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22 Jun 2005 description

The Luanda, Angola, office of the European Commission's Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) will close at the end of June 2005.

The decision to close was taken in the light of the improvement of the humanitarian situation in the country since the end of the war in April 2002, and of the progressive implementation of an extensive range of activities funded from other EC financial instruments to support the transition and longer-term development phases.

25 Apr 2005 description

The European Commission has approved a second emergency decision in response to the Marburg epidemic in northern Angola. The outbreak of this rare viral haemorrhagic fever has by now become the worst ever recorded of the disease. It is also the first time that cases have been diagnosed in an urban environment. There is unfortunately no specific treatment for Marburg, but supportive hospital therapy and barrier nursing techniques to prevent direct contact with the patient must be provided.

29 Mar 2005 description

The European Commission has allocated €500,000 for emergency measures aimed at preventing the spread of the Marburg virus in Angola. The province of Uige in the north of the country has been struck by a serious outbreak of the deadly haemorrhagic disease which has a mortality rate of more than 90%. The aid is being provided through ECHO, the Commission's Humanitarian Aid department, which comes under the responsibility of Commissioner Louis Michel.

23 Mar 2005 description

Location of operation: AFRICA

Amount of decision: EUR 500,000

Decision reference number: ECHO/-AF/BUD/2005/01000

01 Mar 2005 description

This annual report for the year 2004 considers humanitarian crises worldwide. In addition to examining key events, its special features look back at the response to the Indian Ocean tsunami and how "Sudan, a forgotten crisis enters the limelight". Other features include:

- ECHO at work: in brief, global reach, facts and figures
- People: Burma / Myanmar, Palestinian Territories, Angola
- Crises zones: DR Congo, Iraq