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22 Jan 2006 description

Keegan Kautzky

26 May 2005 description

Why is Cabinda Province of Angola Forgotten?

15 Apr 2004 description

Larry Thompson is a Senior Advocate and Emily LoDolce is an Intern at Refugees International.
"The tragedy is that we are replaying the colonization game if we don't allow the San their right to be different."

Alice Mogwe, Director
Botswana Centre for Human Rights (Ditshwanelo)
Quoted in IRIN report, March 5, 2004

22 Sep 2003 description

Maureen Lynch is Director of Research and George Kun is McCall-Pierpaoli Fellow with Refugees International.

15 Aug 2003 description

Advocate Veronika Martin just returned from a three-week assessment mission to Angola.

21 May 2003 description

Marni Zelnick is a fellow at Refugees International.

25 Apr 2003 description

Advocate Veronika Martin conducted an assessment mission to Angola in February.

15 Apr 2003 description

Advocate Veronika Martin visited Angola in February.

24 Mar 2003 description

Refugees International Advocate Veronika Martin returned from Angola in February.

07 Mar 2003 description

Refugees International Advocate Veronika Martin just returned from a one-month assessment mission to Angola.

06 Feb 2003 description

The eight story concrete skeleton of the Maria Pia abandoned hospital wing rises in architectural wonder over the cardboard hovels that make up a slum settlement of over 200 families in downtown Luanda. For reasons that no one there can remember, the settlement is called Iraq.

16 Jan 2003 description

Refugees International is presently conducting a three-week assessment mission in Angola. The peace there is holding, but the country is facing tremendous obstacles in meeting the humanitarian needs of some four million internally displaced persons (IDPs), managing a disarmament and reintegration process, and planning for the return of refugees from neighboring countries.

04 Nov 2002 description

Today more than 5,000 children will be displaced by conflict. In all, an estimated 25 million children are living as refugees or are displaced in their home country. These young individuals experience much disruption and loss in their lives - loss of familiar people and surroundings; loss of a sense of order and predictability. They also face difficulties specific to their experience as returnees.

30 Sep 2002 description

The international humanitarian aid system is facing unprecedented stress. Poor weather and the legacy of conflict are threatening tens of millions of people, primarily in Africa and Central Asia. The situation is so grave that Andrew Natsios, Administrator of the U.S.

19 Aug 2002 description

The White House has announced that President Bush plans to visit Africa next year. Refugees International President Ken Bacon recently wrote President Bush to suggest steps that he can take to support recent moves toward peace in Africa. Nothing would reduce displacement more quickly than the end of fighting in Africa. The letter follows below:

13 Aug 2002 description

The people of Angola should not be among the poorest in the world. World Bank statistics put Angola's GDP at close to $9 billion, with more than 50% coming directly from the sale of petroleum. Yet, Angola ranks 161 out of 173 countries on the Human Development Index of 2002.

18 Jul 2002 description

After the death of UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi, the Government of Angola (GOA) and UNITA soldiers began the process of a ceasefire. Under the April 4 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), UNITA soldiers and their families were to be placed in areas called the Quartering Areas during the process of reintegration and demobilization. Originally these Quartering Areas were to be the sole responsibility of the GOA.

10 Jul 2002 description

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has declared Angola the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. One reason is that the international community is not getting enough food to people throughout Angola who have suffered from 27 years of civil war and displacement. In the coming weeks the international community must do a better job of getting urgently needed food assistance to vulnerable people in remote locations in this war-shattered country.

02 Jul 2002 description

RI advocates Veronika Martin and Ada Williams reported from Angola.