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24 Dec 1997 description

No. 796

Recent reports in some media have attributed to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) statements on security in the Angolan region of Jamba and on UNITA=01,s impeding the humanitarian work of NGOs.

15 Oct 1997 description

UNITA moves toward meeting UN demands

05 Sep 1997 description

Another chance for the peace process

12 Aug 1997 description

General Overview

With the 15 August deadline approaching for United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to report to the Security Council on Angola, events on the ground are showing little improvement. Reports continue of military build-ups by both Government and UNITA.

23 Jul 1997 description

General Overview

The Angola peace process is under the greatest threat of failure since the signing of the Lusaka Protocol in 1994. Continued fighting, particularly in Lunda Norte province, is reported between government troops and armed elements loyal to UNITA.

07 Jul 1997 description

Through 6 July, IOM had provided return and resettlement assistance to 19,238 demobilized soldiers (DS), mainly from NITA, and 32,398 accompanying dependants. Operations have been conducted out of 12 Selection and Demobilization Centres (SDC) with beneficiaries assisted in returning to all of Angola's 18 provinces. Reported incidents between rmed elements from UNITA and the government, particularly in Lunda Norte province, have led to a significant increase in tension in the SDCs.

11 Jun 1997 description

Through 9 June, IOM had provided return and resettlement assistance to 12,856 demobilized soldiers (DS) and 15,184 accompanying dependants. Operations in all but three of the Selection and Demobilization Centres (SDC) in Regions 1 and 2 (central and southern) have now been completed. The three remaining SDCs are expected to be completed on schedule by 15 June.

29 May 1997 description

Through 26 May, 21,146 demobilized soldiers (DS) and accompanying dependants have been provided with return and resettlement assistance by IOM. 18,476 of these have been resettled since the start of the Rapid Demobilization Programme (RDP) on 15 April of this year. This caseload were assisted out of 6 Selection and Demobilization Centres (SDC) and one War Disabled Centre (WDC) and were transported to destinations in 16 of Angola's 18 provinces. All ex-combattants received a multi-purpose, take-home reintegration kit.

28 May 1997 description

Rapid Demobilization Programme (RDP) continues steadily.

18 Apr 1997 description

With the Government of National Unity and Reconciliation (GURN) installed, the Rapid Demobilization Programme (RDP) started on 15 April 1997. Before the launch of RDP, IOM had assisted 2,343 underage ex-combatants and 327 accompanying dependents. From 15 to 17 April 1997 IOM assisted a first group of 98 ex-combatants and their 177 accompanying dependents in Vila Nova, Huambo Province, signaling the start of demobilization in Region I, the first operational area targeted by RDP.