.

30 Oct 2018 description



Armed attackers on 25 October accosted a food aid convoy from the capital Bangui to Paoua town in the north-west and robbed the truckers of their belongings. The convoy managed to reach its destination despite the ambush, the eighth of its kind in the area since the start of the year. Attacks on aid workers and humanitarian operations are recurrent in several parts of the country where armed groups operate.


23 Oct 2018 description



23 Oct 2018 description



Six aid organizations have suspended operations following a series of attacks in late September in Bol and Baga-Sola areas of the western Lac region. Thirteen people were killed and five kidnapped in seven separate attacks.
The assailants also stole cattle and other property. The surge in attacks is likely to further restrict humanitarian access. The Multinational Joint Task Force is reinforcing presence to counter the armed raiders.


16 Oct 2018 description

Ce rapport a été produit par OCHA RDC en collaboration avec les partenaires humanitaires. Il couvre la période du 1er au 16 octobre 2018. Un second rapport sera publié aux environs du 31 octobre pour présenter une mise à jour.

Faits saillants

• Plus de 257 872 ressortissants congolais sont retournés de l’Angola entre le 1er et le 15 octobre 2018, dont quelques 75% en Territoire de Kamonia, province de Tshikapa.

08 Oct 2018 description


More than 400,000 people across the region have been affected by floods and cyclones in 2018.

There is a 65-70 per cent probability of an El Niño event between December and February, as compared with a 90 per cent probability ahead of the same period in 2015 - 2016.

People in two districts in Madagascar and three in Zimbabwe are facing Emergency food insecurity.


01 Oct 2018 description

(New York, 1 October 2018): The Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) has finalised allocations totalling $80 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for humanitarian response to some of the UN's least well-funded 2018 response plans across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The decision confirms provisional allocations the ERC made earlier in the year. The funds will sustain and scale up aid operations across 9 countries, providing support to approximately 2.8 million people displaced by internal or international conflict or suffering from food security or health crises.

31 Aug 2018 description


In 2016, 77,000 people in Southern Angola were in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis) and 272,500 people in IPC Phase 4 (Emergency), translating to 37% and 21% of the assessed area’s population respectively (and totalling 58%). Lack of potable water contributed to the situation. At the national level, in 2016 about 38% of population suffered from chronic malnutrition. In south-central Bie Province, this figure surpassed 50%. The country is experiencing financial difficulties and lack of funding is a major constraint in expanding VAA to the whole country.

29 Aug 2018 description

Key messages

• The 2017-18 rainfall season was characterized by a late start, an extended mid-season dry spell (December-January) and heavy rains from February into April. The dry spell caused moisture stress and wilting of the early planted crops in many areas in Botswana, south-western Madagascar, southern Malawi, southern and some central parts of Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

17 Aug 2018 description

Lara Palmisano

Throughout 2017, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) supported relief operations in 36 countries to ensure delivery of urgent aid to millions of people in desperate need.

CERF’s 2017 Annual Report, launched today, provides a detailed account of how, during the year, CERF and its partners ensured strategic use of almost $420 million in donor contributions to deliver the highest priority aid, where and when it was need the most.

25 Jun 2018 description

CERF announces new findings in latest Results Report

Claudia Hargarten June 26, 2018

A new Results Report takes stock of how a US$439 million humanitarian investment from more than 50 donors delivered life-saving assistance to over 22 million people facing the consequences of natural disasters and conflict around the world.